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  1. OxeN

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    everyone who met the Chedaki, very enjoyable day of roleplay. special mentions to the people at tisy military and stary church.
  2. OxeN

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    great rp as always
  3. arttu

    • arttu
    • OxeN

    fak you men

    rus 🇷🇺

    1. OxeN



    2. arttu
    3. Rutkiy



  4. OxeN

    Fifty Two | Open To Interest

    intresting concept, good layouts. Good luck, looking forward to meeting ya'll ig.
  5. OxeN

    Slava Chedaki

    *Dimitri Presses his PTT with a raised eyebrow* "Thought we killed you, 75 rounds of communism into your torso, Cyka, i guess we should have gone for the head" *Dimitri releases his PTT*
  6. OxeN

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya - Media Thread

  7. OxeN

    Jayden Hughs last breaths

    *you stumble upon an old cassette player taped to the front gate of doctor hopes camp, when you press play the audio begins*
  8. OxeN

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya - Media Thread

    Jayden Hughs last minutes on planet earth Slava Lopotev and Slava Chedaki Jaydens POV:
  9. OxeN

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya - Media Thread

  10. OxeN

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Special mentions: @Crim @Chernon Thanks to everyone who met the Chedaki today was hella fun roleplay.
  11. OxeN

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    copy that.
  12. OxeN

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    @Major @Phatal anything else or are we good here?
  13. OxeN

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya - Media Thread

  • OxeN

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    This shall be on behalf on @Rutkiy and everyone else in the group used to rework the backstory with your viewpoints, thank you. Prehaps we could have some help, to properly make us remnants? @Phatal after all the lore team knows the best way to approach this.
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