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  1. OxeN

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    i was sick for about 3-5 hours, sat by a fire for 20 minutes and nothing happened so i just ate food and ran around, i stopped coughing and sneezing. i still have the bacteria icon but i'm now immune to it. I was around like 6-7 guys who were sick and i didn't start coughing again. You can get rid of it and also become immune to it.
  2. OxeN


  3. Moments away from being sent to the afterlife by Awimba the seer of the spirits.


    1. OskuRP


      Thats a pretty brutal screenshot. Now we just need a screenshot of the month contest with the topic: brutal


    2. Spartan



  4. OxeN

    DayZRP Best of 2018

  5. brk

    Leaked footage of Awimba circa 2013


  6. OxeN

    • OxeN
    • Ryan Shepherd

    when you actually get pain rp from someone you're interrogating.

    Bildresultat för afric gif

    1. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd



  7. GMAK

    Footage of people trying to take Awimba Mucho hostage

  8. when you notice he's a rat bastard.

    Bildresultat för afric gif

    1. GMAK

      Is this flame ? 🤔

  9. OxeN

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    De spirits welcome you as a brudda..
  10. OxeN

    The Red War (Open Frequency)

    *Your radio would buzz too life and a thick african accent would be heard* The axe forgets but de tree remembas.. De black devil is watching and we will coume for whoeva has harmed our bruddas in dis conflict.. For long have we stood by as de local forcas killed eachoda and forced innocent lives to do tings.. Neva.. *there would be a slight pause before the next words were uttered from the africans mouth* Neva again...
  11. Awimba Muncho POV: Me and my group rolled up in stary and noticed some kind of robbery being commited in the green house. I talk to one of the men who asks me if i want the car as a gift i then take him to the market to speak to him. I ask him if they are robbing the people in the house and he says he was forced. I then leave him and go in the green house telling all the hostages to take up arms. We try to find the cannibals and end up initiating on them, a huge firefight breaks out. END OF POV i was not the person you are reporting and had nothing to do with the situation prior to me and my allies running into town and stumbling upon the robbery.
  12. OxeN

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    good point i agree to a degree prehaps we'll try this in the future and what the outcome will be. i'm unsure to what the rules were before.
  13. OxeN

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    in our situation, we initiated pretty quickly since we noticed he was part of a rival group. Took his radio and started running, we got shot at pretty quickly after. what i'm saying is that the rule maybe needs some sort of change becuase the hostage doesn't really need to worry about his life since he's protected by the rules. Which means that the hostages friends never has to value their captured friends life since he can't get killed anyways. In a real life situation i'd shoot the hostage without remorse. if he's a liability. What stops him from if we let him go, to try and kill us as soon as he gets a gun? Yea nothing which means that for us to let the hostage go when we're taking fire is not valuing our own lifes imo.
  14. OxeN

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    yea but if you only get to run 100 meters before getting shot at then what do you still deserve a firefight? i'm confused.