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    Still the single best screenshot we could ever have
  2. Vitto Falconi, I was born on June 2nd 1996 in Venice Italy. My Father Sal Falconi, continued to lead an underground mafia after his Father. My mother Maria Falconi, all she did was cook, never got out of the house except for drugs. I was never a good kid, always got in trouble with adults and never did anything right. When I was Sixteen years old, my Father thought that I was ready to be apart of the mob and put me to training as soon as he could. My Father put me through 2 months of training, torture, shooting, stealth, intimidation, and toughness. In 2011 I was officially a member, we called ourselves "I Figli di puttana" which means "The Mother Fuckers" Ironically my mother loved the name. However, she was not too happy that I was apart of it and continually tried to talk me out of it. In 2013 the members of the Yakuza came to town, said we owed them money. My Father, knowing we didn't owe them anything, immediately told them to fuck off, and as it turns out, one of our members, Mitch scafitti stole money. The Yakuza became angry, fired two bullets in his back, as I stood there and watched him fall my body flooded with anger. I reached for my m4, and unloaded every bit of ammunition I had at them, killing their leader and two henchmen. This sparked out rage with the Yakuza, and I was now a target. By 2014 my mother had fallen sick from a low immune system evidently still mourning over my Fathers death, turns out her sickness was lethal, she died 5 days later. Only to come back a few hours later, but she wasn't my mother. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I saw the news, everywhere I saw "Zombie Outbreak" "Infection Rising" it was a nightmare. I quickly gathered my things, and ran off to Chernarus, hoping that I could start a new life. Turns out, I was in the heart of the infection and the borders were closed, there was no escape. Two years later, I am still living in Chernarus, fighting the infected, and only people when I feel they are a threat. For how rarely I see people, I always show my excitement, and intimidate when I have too.
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