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  1. things will never be like they once were in the mod, with the good samaritan rule etc, tbh we should just move on and make the best of what we got.
  2. Fydor was born in Tomsk Russia to a middle class family, he grew up as a troubled youth putting obstacles ahead of his future. He was condemed by his family after a failed bank robbery which saw him face a year in prison, while in prison he talked to a ukrainian who fought in donbass, he told Fyodor of the freedom fighters and anarchists, so he went with him to ukraine after he had served his sentence. He fought with the sepratists and grew a taste for anarchy. After leaving ukraine, he went to Belozersk and fought with the peoples republic for a few months before settling down in Dubky in South Zagoria, there he met a man who introduced him to a bunch of like minded anarchists, after the outbreak and falling the riots, the anarchist participated in a few operations of scavenging local police armories and abandoned military outpost to arm themselves, they saw this pandemic as prime time to fight for the people and their rights, they were branded anarchists, they were not to mess with, troubled youth with kalashnikovs in their hands.
  3. POV: ran into the compound for some great roleplay, ended up in a stand off with @Whitename after a vocal altercation. once in camp i did hear the woman trying to kiss people and asking people to come with her. she was really trolly, and provided really bad rp. i missed most of it since i was trying to kill @Whitename and was mid firefight with him.
  4. @Rimrald @Jerry @FireDude @Whitename @GMAK
  5. stay tuned, there might be light in the tunnel, who knows what could happen the next weeks.
  6. @Para there was 6 of us, blake, turk, sassy, elmo and dew, the others had been mistreated before up at tisy, as i was on my CLF character and an ex napa, the chernarussian movement of the red star is my characters enemy lorewise. although i did hear last night that there was a cease fire for the first few days between the factions, something which i had no clue of.
  7. Thank you everyone i met today, really enjoyed it @Roman @Alan and rest.
  8. Dumisani Muncho was born as the twin to Awimba Muncho, on a bright summer day in Monrovia, Liberia to a loving mother and missing father. Although their conditions were not the greatest and their country had just erupted into a civil war between the Revolutionary United Front and Nato forces seeking to control the people, nevertheless he grew up with his brother creating a strong bond. At the age of sixteen Revolutionary United Front rebels showed up at their village, plundering and raping their way through it, Dumisanis mother quickly put her sons in a cupboard and told them to be silent and to not come out no matter what. As the echoe of gunfire hailed closer and closer Dumisanis heart started beating faster and faster, the rebels bust through the door not soon after along with their commander who stood tall above their mother, grabbed her by the arm and threatened her life with a machete to her throat, Dumisani looked at Awimba and without a doubt they both rushed out of the cupboard and ran for the commander with the intent of killing everyone and somehow saving their mother, they were grabbed by two rebel soldiers who restrained them. The commander walked up to them and laughed and said: -"Ah wat do we have here?, two small lion cubs dat want to be killin me and my men.. This is you moda? See what happans to de people who support de americans in dis country little ones" The man walked over too their mother and slit her throat infront of them as Dumisani and his brother cried out in pain and greif, swearing to the spirits that they would kill the commander in the worst possible way imaginable. The commander laughed once again and told the rebel soldiers to take them. 4 years later... Dumisani and Awimba were now after 4 years of hard labor in diamond mines at the border to Sierra Leone forced to pick up arms and commit war crimes across country, Awimba being sent to oversee pirate operations in Nigeria and Dumisani sent to the heart of the conflict; Monrovia, where firefights was a daily thing, every minute ak fire would rain down the streets and districts of the city center, RPGs would fly by and Dshkms would fire at Nato and opposing rebel forces. This is were Dumisani began his quest for freedoom, to be free of the only thing that he knew, the hierarchy among the warlords that commanded them into battle. After succesfully siezing a part of Monrovia a year later, with the return of his big brother who now had gotten quite the name for himself as the "Man eater" a name given by the local people around the area in Nigeria where he was operating becuase of his way of executing people, with a machete cutting through your flesh and eating your heart infront of you. After meeting and embracing his Big brother at the FOB outside Monrovia in the jungle which they had taken from the Nato forces Dumisani spoke to Awimba about his dream of freedoom, his idea of killing the commander who killed their mother so many years ago, Awimba had not forgotten and agreed, he said only one thing before cocking his Ak and walking towards his men; Brudda, “The eye neva forgets what de heart has seen.” Awimba introduced Dumisani to a bunch of rebel fighters and warlords who had the same ideals as them, they were taken from their parents and forced to work in unbearable conditions, some parents even killed just like Awimba and Dumisanis. They all agreed to break free from the chains that controlled them, but first they needed money so they ran pirate operations for another few years around Nigeria, praying on white people for their money. After having supplied their force they attacked the Commanders base, stalking it through the tall grass like bloodthristy lions until they eventually struck, completely taking the commanders forces by suprise and killing all who did not run. Awimba and his little brother Dumisani now at the age of 23 walked proudly through the tent with bloodlust in their eyes, they approached the commander and as the commander was pleading for his life even offering his machete to Awimba who took it and said before slashing his head clean off; “The eye neva forgets what de heart has seen.” The relief of vengeance which they got out of the kill on the commander was outstanding, but their bloodlust was not yet sated, they swore too free all the people of the commanders forces and rule across Liberia, they needed more men and money so they took it upon themselves to get what they wanted by blood and steel. Liberia has for long had trouble with drugs and civil war, militias ruling the infrastructure and raping and killing whom they choose. A couple of months before the infection the local militia began their quest to smuggle blood diamonds into South Zagoria. The remaining anarchists from what was left of the South Zagorian civil war needed to fund their insurgency and so the eight men set out. 2 Months before the infection hits South Zagoria.. Awimba, Dumisani and their brothers in arms, raised together since childhood under a fierce warlord. Had seen it all, Hearts being torn out the chests of innocent people and limbs being chopped off infants and children forced to shoot their parents and siblings. Africa as you know it is a harsh world and Sierra Leone and Liberia are some of the worst shitholes on earth. Due to what these men have seen since childhood, they have no remorse in killing and some even find it intriguing. These men have no moral compasses and only do what they are told to not be next in line to the devil's doorstep. All that these men have in their heads is to survive but not in the way you yourself would look down upon that word, these men only know their own world which is the hierarchy among the warlords and commanders. They are the dirtiest and most fierce warriors on the planet, and never back down unless there is good reason for it, these men have no pride and all they know is living. They are blood diamond smugglers forced to work day and night under both white and black men alike, eventually given weapons and forced to protect the very mines they worked in once. These men were given a task. To smuggle blood diamonds into South Zagoria, and so they went. They put the diamonds into the fat of several sheep and sheep herded them across africa by trains and trucks without being detected by police and border controls. Once they arrived at Tripoli in Libya they from there took a freight boat across the Mediterranean sea and through Istanbul's river into the Green sea. 2 weeks before the infection hits South Zagoria.. Awimba, Dumisani and his men find themselves in a deep fog on the sea and have to resort to gps navigating only, the fog is so thick that you barely are able to see much in front of the boat. They try their best to navigate but there’s no sign of the fog wearing off. 3 days after the infection.. The men have been lost at sea for about a week now, they have no clue where they are and network and gps have completely gone haywire. they eventually see land and went towards it as the men are tired and almost dehydrated, they had no clue that they were going to get lost. As the men traverse towards what looks like an island next to a huge landmass the boat hits some sharp rocks that were sticking out the water that they were unable to see due to the fog. The ship shook and people lost their balance. The boat quickly began taking in water and the only way to survive was to now to ram the boat onto land and strand themselves. The boat scraped against rocks and sand as it came to a complete stop. The african men barely make it out alive before the boat violently exploded and left nothing more than a wreck on the coastline. 2 days after the outbreak.. These men now have no morals but to survive and they don’t care about anyone but themselves. they would trample the lot to save themselves. These men have been lurking and keeping themselves at bay, but word has reached even the deepest of woods in chernarus. Shots ringing off, peoples screams. It’s time these men make their stand, they have realised there are powerful forces with food, ammunition and even women. They are determined to survive and this they will. They are ready to take over this “new” world.
  9. POV: was chilling in the rac camp when a man with a knights helmet started acting funny, it turned into and arguemet and then into a fist fight, to which i won. after he gets up he calls me names and keeps shit talking so i and @NorwayRP put him on his ass again. he then wakes up and keeps talking shit, he starts leaving the camp as we agreed upon. after he leaves me and @NorwayRP take our chanche to teach him a lesson and get some more supplies since they're so scarce. we catch up to him, ask him to apologize a few times, to which he says you first. i then tell him to leave his gun, ammo and whatever spare food he has aswell as the apology. he then pulls out his gun and says that wont be happening. so we initiate on him, bring him towards pustoshka in the field, since he his hurt he is stumbling around a bit, @NorwayRP tells him to try and sprint as fast as he can, to which OP starts saying he "fucking" cant. Norway keeps telling him to run as fast as he can but the OP keeps saying he cant run with a pretty bad attitude, @NorwayRP tells him if he doesn't drop the attitude he's getting killed. and also counts down from 5 for him to stop, but OP decided to backtalk again so he was shot. OP keeps going one more time and gets killed by @NorwayRP, we then disperse. END OF POV //
  10. POV: run into vybor base for the first time, roleplay accordingly, i had a video camera so i said that i was live on facebook, which there's nothing wrong with. i asked what was in the prison building to a few civilians in camp, they said it had free loot, sassy then said it would be content if i ran in. so i entered seeing how it was my first time there. a guard entered shortly after and told me to leave, i rped it out as you should. i left the prison building, i then roleplayed with one guard, talking a bit of russian to him, when i noticed he didn't speak i left him alone. the a civilian started saying to the guards that they have terrible security and that anyone here could just walk straight in, anyone could be a nationalist spy. so when i heard that i said as a joke that i'm recording live to the clf right now. the guards then responded and said that they will have to confiscate the camera, i then ran away since i wanted too keep my camera. i then came back and initiated on the camp with the rest, i died first. // end of pov
  11. My favourite part about this far from the truth report is that the apparent video evidence has been taken down, rather quickly too. All you are doing here is exaggerating everything that happened without any proof. Allow me now to respond: So what you are saying here is, I disobeyed orders of staying away from the rear of the compound and I made a comment about facebook once? In this current lore social media is still a thing, the internet is still accessible (for now). I fail to see what the rule I broke here is? I was in no shape or form baiting either, i was roleplaying, it was my first time being there. I did not do this as a joke or a meme. I have done this since I roleplayed all sorts of Russian characters, it adds to my own immersion and others, it may not be genuine Russian but it gives the illusion it is, usually I type in text chat what I will say and then I speak in voice in foreign tone to give the effect, however this time I did not. So again, the rulebreak here is? This I am most confused about like what? I did not say 'Up the RA' and why would a Chernarussian of CLF be screaming Up the RA nor was I rolling on the floor?? I would like to see video evidence for this mostly because that is down right laughable, although it seems the vod has been deleted so that is unfortunate.
  12. Dimitri was born in 1966 on may the 16th, he grew up in a small village outside Belgrade where he studied in school and helped out on the farm at home. Dimitri always admired his father for his service in the FFL (french foreign legion) and thought highly of him, his mother had passed away when Dimitri was only the age of ten, all he had was his father and little sister. Several years passed and Dimitri did well in his studies and was on a good path in life until his father died in a car crash one night, unfortunately his sister was also in the car at the time and passed away aswell. The truck driver had forgot to signal and crashed into Dimitri father at a high speed. Dimitri never forgave him and decided to do what only felt right to him. He went to france and enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. Not soon after he was deployed in Rhodesia during the The Rhodesian Bush War—also called the Second Chimurenga and the Zimbabwe War of Liberation—was a civil conflict from July 1964 to December 1979 in the unrecognised country of Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe-Rhodesia). The conflict pitted three forces against one another: the Rhodesian government, led by Ian Smith (later the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian government of Bishop Abel Muzorewa); the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army, the military wing of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union; and the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army of Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union. Not long after being deployed he noticed that his pay was ridiculous compared to what the mercenaries in the 7 Independent Company were getting, so he left the FFL and enlisted with the Mercenary company called: 7 Independent Company where he quickly learnt that the world wasn't what he thought, he had always believed in honor and integrity but he saw that there was none of that in war, only sides being fueled by men of power, even the French were corrupt so he became a soldier of fortune and started his carrer within the 7 independent company, finishing fighting in the Rhodesian bush war and later deplolying with the company in Irak, Israel, South Africa, Vietnam and many other countries and conflicts. During the Year of 2008 Dimitri had established a well known mercenary company from volunteers in the Rhodesian Bush War, known as the Soldiers Of Fortune, the individuals took part in military conflicts for personal profit, as outsiders to the conflicts, they fought for money and other forms of payment rather than for political interests. Serving only themselves they would prove to be a force to be reckoned with in guerrilla skirmishes. In 2009 the company was introduced to the province of South Zagoria and made a deal with the ChDKZ, commanded by its ruthless leader Gregori "Akula" Lopotev, it was also led by the notorious criminal Mikola Bardak, who served as Lopotev's aide-de-camp/second-in-command. The organisation itself largely consisted of regional task forces or cells, which in turn are each lead by a warlord who answer directly to Lopotev himself. They were promised payments and political contacts for their valor and service, they participated in several raids and skimrished with CDF, quickly the country was overrun with ChDKZ and slowly it was looking like victory for the communist side. Dimitri was contacted by a CDF Commander called Milosh Svoboda in Zelenogorsk who also promised him the same payment but with a higher price, so he took it and his men to the south where they fought for the Democratic side instead, eventually with the help of ChDKZ forces from Chernogorsk they were able during the events of 2009 to push the Democratic regime back where they once came from. The Soldiers Of Fortune stayed in the province after the civil war and participated in the clean-up operations throughout the countryside to root out the last defiant cells of the NAPA together with the guerrilla known as ChDKZ. Post 2010 Dimitri and his mercenaries joined up with several other companies and created a sort of network which would profit everyone involved, it was named the; Globalis Agency. There contracts would flow between companies of fortune, D7 mercenaries was the biggest contender to this since they themselves decided to make their own agency. During the summer of 2012 the company was yet again enlisted by the CDF commander this time to guard the mountain passes between Chernarus and Takistan during Operation Arrowhead, there they would be successful in keeping the peace not meeting much resistance for alot of pay. A couple of years passed and during the events of 2017 the company was yet again contracted to take care of a rouge platoon known as the 67th "Lopotev" Sotyna, a bunch of civil war remnants of a NAPA platoon that was planning on retaking the country, the company traced them to a pass in the black mountains where a gunfight ensued ending in a Fortune company victory with the help of D7 mercenaries. The company was ambushed a couple of days later while searching for the remaining platoons, they were obliterated by the NAPA forces due to their lack of knowledge of the mountains. The companies lost alot of assets and were forced to retreat deeper into the mountains, losing themselves in the deep forests due to radio equipment and GPS siezing to work for some reason. Soon the cold came and it would be the coldest winter they ever would experience, having to fight of NAPA insurgents with a limited number of supplies and men. One night when sitting by the campfire telling stories of their past and such, one of the Fortune soldiers dead men came out the shadows and attacked and bit one of the men, tearing him to pieces infront of them. They rushed to their rifles only to find more of their deceased comrades walking towards them, growling. Ever since the Fortune company has been suriving the harsh weather of the Black Mountains and their numbers dwindling every month. Now they have gotten back to the province of South Zagoria ready to strike deals and stay alive no matter the cost, morals and ethics are no more and these men would do whatever they have too, to survive this harsh wasteland called Chernarus.
  13. "Nonsense! The CDF are useless! You know this yourself! They couldn't handle things when it was just the Chedaki and now you think they can beat the Russians too? Madness! Chernarus must be free from all Russians. Settler and soldier alike. We must have our country back! Stalin sent them here and I will send them back!" - Prizrak Mikola "Makarov" Dvořák born in 1983 to a chernarussian father and a chernarussian mother in Gorka. A silent lumberjack village in the north, his family lived off the land and were hunters through generations, Mikola was taught on how to hunt early in his life and got much expertise of the countryside as he hunted on it regularly. During the time when Gregori "Akula" Lopotev started his affairs in the country Mikolas father was killed during the protest at the the Solnichniy Quarry Corporation. Mikola signed up with CDF in 2002 and began basic training, once finished he had been deployed in Novigrad and Miroslavl as peacekeepers. In 2009 when the civil war erupted Mikola had to sit idle by as the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star ravaged through the country and killed thousands of innocent Chernarussian civilans something which led Mikola to despise communism and especially russians. Mikola started hearing about the guerrilla fighters known as NAPA and quickly left CDF to fight for his homeland, He went back home to Gorka and joined up with the warlord known as Father Fyodor Kovalenko who introduced him to a bunch of ex-CDF and civilians ready to die for their country. A picture of some NAPA members in a field below Vybor during the civil war with Mikola on the far right. Under Father Fyodor Kovalenkos command Mikola and his comrades led several raids against Chedaki in the local area though they lacked advanced weaponry and access to heavy armour, their knowledge of the South Zagorian countryside, military expertise from ex-CDF members, and an extensive network of embedded fighters/civilian collaborators amongst almost every village in the region, made them a serious threat to both the Chedaki and government forces. On November 11th, 2008, the group's first highly publicised attack was the burning down of a storage facility owned by a ChDKZ affiliate (the Bardak & Sons Distillery), which resulted in the death of a gatekeeper and the warehouse's total destruction. Mikola holds both the Chernarussian government and its armed forces in contempt, seeing them as being completely incompetent for allowing the Chedaki to overrun South Zagoria so easily. Likewise, he strongly dislikes the American presence in the country and almost (though not quite in the same capacity as with the Russians) views them as a nuisance preventing him from achieving his "goals". When the fighting between government forces and the ChDKZ broke out, the insurgents were too powerful to challenge directly. Within a matter of days, large portions of South Zagoria quickly fell under Chedaki control. Many civilians were killed by the Chedaki; often just for sport, or by Chedaki fighters pillaging their homes for food and other supplies. Prizrak led the guerillas in a bloody war for survival, conducting raids on Chedaki camps whenever they could, and dispersing their fighters to villages under threat from the Chedaki in order to protect them from being looted. A picture of Mikola "Makarov" Dvořák and his good friend Grigori Svoboda during an insurgency with Mikola on the right. After the events of harvest red which resulted in the destruction of the CDF bases around south zagoria, the guerillas went into hiding, Mikola joined up with a few other members of NAPA and went into hibernation, waiting to retake South Zagoria. With the country turning to a semblance of chaos following the war's resolution, NAPA was disbanded as an armed guerilla force. Instead, the group transitioned into an official political party that would peacefully challenge the current government, Mikola went back to his family roots and became a hunter to feed his family, also working part time in polana factory to pay his bills. Falling the outbreak Mikola lost alot, his wife and kids but also his faith in humanity, he sees the foreigners as he did the Russians during the civil war, with a disgrace. He recently found a Chernarussians who are like minded, called the CLF and has somehow gotten used to the life he now lives but his solidarity for his country will never falter and the expertise he has in form of knowledge of the land and its people makes him a dangerous foe in guerrilla skrimishes.
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