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  1. Jamie didnt have a good life growing up, when she was little her parents dropped her off at a orphanage once they realized they couldn't handle a child, she doesn't know her family or her siblings. Growing up in a orphanage was just the same day after day, hoping someone would take her or pick her up, it never happened. Day after day it got worse and worse for her, untill she sworn she would find her parents one day. A few years later she had enough money from helping out anywhere she can, so she started school. During her time in school she allways got made fun of for having no parents, which put her down more and more till she snapped and beat up the other girls and got arrested for a few days and expelled from the school. Thats fine she thought i can allways find other ways to survive. She started stealing money robbing people to live, breaking into homes, stealing what she can to resell it. She made quite a lot of money and allmost never got caught, and when she did she ran and ran to another state or town just to do it again. She felt alive stealing robbing, but only when she needed to live to survive, she had no choice. It was normal for her now and got easier and easier with time. A few more years and she found herself on a ship heading to chernarus, hoping to find either a life or rob more people if that doesnt work. Once she got there she got to work finding what she can do and how.
  2. I would like the report to be closed/dropped as we have talked it out.
  3. Date: 2019-07-15 Time: around 01:50 In Game Name: Moxxi Devlin Name of allies involved: Colt Calo Name of suspect: unknown just got shot Friendly/Enemy vehicles: none Additional evidence: none Detailed Description of the events: Had just logged in and ran down to kamenka from zelenogorsk to meet up with some friends, who have been in a firefight with another group, I don't know the group as I logged in as the fighting was wrapping up and I met up with Colt near pavlovo military base so we could leave the area, when about four mins running through the woods and right as we are around the outer fence of the military compound I get shot and killed out of nowhere. Colt takes shots and also gets killed. There was no initiation and who ever shot at me didn't have kill rights on me.
  4. Moxxies POV: was doing the public event, met some randos and we began clearing infected whilst looking for the stash, once we got the stash we went back the same way we came in so we didn’t Agro any more infected. Once we got to the top of a hill a text initiation happened (could have been voip as well but I saw the text first) I’m guessing the one in the front of the group didn’t see or hear it and after the ample time they gave, he was shot, I was either the 2nd person closest to him or the third. I’m not sure. But after that I put my hands up and followed all the commands given to me until they let me go get my gun and told I was good to leave. edit: I do not have video. My program crashed before the event and I didn’t turn it back on not thinking I would need it.
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    bon appetite you three. 

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      I'm such a meme fav part is 22:15-22:23 wow lolz forgot I said that.


  6. *moxxi removes her radio from her vest and presses the PTT* ”Everest Damn. It’s nice to see you still alive and kicking for the most part. If you don’t remember it’s moxxi. I’m glad your doing well... Allright for the most part. We need to meet up some time and catch up.” *she releases the PTT and hooks her radio back onto her vest*
  7. *moxxi would hear this transmission and grab her radio from her vest and press the PTT* "wait tion? Is this the same one I think I know? I thought you were dead. you most likely have not remembered me. But your adopted dad and me were very good friends. glad to see you still around. *she would release the PTT just in time to hear dean's voice* "wait dean? dean?! fuck... no wonder I haven't heard from him" *she thinks out loud* " don't worry ill ask around to help find you." *she releases the PTT and puts her radio on her vest, looking around severograd*
  8. *Moxxi presses the PTT again* "I-ill be t-there" *she releases the PTT and proceeds to make her way to stary*
  9. *Moxxi reaches into her bag and pulls out her radio turning it on and presses the PTT* "k-ken? A-are you out their..? I-its moxxi." *she releases the PTT and holds her neck, it being very hard for her to speak, and waits for a response*
  10. Moxxies POV : We were around the a green house on the hill in Gorka talking and chatting trying to stay out of the rain (when it did rain) we were having a allright time, when a few people showed up. They started talking to everybody seeming upset about something that was said earlier in the day as there has been a big dispute. After about 10-15 mins of talking and or awkward silence the three/four people initiated on all of us, telling us to put our hands up and walk into the green building. We do so besides Eden because she went afk right before they initiated. They took us inside and made us drop our backpacks and talked with the others, mind you moxxi is mute so had no way to talk to them. One of the hostages were being lippy so a nailed bat was used on him once in the knee, he got patched up and they continued to talk. About 5-10 min of talking the two captors turned their back so the guy that got hit with the bat pulled a gun and started to shoot at them killing one and leaving the other uncon for about 30 sec before bleeding out, the hostage ended up trading with the one he knocked out dieing as well. Two more captors ran in telling us to stay still and hand cuffing moxxi as they thought she was with the group. (I don't remember his name) there was a guy in a knight helm that saw a chance when both captors went out the room shutting the door, he picked up a gun from the ground killing one leaving the other trapped upstairs, moxxi broke free grabbed her stuff (what was left of it) and ran off into the woods.
  11. Masons pov: Me and Dr.Schultz were running from cab to Vishnoye when we saw three guys to our left running in a field near the lonely house. Upon seeing them we kept running to Vishnoye to meet up with a few other to help if things get out of hand we run past the town and start walking as we have friendlies in the town behind them. they start to talk to us, we didn't know what they were talking about so we starting to walk back into town. one of the guys raised his gun at us and told us to stop. I turn to the man as he has his gun up, while Dr.Schultz runs to cover. The guy with the gun raised didn't say anything else so I ran. Upon getting behind a house, the other guy ran up to me so I shot him and ran hiding in one of the houses near by. Where a firefight broke out soon after.
  12. Hello everyone, I would like to say hello and let everyone know that I am new to the site and everything and this will be my first experience with a rp server in dayz. I hope I will have lots of fun playing.
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