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  1. OxeN

    Redwood Radio [Open recruitment]

    good rp from your lot so far, keep it up.
  2. OxeN

    Domorodci Media Thread

    very nice
  3. OxeN

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    glad you liked it, we enjoyed it, always great roleplay from you @Imation11
  4. OxeN

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    nice, good luck!
  5. OxeN

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    was a good run lads o7
  6. OxeN

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @King @CocoMii
  7. OxeN

    S1 Invalid Kill Forest near Vishnoye 8-30-19 20:37

    POV: stalked this man through the forest together with my bratrs, i intiated on him when we got close enough, we took him and interrogated him. He showed no value for his life at all through out the entire situation and kept talking in a very calm manner, making very snarky remarks such as what he quoted. After him telling us he was russian and smuggling weapons during the civil war, we were not so nice to him. Ultimately his continued smack talk and no value for life and complete diregard for his life also ended it. Roman shot him in the head and we left shortly after. // END OF POV
  8. OxeN

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    Thanks for all the roleplay recently, has been hella fun.
  9. OxeN

    Dalton's Gang

    welcome back, seen nothing but good rp from you lads.
  10. OxeN

    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    i agree to this, it does not make sense for everyone to have nvgs.
  11. OxeN

    S1 Severograd - Potential KoS

    pov: Took a trip to severograd, initiated on the three people who had a car and roleplayed with them as seen in the video. after making a deal with Johnny that he will sacrifice himself for the rest to live he walks onto the mine willingly. i leave shortly after and go to novaya. END OF POV
  12. OxeN

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    good shit
  13. OxeN

    501 (Recruitment Open)

    fuck me boys throwback much, can't wait. Good luck!
  14. Mason Brown was born into poverty and enlisted in the Army, joined and got dropped out due to attitude problems. Later followed his fathers footsteps of gun smuggling and joining the criminal underworld after his fathers passing. Later joining the conflict in chernarus early 2009 during the civil war, funding both chedaki and CDF with eastern weaponry, After the civil war Mason supplied Takistani rebels during the crisis of 2012, Operation: Arrowhead. Also supplying Nato forces during the time. Late 2016 he supplied Russian extermists with guns but during one deal in South Zagoria it went south and he got stuck, the story lives on as Mason tries his best to use his wits to stay alive.
  15. OxeN

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: SassyRP

    best interview so far lads
  16. OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    I understand this frustration, formal would mean you would like to try and get me banned, and dropping the report means you would like to close it and part ways.
  17. OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    fair enough are you ready to drop this report or would you like to go formal?
  18. OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    how do you set your shadowplay too 2 minutes? I am ready to drop this report if OP wants.
  19. OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    if you complied there would have been tons of good hostile roleplay.
  20. OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    Do you value your gear more then roleplay? Also i would like to see the full footage.
  21. OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    POV: i run into kab and roleplay with my mates, this man shows up and curses me in russian and says just wait untill i get you alone this pisses my character off. I tell him i am going to finish my smoke and then i am going to deal with him, after telling him to put his hands up he decides to try and get someone to save him, i then tell him to "shut the fuck up" not another word or i'll kill you, before leaving town he tries to intimidate me by telling me "he has boys" so i kill him. The OP did not value his life and was consequently killed for not following simple demands. //end of pov
  22. OxeN

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    damn these guys got fucked, great roleplay as always boys!
  23. Ivan Volkov, born 1984 into the lower class in Moscows slums. Raised by a hard working mother until the age of seventeen where he decided to enlist in the army to make a living. Ivan Volkov came from nothing, he was a nobody who had nothing, he joined the army with the hopes of achieving something in life, he showed promising results in the enlisting process and served in the Russian Ground Forces for a few years before being selected for the Wager program by officials. A mercenary program for soldiers who on record did not have much to live for, they mainly selected people who had a background in poverty and usually were missing one or two parents. Ivan was sent to many diffrent conflicts around the world as a test subject part of a program that would disguise official russian spec ops units as mercs and hide Russian involvement in these conflicts. The pay of Wagner private military contractors (PMCs), who are usually retired regular Russian servicemen aged between 35 and 55, is estimated to be between 80,000 and 250,000 Russian rubles a month. One source also stated the pay was as high as 300,000. When new PMC recruits arrive at the training camp, they are no longer allowed to use social network services and other Internet resources. Company employees are not allowed to post photos, texts, audio and video recordings or any other information on the Internet that was obtained during their training. They are also not allowed to tell anyone their location, whether they are in Russia or another country. Mobile phones, tablets and other means of communication are left with the company and issued at a certain time with the permission of their commander. Passports and other documents are surrendered and in return company employees receive a nameless dog tag with a personal number. The company only accepts new recruits if a 10-year confidentiality agreement is established and in case of a breach of the confidentiality the company reserves the right to terminate the employee's contract without paying a fee. According to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Russian military officers are assigned the role of drill instructors for the recruits. During their training, the PMCs receive a 1,100 dollar monthly pay. Ivan Volkov was with his PMC in Takistan during Operation: Arrowhead and later in South Zagoria shortly before the outbreak where he now is stuck.
  24. OxeN


    hahahaha you legend
  25. OxeN

    S1: RDM

    I am happy to drop this after talking with @Nik
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