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  1. Hello again! So anyone else having an issue where youll be running out of buildings and walk away and randomly start getting hit from nothing and die? Well it just happened to me at NWAF right after i get the last piece of my full kit. Yay, GG!
  2. Okay Thanks guys! Cleared up my questions!
  3. Wouldnt it be cool to spawn in your base instead of 1,000,000km away? Yeah, it definitely would be! So, why no mods to set a bed or sleeping bag down to make spawn point?
  4. Hey all, I'm relatively new so please don't hate. Just a couple questions though. For what reasons can someone rob a base? Does the owner of the base have to be online? What do i do if I'm griefed/robbed while offline? Thanks,Everyone!!!!!!!
  5. I used to be a popular rapper back in society. Now i spend my times traveling the coast eating beans and peaches, while spitting some lyrical finesse on those who i come across. My inner city upbringing has helped a lot during the struggle we know now, as it taught me about the harsh way people treat each other. It also taught me never to trust anyone, on my block a dude would cap you for your Nikes and a Pepsi. I guess not much has changed. Well, maybe some things have, people usually run barefoot now.
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