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  1. i agree to this, it does not make sense for everyone to have nvgs.
  • OxeN

    S1 Severograd - Potential KoS

    pov: Took a trip to severograd, initiated on the three people who had a car and roleplayed with them as seen in the video. after making a deal with Johnny that he will sacrifice himself for the rest to live he walks onto the mine willingly. i leave shortly after and go to novaya. END OF POV
  • OxeN

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    good shit
  • Kai

    • Kai
    • OxeN

    Never saying hello to anyone ever again 😂

    1. OxeN


      HAHAHA, i heard you fucking around in the bushes HAHAH, you sounded so scared. I stood up to fucking kill you, ran past you lost you and went prone, barely saw you through the dark, and killed you.

    2. GMAK


      Funniest kill I've ever seen

    3. Kai


      I ran around for like 30 minutes in the dark when I hear footsteps, i then see you right next to me but dont shoot and thought fuck it i'll say hello. Then a fucking face just pops up on my screen and I died loool

    4. OxeN


      The dark is scary shit man haha

    5. Kai


      facts man

    6. GMAK


      Firefights at night without NVG's is a real experience 

  • Born into the inbred family the Shmopovs, a bunch of travelers from Novigrad who roamed chernarus as a carnival, making money of scamming people, robbing or mugging them. Late 2016 they setup in Guglovo, and during the outbreak the Shmopovs survived. Now they live of their wits, robbing people and reproducing to keep the Shmopov legacy going strong. Slava Shmopov.
  • OxeN

    501 (Recruitment Open)

    fuck me boys throwback much, can't wait. Good luck!
  • Mason Brown was born into poverty and enlisted in the Army, joined and got dropped out due to attitude problems. Later followed his fathers footsteps of gun smuggling and joining the criminal underworld after his fathers passing. Later joining the conflict in chernarus early 2009 during the civil war, funding both chedaki and CDF with eastern weaponry, After the civil war Mason supplied Takistani rebels during the crisis of 2012, Operation: Arrowhead. Also supplying Nato forces during the time. Late 2016 he supplied Russian extermists with guns but during one deal in South Zagoria it went south and he got stuck, the story lives on as Mason tries his best to use his wits to stay alive.
  • OxeN

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: SassyRP

    best interview so far lads
  • OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    I understand this frustration, formal would mean you would like to try and get me banned, and dropping the report means you would like to close it and part ways.
  • OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    fair enough are you ready to drop this report or would you like to go formal?
  • OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    how do you set your shadowplay too 2 minutes? I am ready to drop this report if OP wants.
  • OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    if you complied there would have been tons of good hostile roleplay.
  • OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    Do you value your gear more then roleplay? Also i would like to see the full footage.
  • OxeN

    S1:Kill in Kabanino 2019-08-04, 21:40

    POV: i run into kab and roleplay with my mates, this man shows up and curses me in russian and says just wait untill i get you alone this pisses my character off. I tell him i am going to finish my smoke and then i am going to deal with him, after telling him to put his hands up he decides to try and get someone to save him, i then tell him to "shut the fuck up" not another word or i'll kill you, before leaving town he tries to intimidate me by telling me "he has boys" so i kill him. The OP did not value his life and was consequently killed for not following simple demands. //end of pov
  • OxeN

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    damn these guys got fucked, great roleplay as always boys!
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