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  1. Alright there fellas, I feel like I've been gone for long enough to say: Hello, I'm new here. The game probably has changed a lot since I've last played and so has the community, most likely. But I've finally got some more free time again and am pretty excited to give this a shot again. See y'all in Chernarus !
  2. The Clown

    Staff team changes

    I suggest recruiting this Jerry guy as replacement. He has lots of experience afaik
  3. The Clown

    Leaving threads suck

  4. The Clown

    [21] The Men from Container 21

    STOP STARTING SH.. Congrats
  5. The Clown

    A bit of new perspective for veteran players.

    This isn't talked about enough. The amount of offensive (read: passive aggressive) posts have gone way over the top. It has pushed me to the point of wanting to leave the community, as for the moment the forums are my only connection to DayZRP since I'm trying to figure out what the fuck to do in game. If only I had recorded more in the beginning months to show how it's REALLY changed, or even video from the very first version of the TP (although, I'm sure there are a video or two on youtube somewhere). DayzRP has slowly been changing towards better rules and more RP ever since then, and there are a certain mindset of individuals who have fought it the entire way. Can you really blame those certain individuals though ? They joined a server with a no KoS rule and more or less optional RP aspects, but with the main focus on group combat. It's everyones right to try and fight to conserve something that you love, right ? But sure enough, they lost. Many chose to get themselves permabanned instead of just leaving but in the end it's the same thing, only difference being that some managed to stir up a little bit of drama in the process, who cares. One thing that just crossed my mind is that a lot of the anger of those vets could be explained by the way decisions are made around here. While the community usually discusses everything, Rolle and his chosen staff members have the final say. This is something that goes against everything that those of us who live in democratic societies ( approx. 99,69% of the forum members ) have been tought to be right since elementary school. Especially considering that I am not the only one who thinks this community is "a giant political game" as Deadplex put it this might be mainly a subconscious issue but if this was a political state it sure as hell wouldn't be a democracy and we never voted for our El Presidente. Which means people who wanted the community to develop differently than it did due to certain decisions staff made over the years feel like they never had their rightful chance to vote against those new laws our little internet country has nowadays. Oh well, kinda drifted off topic here I think, what was I gonna say... ah yeah: Viva La Revolution !
  6. Wow, so happy to be part of the team. Finally I can RP as russian SuperSoldier again. Reminds me of my time with Soren's U.S. Army for some reason, great memories.
  7. The Clown

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Sooooo. Pretty sure this guy was hacking, no idea how he managed to be that horrible while doing it though.
  8. Happy to be on the team. I imagine my character in this will be some sort of asian Mr. T. Journal thread incoming soon™ r u excited sean ?
  9. Goodbye there, fellas. It's been an incredible time here, some months better than others, but overall an experience I wouldn't wanna have missed. But as so many others I grew a little tired of it and was hoping that SA would reignite the flame, but sadly the spark wasn't big enough. Feel free to call me out whenever you might catch me lurking the forums again hofer, idgaf But I feel like I'm gone for good, no promise though. As most of my friends within this community sadly have had the habit of getting themselves permabanned there is no point in doing the mandatory shoutout-list here, but to everyone I ever talked to or played with here: I appreciate you, son. All of you are human beings, I guess.
  10. The Clown

    I'm Back?

    Pfff look at that lousy postcount. Not even 1k...
  11. As these terms seem to be what would be needed to stop people from abusing the rule they're also exactly why it can't be allowed back. Because I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't want to be killed in the middle of a good RP session with robbers without me giving them any reason to do so just because some PvP hungry bystanders decide to engage. If you witness a robbery, engage in a RP manner and if you deem it appropriate: reinitiate ! Nothing simpler than that.
  12. G fucking G. Sit down WarMachine ! Game over before it even started. J/K. Alright there fellas, Moderator Arrex ready to give out 20 permanent WarMachine-Points left 'n right LIVE on TWITCH.tv/whoremachine.
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