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  1. things will never be like they once were in the mod, with the good samaritan rule etc, tbh we should just move on and make the best of what we got.
  2. Fydor Kovalenko, born 1984 into the lower class in Tomsk slums. Raised by a hard working mother until the age of seventeen where he decided to enlist in the army to make a living. Fydor Kovalenko came from nothing, he was a nobody who had nothing, he joined the army with the hopes of achieving something in life, he showed promising results in the enlisting process and served in the Russian Ground Forces for a few years before being selected for the Wagner program by officials. A mercenary program for soldiers who on record did not have much to live for, they mainly selected people who had
  3. POV: ran into the compound for some great roleplay, ended up in a stand off with @Whitename after a vocal altercation. once in camp i did hear the woman trying to kiss people and asking people to come with her. she was really trolly, and provided really bad rp. i missed most of it since i was trying to kill @Whitename and was mid firefight with him.
  4. @Rimrald @Jerry @FireDude @Whitename @GMAK
  5. stay tuned, there might be light in the tunnel, who knows what could happen the next weeks.
  6. @Para there was 6 of us, blake, turk, sassy, elmo and dew, the others had been mistreated before up at tisy, as i was on my CLF character and an ex napa, the chernarussian movement of the red star is my characters enemy lorewise. although i did hear last night that there was a cease fire for the first few days between the factions, something which i had no clue of.
  7. Thank you everyone i met today, really enjoyed it @Roman @Alan and rest.
  8. Dumisani Muncho was born as the twin to Awimba Muncho, on a bright summer day in Monrovia, Liberia to a loving mother and missing father. Although their conditions were not the greatest and their country had just erupted into a civil war between the Revolutionary United Front and Nato forces seeking to control the people, nevertheless he grew up with his brother creating a strong bond. At the age of sixteen Revolutionary United Front rebels showed up at their village, plundering and raping their way through it, Dumisanis mother quickly put her sons in a cupboard and told them to be silen
  9. POV: was chilling in the rac camp when a man with a knights helmet started acting funny, it turned into and arguemet and then into a fist fight, to which i won. after he gets up he calls me names and keeps shit talking so i and @NorwayRP put him on his ass again. he then wakes up and keeps talking shit, he starts leaving the camp as we agreed upon. after he leaves me and @NorwayRP take our chanche to teach him a lesson and get some more supplies since they're so scarce. we catch up to him, ask him to apologize a few times, to which he says you first. i then tell him to leave his gu
  10. POV: run into vybor base for the first time, roleplay accordingly, i had a video camera so i said that i was live on facebook, which there's nothing wrong with. i asked what was in the prison building to a few civilians in camp, they said it had free loot, sassy then said it would be content if i ran in. so i entered seeing how it was my first time there. a guard entered shortly after and told me to leave, i rped it out as you should. i left the prison building, i then roleplayed with one guard, talking a bit of russian to him, when i noticed he didn't speak i left him alone. the a
  11. My favourite part about this far from the truth report is that the apparent video evidence has been taken down, rather quickly too. All you are doing here is exaggerating everything that happened without any proof. Allow me now to respond: So what you are saying here is, I disobeyed orders of staying away from the rear of the compound and I made a comment about facebook once? In this current lore social media is still a thing, the internet is still accessible (for now). I fail to see what the rule I broke here is? I was in no shape or form baiting either, i was roleplaying, it was my f
  12. Dimitri was born in 1973 on may the 16th, he grew up in a small village outside Belgrade where he studied in school and helped out on the farm at home. Dimitri always admired his father for his service in the FFL (french foreign legion) and thought highly of him, his mother had passed away when Dimitri was only the age of ten, all he had was his father and little sister. Several years passed and Dimitri did well in his studies and was on a good path in life until his father died in a car crash one night, unfortunately his sister was also in the car at the time and passed away aswell. The
  13. "Nonsense! The CDF are useless! You know this yourself! They couldn't handle things when it was just the Chedaki and now you think they can beat the Russians too? Madness! Chernarus must be free from all Russians. Settler and soldier alike. We must have our country back! Stalin sent them here and I will send them back!" - Prizrak Mikola "Makarov" Dvořák born in 1983 to a chernarussian father and a chernarussian mother in Gorka. A silent lumberjack village in the north, his family lived off the land and were hunters through generations, Mikola was taught on how to hunt early in
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