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  1. Just a friendly reminder that if you don't like peeps you don't deserve access to the internet.


    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue


    2. Fil Vandren

      Fil Vandren

      Well. I like peeps.

    3. Sleepyhead



      yeah man i love peeps

    4. jangoskull


      I see you are a fan of southern cuisine

  2. If the Plate Carrier isn't your fav thing in dayz, you are the weakest race



    1. SgtSmithy


      Looks awesome but I can see you getting robbed for it. :/

    2. jangoskull


      Can't get robbed if ya never log into the server B|

    3. GMAK


      No ones gonna rob ya for a plate carrier now that they are so easy to find in presents. I went up to Sin City yesterday and me and my friends were all just gifted one each.

    4. SgtSmithy


      On a different note what do we know IC'ly that's happened with the Moretti crew? 

    5. Chewy


      Someone come take my plate carrier PLEASE I DON'T WANT IT TO GO TO WASTE.

    6. jangoskull


      As for the Moretti Family, we will be doing one last stream tomorrow, from there idk everyone gonna perma prolly

    7. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      You're all gonna perma because Roach is leaving? That's kinda dumb tbh. Half a year of character growth shouldn't just die the second the streamer leaves. Up to you guys at the end of the day but I don't agree with that at all.

    8. jangoskull


      twas joke.

    9. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      No humor allowed. This is DayzRP.

    10. jangoskull


      Shit you right. Thought this was my lewd WarzRP account.

    11. N-Tox


      Tbh ill probably never perma michael lol. Had him so long he just feels permanent 

    12. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @jangoskull just join my group

    13. jangoskull


      @Mr. Blue Deal

    14. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @jangoskull nice, I'm thinking ken will let in jango, soal, Kenneth, and maybe a couple others if y'all vouch for them. I'm busy with exams this week, so I'll start playing some time either this weekend or after Christmas. If you find the radio frequency in the radio forums, ic ken is being kidnapped by a an old creepy cannibal lady.

  3. My current mood 


    1. Canon360


      Don't log into the server tomorrow.  


    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Related image

    3. jangoskull


      Thank you both for your love and support.

  4. *He would unclip his radio from his belt and hold it up to his mouth and press down on the PTT* Aye miss firefighter lady, me along with the rest of my guys will be in Pusta sometime in the afternoon, we will be bringing some traders along with us as well, so one of them might have a what you are looking for. I can assure you miss lady, that people very much stay in Pusta and that it is still a very nice and safe town to live in* *The man would let of of the button and then clip the radio back onto his belt*
  5. *Jango would pinch the bridge of his nose and let out a long sigh before pressing down the PTT button* Yes hello, I am going too assume you are that weird chick that was with all the firefighter guys that stopped by town a couple days ago. If you remember the 20 or so people hanging out in town when you showed up that was us. We own the town of Pusta, We told you that you could and your friends could spend the night in the hotel. Now I have no idea why you say you can't leave but no one is keeping you there, I mean shit all our men are down south getting supplies right now. But whatever, if you take the road that leads west out of town it will lead you to Tortuga. *He would release the PTT*
  6. Da Moretti boyz pullin up in Tortuga
  7. Should have left him on the swing tbh
  8. Was totally worth getting punched/yelled at by Tony
  9. *Thumb down emoji* too the people that rated my new character 3 stars

  10. Thanks to everyone above and Mr. Blue himself operation save Alex was a bust but hopefully day 2 will be more eventful.
  11. Pretty much what I was gonna say so i'll just steal it, Thanks for the great RP fellas.
  12. Also thanks for @Coreena being there as well and doing some really well done RP.
  13. I said I wouldn't but I can't help but jump in. First, I would like to make it clear that I am not or ever was upset about loosing my gear or getting robbed ,not a single bit, just because I complained about being robbed in character does not mean I took it too heart on an OOC level. If you look at it from my point of view, getting accused of wanting to rob someone just to have have them rob you sucks although It was very interesting and again I have no issue with it. You keep making claims that I moaned about loosing my AK which is true but not to the extent that you say, everything I have heard about your "boss" was that he is a professional and a businessman, so when he says tells his goons to "leave our belongings alone" and then have people come up and start taking from me of course im gonna say something like "hey why are you taking my stuff your boss told you not to" which I did say, one of your friends even responded with "Jonny may be the boss, but he's not god". Second, you saying I did not tell you at straight answer is a lie, I kept telling you I didn't know who it was because I really didn't but, as I said in my POV after you asked me the same question 5 times or so I did lie and say that it was Tate who wanted to rob you guys, now maybe my mic didn't pick it up or was just being trash but you still killed him without a proper reason or without asking him if it was true or not. It was exciting when you initiated on us the first time and I thought it would be the same the second time around. Third, The reason why I mentioned my clothes being ruined was because right before the man started hitting me everyone was talking at once and I did not hear the reason why I was being beaten and I still don't know if someone ever told me, personally I think he should have emoted out the beatings instead of actually hitting me and have dayz bug out like it does and register like triple the amount he actually hit, but to be clear im not mad about the dude at all, im sure I got a little bit of bone dmg but luckily didn't break my legs To wrap it all up, This report was not made because I was salty about losing items and getting robbed, It was made because you killed a complying hostage without proper grounds to do so, you forced me to answer a question which I did not know the answer too with the threat of death, and the only reason why I added the possible bad RP claim was during the first initiation, while being interrogated, you along with 1 or 2 other people come into the room without saying anything and proceed to look into our inventory still not say anything or add too the roleplay and the be told to shut up when I asked you about it and it leading into the powergaming claim.
  14. @Senore Dogg I never complained about you taking my ak and I it was not new nor did I find it at the airfield. My character was pretty confident that he wasn't going to die seeing on how I talked my way out of situations like that before not forgetting the fact that we literally never said anything about stealing from anyone but even then, everytime someone pointed a gun or raised their fists at me I shut up and did what they said, I believe you are over exaggerating about me "whining" about my things. I wouldn't say I was crying about my gear when the only thing I asked to have back was my backpack when you let me go. I do not wish to keep going back and forth so I will only be responding if asked to by staff
  15. First off no worries @SlyKestrel,dayz has terrible hitboxes and I do not blame you for that. You saying that I did not give you guys a "stright anwser" is simply untrue. My character did not know If @TateRinefield said that he wanted to sneak into your base or rob you so I told you the answer that I knew, which was "I don't know/I wasn't there". Also to comment on your counter report @Senore Doggsomeone is going to be upset that someone is taking their things, it would be boring in mind if my character just did everything you wanted without throwing in a little bit of shade not to mention that I complied with all your demands even if I was mouthing off and that that being wrongfully accused of trying to rob someone just to be robbed themself did make me upset ICLY also the reason why most of the things I said to you were about gear was because only @spanners's character was asking about us wanting to rob you guys (besides you asking me to tell you which one of us was the one to say it) not really much I can say if all that happens is "why are you taking our stuff" is followed by a man putting his fists in my face begging him to give him a reason to hit me then "if you say anything other then yes or no I will shoot you". Edit: Don't worry about the desync issues we both understand
  16. To correct @Senore Dogg there was no food inside of bag when you gave it back to me there was however a pot and canteen that were both full.
  17. Server and location: Svetlojarsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 10:10 Your in game name: Jango Bale Names of allies involved: @TateRinefield Name of suspect/s: @Senore Dogg Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: After being held up by @Spannersand his group we start to make our way out of town as they told us to do, once we make it to the train tracks @Senore Dogg and 2 or 3 of his friends initiate on us again and then take us behind a fence near some big rocks all while telling me too shut up when Im asking "why they are doing this". Once we get close to the rocks He then Asks me to tell him which one of us were talking about robbing him and his group, my character did not know the answer since I had met up with Tate and another friend in svetlojarsk a few minutes before they dropped the first initiation. I then tell him that I don't know and that I wasn't there,he then asks 2 more times to which I tell him the same thing after which he said something along the lines of "if you don't say him or me ill shoot you both" I then asked him if I said it was Tate would he kill him and he said no as long I just told him who, me being upset with Tate for some stuff that happened the day before I tell the man that he said it which was followed by @Senore Dogg shooting @TateRinefield In the head with no words being exchanged. After that they start to take off most of my clothes except my hoodie and pants flollowed by 2 or 3 minutes of the aggressors saying nothing other then "shut up" and "if you talk ill punch/kill you" I am then beaten with my baton for no reason that I can think of which ruins the clothes I have on me and am then released with my backpack and a few supplies. I would to add that I was in teamspeak with @TateRinefield during,before and after both initiations and never heard him mention wanting to rob anyone So I do not know why they thought we were planning on and also that during the first initiation, majority of the people that interacted with us besides their leader Spanners and another man that I do not know the name of just walked up to us and looked into our inventory and if we got lucky just told us to shut up after they took what they wanted from us.
  18. Thank you @Classic for the 4am RP comrade
  19. Fun RP with the boys and @N-Tox im sorry, I didnt want to do that but you totally ratted on me so I had to ;(
  20. Jango Bale's pov After hearing on the radio by one of my friends that there were some people in novy,I decide to head over there with another buddy of mine.Once we get there we are told that there is a man being interrogated close by so me along with 3 other people that were not involved decide to go towards the back of the school and RP for a bit. Probably 2 minutes after that, we started to hear gunfire away from the school building then shortly after start hearing bullets being fired at us, me along with 6 or 7 people huddle near the back door trying to get everyone not involved including one of the bounty hunter's doctors and I think a bounty hunter himself while to safety,saying over in game voice chat that we were not apart of this and wanted to book it out of here. A man opened the door and gunned down everyone but me and 2 others I think without voice or text initiation, 3 people along with me did not have any weapons in our hands but they were still killed without any word, after the attacker ran off I got up and ran into the woods.
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