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  1. Cedrea

    Should Slave RP Require Permission?

  2. Cedrea

    VOTE! SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH - 26th Edition, May 2016

    Whoever votes for Strider will get a space ship. For realz.
  3. Cedrea

    Problems with RP

    Well, this whole thing is getting rather pathetic. Can we not?
  4. Cedrea

    Foodies of DayZRP

    Guis am I doing this right?
  5. So, most of everybody that's against this brought in the argument that "hey, it's how I like to play" or "hey, I can't enjoy the game otherwise". Fair enough, right? I mean it's the way they want to play. But somehow, when people with high gamma start yelling at you to turn off your flashlight in-game because you are somehow blinding them, even tho' you are NOT pointing the god damn thing in their faces, it is also ok. Fuck no. Your freedom of using high gamma is not giving you any rights to start bitching(and I say bitching because I had people literally yelling at me to turn off the light claiming that I "point it in their face" which was not the case at all(metagame much? kek) ) about light sources in-game. After all it's your own choice, therefor you HAVE to deal with the consequences.
  6. Cedrea

    Svatyne Tulaci

    Thanks mate.
  8. Cedrea

    The DayZRP Quote Wall

    "It's Jamie's fault" - everyone when something went wrong back in 2013
  9. Cedrea

    SWTOR thread

    Red Eclipse and Progenitor on EU. PM me if you want to add me.
  10. Cedrea

    New Years Resolution 2016

    Come the France, it's nice here :troll: Otherwise, the same one I have every year, stop smoking cigarettes. I like how you mentioned cigarettes. Kek.
  11. I see. Thank you for the quick response. Much appreciated. It seems the deadline is 13.09.2015.
  12. Hello. I randomly popped up on the forums today and noticed I am not whitelisted anymore. What's this about?