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  1. I would like the report to be closed/dropped as we have talked it out.
  2. Date: 2019-07-15 Time: around 01:50 In Game Name: Moxxi Devlin Name of allies involved: Colt Calo Name of suspect: unknown just got shot Friendly/Enemy vehicles: none Additional evidence: none Detailed Description of the events: Had just logged in and ran down to kamenka from zelenogorsk to meet up with some friends, who have been in a firefight with another group, I don't know the group as I logged in as the fighting was wrapping up and I met up with Colt near pavlovo military base so we could leave the area, when about four mins running through the woods and right as we are around the outer fence of the military compound I get shot and killed out of nowhere. Colt takes shots and also gets killed. There was no initiation and who ever shot at me didn't have kill rights on me.
  3. Moxxies POV: was doing the public event, met some randos and we began clearing infected whilst looking for the stash, once we got the stash we went back the same way we came in so we didn’t Agro any more infected. Once we got to the top of a hill a text initiation happened (could have been voip as well but I saw the text first) I’m guessing the one in the front of the group didn’t see or hear it and after the ample time they gave, he was shot, I was either the 2nd person closest to him or the third. I’m not sure. But after that I put my hands up and followed all the commands given to me until they let me go get my gun and told I was good to leave. edit: I do not have video. My program crashed before the event and I didn’t turn it back on not thinking I would need it.
  4. @Refacture @Wolfstorm @Mr. Blue 

    bon appetite you three. 

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      Mr. Blue

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      I'm such a meme fav part is 22:15-22:23 wow lolz forgot I said that.


  5. *moxxi removes her radio from her vest and presses the PTT* ”Everest Damn. It’s nice to see you still alive and kicking for the most part. If you don’t remember it’s moxxi. I’m glad your doing well... Allright for the most part. We need to meet up some time and catch up.” *she releases the PTT and hooks her radio back onto her vest*
  6. *moxxi would hear this transmission and grab her radio from her vest and press the PTT* "wait tion? Is this the same one I think I know? I thought you were dead. you most likely have not remembered me. But your adopted dad and me were very good friends. glad to see you still around. *she would release the PTT just in time to hear dean's voice* "wait dean? dean?! fuck... no wonder I haven't heard from him" *she thinks out loud* " don't worry ill ask around to help find you." *she releases the PTT and puts her radio on her vest, looking around severograd*
  7. *Moxxi presses the PTT again* "I-ill be t-there" *she releases the PTT and proceeds to make her way to stary*
  8. *Moxxi reaches into her bag and pulls out her radio turning it on and presses the PTT* "k-ken? A-are you out their..? I-its moxxi." *she releases the PTT and holds her neck, it being very hard for her to speak, and waits for a response*
  9. When Jason was a child, he was fascinated in drawing. During school instead of taking notes he would be drawing on his papers. In turn his grades dropped a lot. His parents were always mad at him, because of his grades. That didn't stop him from drawing. During high school he got more and more into drawings and often looking at videos of tattoo artist and what they do. He eventually graduated high school and didn't bother going to collage due to his goal he set for himself. He started to look into jobs around the US that would hire him to be a tattoo artist. He did get a job in New York for a few years until he decided to quit that job and go to a better job offer in chernarus and bought a plane ticket and set off. When he arrived he found a hotel to stay in until he was able to buy a home. During this time he saw on the news of people biting other people and that the borders were soon closing. He tried to get out but like many others he got stuck inside the borders. He is now roaming the lands, looking for people to call friends and to survive.
  10. When Mason was born, he was born into a small family at the time. But again and again his parents had more children, till he was a brother of four others. The apartment the family was in was soon very crowded. He would see the youngest brother Elliot get pick on for being the scrawny, small, and skinny and finally made a stand for him. He would take his brother to the gym to get him stronger but it never seemed to work. He started to lose hope for his brother until one day he thought to himself and started to not train him in strength but speed. At first it seemed that Elliot didn't like to run, but Mason forced him to keep running and keep at it. Mason was proud at his brother as he got faster and faster running circles around his other brothers. One day their parents came to all of them and told them they were getting divorced. His dad got the choice of picking one child to go with him. Between Mason and Elliot, he choose Mason. Many years later Mason contacts Elliot saying that he got stabbed in a bar fight that got out of hand and told his brother that he was staying at The Rhode Island Hospital, as what the nurses there told him. Almost Immediately Elliot arrived at the hospital. His brother stayed by his side until he fully recovered and could walk again. When he got out he asked his brother if he would come with him and leave the states behind. They chose to go to Chernarus by boat. When they got their Elliot and Mason got a apartment in Chernogorsk. When they got to the apartment mason went strait to bed very tired. He was soon awoken by Elliot telling him about what he saw on the news and both of them started to go inland to try and get away from the people Elliot told him about. Now they roam Chenarus looking for new people to meet.
  11. Madkilla67

    S1: Bad RP/Metagaming/Invalid Kill, Gorka - 7/29/2017 / 10:10

    Moxxies POV : We were around the a green house on the hill in Gorka talking and chatting trying to stay out of the rain (when it did rain) we were having a allright time, when a few people showed up. They started talking to everybody seeming upset about something that was said earlier in the day as there has been a big dispute. After about 10-15 mins of talking and or awkward silence the three/four people initiated on all of us, telling us to put our hands up and walk into the green building. We do so besides Eden because she went afk right before they initiated. They took us inside and made us drop our backpacks and talked with the others, mind you moxxi is mute so had no way to talk to them. One of the hostages were being lippy so a nailed bat was used on him once in the knee, he got patched up and they continued to talk. About 5-10 min of talking the two captors turned their back so the guy that got hit with the bat pulled a gun and started to shoot at them killing one and leaving the other uncon for about 30 sec before bleeding out, the hostage ended up trading with the one he knocked out dieing as well. Two more captors ran in telling us to stay still and hand cuffing moxxi as they thought she was with the group. (I don't remember his name) there was a guy in a knight helm that saw a chance when both captors went out the room shutting the door, he picked up a gun from the ground killing one leaving the other trapped upstairs, moxxi broke free grabbed her stuff (what was left of it) and ran off into the woods.
  12. When Moxxie was a kid she never left her brothers side, no matter what happened Kolton never left her side. One day she was walking home from school and a bunch of kids ganged up on her and threw her to the ground. Her brother happened to be around and saw what was happening and ran over pushing one of the kids to the ground. She layed on the ground shaking and afraid trying to get them to stop. But they wouldn't stop attacking her brother until they saw how bad they beat him up and ran. She quickly called her parents on her phone and her parents drove down the road to them and put Kolt in the back seat of the car with her. They rushed to the hospital, when they got their, they were shattered to hear that kolton had two broken ribs. Many years latter Moxxi and Kolton's parents were met with a unfortunate fate while they were driving to koltons police academy graduation. Moxxies brother promised her he would protect her until his last breath, and he kept that promise. A couple of years later Moxxie and Kolton did not have enough money or income to stay in America and had to move to a different country. They each took a thumb tack, closing there eyes and stuck the thumb tacks into a map, they both chose Chernarus. They gathered up enough money to buy a boat and move to Chernarus. When they got their, they noticed a man on the shore, where they were starting to dock. They docked, got out of the boat and asked the man if he was allright. But before koltion could get a sentence out, the man jumped on her. Koltion quickly grabbed the man and threw him a few feet away from them. The man rushed back to her brother, where her brother took care of him, she didn't look at what happened. They ran inland and found a town called Guglovo and immediately took shelter in a barn. Not only when they turned around that they noticed a group of men torturing a small group of men and saw her and her brother, holding them at gun point. They made her and her brother kneel down infront of them at gun point. She got so scared that she wouldn't shut up and not listen. So they got fed up with her constant begging, they held her down while the main person of the group started to cut into her throat. Her brother tried to tell them to stop, he was yelling non stop and struggling. Moxxi was crying loudly from the pain. Her brother broke free some how and in his rage of protecting his sister, he managed to get a gun from one of the people and before they could react they had a bullet in each one of their heads. Moxxi was afraid and scared, her brother managed to patch her up. Although her brother patched her up, the wounds in her neck were bad, the people managed to cut her vocal cords so she was unable to talk. Over the next few months her brother taught her sign language and now they roam the wasteland in search of people to talk with. Over the past few months, moxxi has some how regained some use of her voice. Even though it is painful she is practicing more and more to get back her voice completely.
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