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  1. very good rp, met you guys atleast 20 times. immerses me so much into the roleplay. keep doing you.
  2. preparing for the the war to come inshallah
  3. me chilling in the bushes back in 013
  4. Born and raised in the ghetto, he quickly realized how to survive, sell drugs or your mom. He choose his mom and the drugs for maximum profit. A local weed seller who hung out with 2pac on the weekends, they hit up alot of women and made alot of babies although it was not enough for Robity he wanted more, so at the age of 60 he traveled to South Zagoria and made his own Crips gang in the slums, they controlled everything from drugs to moms. After the infection he used his condoms and wits to stay alive like a true gangsta, he took his own private yacht to Livonia where he now resides.
  5. Was really fun to join the podcast and discuss these events ongoing in the community! very productive and very nice great job @EndeavourRP
  6. All Tony Melony ever wanted was to be loved, maybe a place to sleep. Today was his last day on planet earth, Tony ventured to Sitnik and stumbled upon the base owned by An Pobal, he greeted the gatekeeper and they formed some sort of bond within the 4 minutes they spoke. Tony felt this was his place in the world, a place where he could help innocent people. although this would be case as a robbery soon ensued as Tony Melony was cooking meat outside the very front gates of the base he sought to protect and cherish. Tony complied and put his hands in the air, but was met with a barrade of bullets from the very people he wanted to help and join. It was not a pretty death, in his agony on the cold concrete outside the gate he would be ripped apart by zombies, with his guts all over the ground, someone killed the zombies around him and then stripped Tony Melony of his belongings before taking one final look at what he thought would be his family in the near future before getting sprayed through the head with bullets. May Tony Melony rest in pieces and let him be a reminder that anything can happen in this cruel world.
  7. Thank you I am TONY melony. i would like to transfer ownership to @Ryan Shepherd
  8. start interbreeding and we will pagan chernarus into new stockholm. and this is only WIP and VIP only VIP get more information so i create a well organized group.
  9. Really enjoyed the roleplay last night with you guys! thank you !
  10. The Tony Melonies come from a long generation of interbreeding in southern Sweden, Skåne. They are good hunters and farmers, basically pagans that believe in viking tradition.
  11. Tony Melony was born into the late seventies on a farmstead near Svalöv in central Skåne, into a family of 13, a mother and father and 10 siblings, 6 brothers and 4 sisters. He grew up living the farm life, learning how to tend to the crops and how to feed the animals, how to keep a farm running and occasionally how to hunt with his uncle. He lived a simple life during his upbringing and had no issues to speak of, although his mother passed in his late twenties and it became a hard time for Tony Melony, he became quite depressed and went on a hunt alone one day to clear his mind, during the hunt he encountered a hurt young wolf, and as he approached it he got a sign from God, he saw in the wolf himself and so he tended to the wolfs wounds and befriended it, tamed it. Later he left his simple farm life and went around the world hunting with his wolf, going for very long hikes and living of the land, always keeping to his primitive ways. During his time in Chernarus, South Zagoria he stayed mostly in the black mountians and during his stay the infection broke out and the province was quarantined, although Tony did not notice anything as he was cut of from the outside world so much. It would not be until almost 2 whole years into the infection where he would see his first infected, a rotting soldier sporting ChDKZ logos, it would pass him without harm done to Tony or his loyal wolf. A few months later Tony had lost his Wolf to the cold and lack of food and was freezing to death himself up in the black mountains, this forced him to venture south, eventually finding a boat that took him to the barren island called Liviona.
  12. yes but as stated in issue 2-3 there are several ripples in the tony and melony methods there, but maybe if we at the meetup somehow could meet halfway and come to an agreement in the community there it would be good. I think Eman was right to be honest.
  13. you are doing this good, since eman talked about this last year it was a productive way of handling the issue. discussing and moving forward, i agree that it is a possible issue that hinders tony melonys methods. any disagreements to issue and arguement 3? personally think it is way better solution. i agree, but there are several issues there, for say when one melony punches tony it would cause a ripple in the hostile roleplay, we would hinder the way of approaching the issue.
  14. as a proud viking i shall make this, prepare to face your sins and embrace vallhalla's embrace my nordic brethren.
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