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  1. Fun RP with the boys and @N-Tox im sorry, I didnt want to do that but you totally ratted on me so I had to ;(
  2. Jango Bale's pov After hearing on the radio by one of my friends that there were some people in novy,I decide to head over there with another buddy of mine.Once we get there we are told that there is a man being interrogated close by so me along with 3 other people that were not involved decide to go towards the back of the school and RP for a bit. Probably 2 minutes after that, we started to hear gunfire away from the school building then shortly after start hearing bullets being fired at us, me along with 6 or 7 people huddle near the back door trying to get everyone not involved including one of the bounty hunter's doctors and I think a bounty hunter himself while to safety,saying over in game voice chat that we were not apart of this and wanted to book it out of here. A man opened the door and gunned down everyone but me and 2 others I think without voice or text initiation, 3 people along with me did not have any weapons in our hands but they were still killed without any word, after the attacker ran off I got up and ran into the woods.
  3. A plea to bandit RP'rs

    As someone who was there,I can say that it was mildly bland RP for the most part besides the aggressors forcing a fist fight between two of the captives which was fun but again when is that not? Most of the talking was between us hostages and very little between the actual people that dropped the initiation they were mostly just running around waiting for the inevitable sniper fire. I don't think anyone there thinks of it as a waist of time but it could have been handled much better imo. Also props to Abroon for coming back after he was released like the fucking legend he is
  4. Shout out to @TacetMors for the nice RP, even tho it was 2 am it was fun.
  5. Real life picture Thread

    Sorry ladies, cute femboys only
  6. Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    Had a blast plying with you all tonight, thanks for the top notch RP Guys.
  7. Had an amazing time with @Roach @Dank Mems @trent_rouls @SoalXtractor and everyone else. So much can't wait till we are all together again.
  8. Jango Bale

    Growing up in a shitty backwater gangbanger town right next to the Mexican border wasn't easy for a kid of my skin color, got bullied, picked on kids that were smaller than me you know average kid stuff. Once i got out of high school I took a job running some less then legal packages, that lasted for a good bit until I got rated out by my former employer.Spent 3 years locked up till I made my escape.A few of my buddies got me a ticket on some fancy cruise to China, I didn't care which country just not the one that was hunting for me.Thinking about it now i must have been on that damn boat for atleast 2 months, never made it my destination.We docked well to be more accurate we rammed into the beach of some backwater Country called Chernarus. Most of the people died on the trip here,what was left of us started to split off into small groups and venture off into the woods for help i guess, I never did see any of them again. About a week into our "landing" half of the ten people in my group were dead,well some of them are still walking around trying to eat us but dead nonetheless.I figured that these ex lawyers and bankers wouldn't last much longer hell most of them started to break when they realised that they couldn't take a hot shower anymore so being the kind man I am I decided to teach them a very important lesson.When everyone was asleep inside some big resort house I filled my pack up with all the remaining food and water and took the only gun we had and set out into the darkness,one day those hopeless bastards will thank me till then ill just keep on moving and try to keep my head down.