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  1. It seems to me that the everlasting cough is back me and @RyanPr have been running around for about 2-3 hours ig with the sickness that makes you cough and have been taking anti-biotics and codeine pills but to no avail. I hope something has not broken this again that would be rather annoying.
  2. OxeN

    tack för rolspelet din legend, cred till dig och slava Russia and glory to Chedaki.

  3. Would i have not been executed anyways you told me i was going to die several times before my crash? I also died and don't remember anything so how does that justify executing me today?
  4. Or me for that part who has had no part in that. I also got executed last night by you and now i am to be held accountable for the things i did before being executed last night?
  5. POV: I am in novaya with @Cuchulainn roleplaying with @Mak talking to the saviours for a bit, that conflict gets solved. A little while later we are standing infront of the factory building when i get a steam message from john moody who pulls up https://gyazo.com/529f2bac2361d110db00570dc1677231. Soon after an initiation follows and i comply since i obviously have no clue whats going on. I get in the factory building and am told to drop my radio which i do. shortly after i am executed and my roleplay is cut short without any rp from saviour side. I have no clue how they have execution rights on me and @Challenger @Mak since we are not an approved group and not together at all.
  6. *Jiri overhears the conversation on his radio while cycling through the frequencies* "Ah dobrydan foreigners i see you are still both alive ah?" *He hears the familiar russian mans voice and clenches his fist in anger then soon after he curses in Chernarussian before continuing his transmission* "Fucking ruski snake, no better than the chedaki.." *he speaks in chernarussian* "Your days are numbered fucking dog pig" *Jiri releases the PTT*
  7. When is this coming out it's mid feb now, thought it was supposed to be early feb. Any ETA? Also thanks for all your work devs you're legends!
  8. the only thing that was staged was one of our guys acted as a hostage and took me hostage and demanded that the two hostages were let go. They never knew what was going on and we were all playing alt characters needless to say there is a vod of it if you wish to watch the situation.
  9. *Jiri takes the radio of his vest and presses it as he speaks in a thick chernarussian accent* "Bratr the time to take back our country is soon at hand, i will meet you i have fooled the russians in this country that i am russian and have ended up getting crates filled with explosives and weapons." "Me and my band of chernarussian bratrs will wipe the foreign scum from the area. And if any other chernarussians wishes to do the same then meet me where the final skrimish between the chedaki and CDF took place." *he can be heard ordering his men to put the crates in an old ural before the transmission cuts off*
  10. Jiri was born in lopatino to a Chedaki sympathiser family and was raised to hate the CDF and locals. Although his father died in the civil war against the CDF he took it upon himself too follow in his footsteps and quickly left his hometown to fight CDF forces, after he came home to lopatino he kept it a secret that he went and fought in favor of the Chedakis since most of the population in his town were on the CDF's side. Jiri was home with his mother nursing her to good health as she had fallen ill a couple of days before the infection hit and the outbreak completely destroyed the CDFs forces and and defenses. One afternoon when Jiri came home to cook the fresh deer he had just hunted and gathered he noticed something unsettling, the door to the living room was broken which was made of glass. Jiri walked out the broken door only to find his deceased mother standing infront of him who soon after attacked him and he was forced to kill his own mother with his bare hands. Ever since Jiri has been keeping too himself and fitting in with the other nationalist in the country but he never speaks of his time with the chedakis as he probably would get executed for it. He is a very snakey man who spends his days as a Mercenary for the highest bidder.
  11. Zaahid and Sergey employed by an unkown contractor executes Sokol Zhakarov the second in command of District at green mountain infront of loads of civilians and then ambushes the remaining District forces coming up the road before making their leave towards their ticket out of South Zagoria and towards their payment.
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