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  1. Swag Salute gamer, we’ll see you soon ❤️ 


    1. Dakotaen


      Don't forget to burry the hoes properly, Jango.

  2. Just a friendly reminder that if you don't like peeps you don't deserve access to the internet.


    1. Mr. Blue
    2. Fil Vandren

      Fil Vandren

      Well. I like peeps.

    3. Sleepyhead



      yeah man i love peeps

    4. jangoskull


      I see you are a fan of southern cuisine

  3. If the Plate Carrier isn't your fav thing in dayz, you are the weakest race



    1. SgtSmithy


      Looks awesome but I can see you getting robbed for it. :/

    2. jangoskull


      Can't get robbed if ya never log into the server B|

    3. GMAK


      No ones gonna rob ya for a plate carrier now that they are so easy to find in presents. I went up to Sin City yesterday and me and my friends were all just gifted one each.

    4. SgtSmithy


      On a different note what do we know IC'ly that's happened with the Moretti crew? 

    5. Chewy


      Someone come take my plate carrier PLEASE I DON'T WANT IT TO GO TO WASTE.

    6. jangoskull


      As for the Moretti Family, we will be doing one last stream tomorrow, from there idk everyone gonna perma prolly

    7. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      You're all gonna perma because Roach is leaving? That's kinda dumb tbh. Half a year of character growth shouldn't just die the second the streamer leaves. Up to you guys at the end of the day but I don't agree with that at all.

    8. jangoskull


      twas joke.

    9. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      No humor allowed. This is DayzRP.

    10. jangoskull


      Shit you right. Thought this was my lewd WarzRP account.

    11. N-Tox


      Tbh ill probably never perma michael lol. Had him so long he just feels permanent 

    12. Mr. Blue
    13. jangoskull


      @Mr. Blue Deal

    14. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @jangoskull nice, I'm thinking ken will let in jango, soal, Kenneth, and maybe a couple others if y'all vouch for them. I'm busy with exams this week, so I'll start playing some time either this weekend or after Christmas. If you find the radio frequency in the radio forums, ic ken is being kidnapped by a an old creepy cannibal lady.

  4. My current mood 


    1. Canon360


      Don't log into the server tomorrow.  


    2. Mr. Blue
    3. jangoskull


      Thank you both for your love and support.

  5. *He would unclip his radio from his belt and hold it up to his mouth and press down on the PTT* Aye miss firefighter lady, me along with the rest of my guys will be in Pusta sometime in the afternoon, we will be bringing some traders along with us as well, so one of them might have a what you are looking for. I can assure you miss lady, that people very much stay in Pusta and that it is still a very nice and safe town to live in* *The man would let of of the button and then clip the radio back onto his belt*
  6. *Jango would pinch the bridge of his nose and let out a long sigh before pressing down the PTT button* Yes hello, I am going too assume you are that weird chick that was with all the firefighter guys that stopped by town a couple days ago. If you remember the 20 or so people hanging out in town when you showed up that was us. We own the town of Pusta, We told you that you could and your friends could spend the night in the hotel. Now I have no idea why you say you can't leave but no one is keeping you there, I mean shit all our men are down south getting supplies right now. But whatever, if you take the road that leads west out of town it will lead you to Tortuga. *He would release the PTT*
  7. Da Moretti boyz pullin up in Tortuga
  8. Should have left him on the swing tbh
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