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  1. Darya was approaching her 50th birthday when the family decided to surprise her by taking a trip down to her hometown in Berezhki, Chernarus. The children had never been to Berezhki and were excited to visit their mothers hometown and learn about their mothers birthplace. William Eddleton and his children saved up their money to buy all the plane tickets and the family flew away from their cozy lives in Virginia to live in the small fishing village of Berezhki. The family landed on an airstrip close to the town and were greeted by their relatives. With it still being a week out from her actual birthday, the families decided to explore the country, visiting towns like Novodmitrovsk and Severograd. They spent plenty of time fishing with their grandfather as well as participating in daily gatherings around the bonfire. Over the course of the trip, Donny gained a very close relationship with his grandfather through him teaching Donny more about properly butchering animals and hunting, the other children did not care as much for those types of things. After a little over a week, the children finally became comfortable with the new atmosphere. Not wanting to go back, they decided to stay an extra week. Finally Darya’s birthday came around and her mother spent all day cooking up a traditional feast to celebrate. The day was spent enjoying this feast with family and other village members. As the sun began to set, the family gathered around the fire and told stories for the entirety of the night. After the fire died everybody headed back to their houses for some much needed rest. The family was awoken by loud banging at the door several hours later. Their grandfather and father approached the door, curious to see who could be up so late. As they opened the door, people who were drooling, making faint grunting noises, and covered in blood began to storm into their house, pushing their grandfather and father down onto the ground. They began to eat at their faces and bodies, picking them apart limb by limb, eventually killing them. In a panic, the rest of the family quickly tried to escape. They all ran into their grandfathers room and barricaded the door in an attempt to shut out the monsters outside. Donny quickly ran to his grandfather's dresser and grabbed the Winchester Rifle that was stored inside it. He then began to help everyone out of the window, while Donny helped people out the window, Bruce and Lucas held the door closed. Eventually, the rest of the children, their mother, and their grandmother were able to escape and they all ran into the woods. The grandmother being an old and fragile women fell whilst running away with the others. Darya attempted to go back and save her mother… but it was too late, they both got swarmed and consumed by the monsters. Ellie tried to run back and save them, but her brothers insisted they had to go before they too would die. They had no idea where they were heading or where they would end up, just trying to be anywhere but there. Once things died down the siblings began to set up a makeshift camp in the middle of the woods. Bruce and Lucas began to gather resources to start a fire while Donny kept watch with the rifle, trying to make sure he could protect his younger siblings. He began using things his grandfather taught him to increase their chance at survival. After a little bit, Bruce ended up noticing a hunting stand a little ways away. With everyone very hungry, almost to the point of starvation, Donny decided he needed to do something fast so he stuck only a knife in his back pocket and started walking over towards it. He ended up meeting a man named Frederick Wellins, a man who had traveled over for the hunting season. After a bit of conversation with Donny, the man mentioned he had some food at his house and he offered Donny to come over and get some. After some time, Donny came back by himself, covered in blood holding a decent amount of meat. His siblings asked him what happened and he said he ran into some deer. Skeptical, his siblings asked how he hunted a deer with only a knife and Donny just said “I just did, I would do anything to keep you all alive. Just know that”. Soon to die from starvation the family began to cook it over the fire. Donny smiled as they ate the meat and continued to tend to the fire. After they ate, the fire went out and the family began to start walking again, hoping to make it somewhere soon. Bruce, being the second oldest loved his family very much but often felt like he was never the center of attention. Throughout his school life Bruce stayed away from the other kids not that he wanted too, he just never fit in with the crowd and sticked close to his older brother Donald, Once he entered the real adult world, Bruce got hooked up with a nice job as a farm hand. He worked there for a few years and always noticed strange things happening at night, a cow would go missing or a few slaughtering tools would get lost, he brought these weird events up with his employer a number of times but nothing was ever done about it, he eventually stopped caring. On his fifth year working there the land owners daughter (a sweet girl by he name of daisy) asked him to stay the night at the farm with her. Of course he took up her offer and stayed but he soon found out what really went on when the sun went down on this farm, standing there in a underground wine cellar lit by candles stood about 20 to 30 people dressed in black robes. there faces covered with bloody masks and each of them holding some kind of stabbing utensil. There in the middle of all these people was a man chained naked to the floor. Daisy grabbed his hand and looked at him with a sweet smile and said "yay we didn't miss it, you can join in too!" and pulled out a long thin steak knife and handed it to Bruce, the crowd started to mumble something that he couldn't hear and he felt his legs move on their own, step after step he walked close to the chained man until he was inches away. Bruce feeling terrified looked around trying to figure out what he just walked into, as the faint mumbles got louder he could hear them say "Spill the pigs blood so he may eat" over and over again, his clouded thoughts of panic started to fade away as he looked down at the pitiful man curled up on the ground his eyes and mouth were sewn shut. Bruce took a deep breath and raised the knife brought it down swiftly into the mans stomach, with each thrust more of his inner rage and pain disappared, he truly was in a place where he belonged.
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    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    I think you are on scooby.
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    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    Are you couch?
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    Need to trade I'm in Putsa (Open Feq)

    *He would unclip his radio from his belt and hold it up to his mouth and press down on the PTT* Aye miss firefighter lady, me along with the rest of my guys will be in Pusta sometime in the afternoon, we will be bringing some traders along with us as well, so one of them might have a what you are looking for. I can assure you miss lady, that people very much stay in Pusta and that it is still a very nice and safe town to live in* *The man would let of of the button and then clip the radio back onto his belt*
  5. jangoskull

    Need to trade I'm in Putsa (Open Feq)

    *Jango would pinch the bridge of his nose and let out a long sigh before pressing down the PTT button* Yes hello, I am going too assume you are that weird chick that was with all the firefighter guys that stopped by town a couple days ago. If you remember the 20 or so people hanging out in town when you showed up that was us. We own the town of Pusta, We told you that you could and your friends could spend the night in the hotel. Now I have no idea why you say you can't leave but no one is keeping you there, I mean shit all our men are down south getting supplies right now. But whatever, if you take the road that leads west out of town it will lead you to Tortuga. *He would release the PTT*
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    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    Da Moretti boyz pullin up in Tortuga
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    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    The Boyz
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    Loscham's Consolidated Media

    Should have left him on the swing tbh
  9. The day I was born both my parents were high, when I was 10 my hippie parents gave me my first joint, and man did that make me fall in love. When I was 13 I was a total pothead, everyday I would get high before and after school, I would blow through 50 dollars of Weed a week sometimes double that. Fortunately I was never picked on or bullied in school, I guess thats because I always shared my pot. On my 15 birthday I sold my first dime bag, it was too this beautiful girl named Jessie, she was a bigger pothead then me and I was in love, we started dating and a few months into our relationship she moved away too Texas. Luckily I became with friends with some other potheads in my school, we all got along well and entered the same High school and that's where things started too get interesting. Besides smoking pot I loved to play paintball, the rush of running around and shooting people was amazing. I remember begging my parents too buy me my first paintball gun, I went out and played paintball atleast once a week. One of my crazier friends, Zack stole a pistol from a house he broke into and we took it out into this wooded area a few miles away from our town. Firing it for the first time was so different from what I thought, I ended up droping it after i pulled the trigger but i wasn't scared of it so i bent over picked it up and keep shooting till i hit the bottle Zack had placed on this old tree stump. In High school my pot head friends and me got along very well, we all were pretty crazy, and messed around with other drugs but Weed was the king, "the ye old ganja wizard" as my dad would say. After High school my friends and I started a little marijuana plantation of our own with the help of my parents. There were some troubles at first but we sorted things out after the first harvest and started too make a decent amount of money, but money was never the reason, we all had a love for marijuana, shit we all loved drugs in general and that was our drive, our motivation and our reason too wake up everyday. Somehow the cops found our plantation and raided it, they took everything and my parents got arrested. Thankfully they didn't sell me or my friends out. The four of us decided that we couldn't stop now, we had too keep spreading the joy of pot around, people deserved too get high. We went too Amsterdam too start our business up again, only problem is that the fucking license 20k in euros. Still even with this minor bump in the road we couldn't stop, we asked around some of the local marijuana stores around and found out that they got some of their shipments from this place called Chernarus, I've never heard about the place but apparently there was some civil war or something that happened a few years ago their. So with this new information we bought our plane tickets(coach) and set out too follow our dream.
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    Loscham's Consolidated Media

    Was totally worth getting punched/yelled at by Tony
  11. The hardest part about growing up was never fitting in, I always tried to befriend my fellow peers but it never worked out, that is until I meet my new family, my real family. I grew up in Seattle and was raised by too orthodox christian parents, they never understood me, always making me go to church or force me do chores around the house, my life was like living in hell. when I entered high school I made friends with the other kids that sat alone at lunch and we all got along well. We would often skip class and go behind the gym and talk about how shitty our lifes were and how no one could understand our pain. After some time We decided to put our pain and suffering into words too let others know that they are not alone. Our band's name was the Broken Souls and we were fucking awsome, no one could match us when it came to lyrics and pure screamo talent. Once our music started to get around we built up a loving fan base, which we call our "solely wolely's". Mid way through our world tour we played a few shows in Hungry and then moved onto a Country called Chernarus, I, like the rest of my bandmates liked the quite tone of the land but felt it being too conformist and boring.
  12. It all started out when my parents got divorced, my mother was an alcoholic whore who never cared about me, countless days and nights were I went to bed without any food in my stomach or her even acknowledging my existence. I hated that woman more than anything, one night I poured rat poison into her glass of wine too try and kill her,unlucky she skipped out on her seventh glass too go out with her man friends for a night of lust or whatever disgusting acts she committed with them. My Father on the other hand treated me like I was human at least, he always forced his views of me becoming a professional football player, you see when he was in collage he played for the Longhorns. I never had any interest in playing sports, my interest where in history and guns,swords,bombs anything that could kill a person really. Every time I protested playing football too my father he would beat me, usally in the chest or back I guess people would notice if he hit me in the face. Both my parents are and forever will be vial disgusting maggots, a waste of life and space, when I was 15 I took pictures of myself without clothes on and hid them under his bed and saved them onto his computer, then called the police and told them that my father sexually abused me. Nothing has ever put a bigger smile on my face than watching the cops drag him out of the house and into the back of a squad car. I would have ended up in my mother's custody but luckily that hag died of alcohol poisoning before I framed my father, so now with both of those maggots out of life I was placed in foster care of my uncle. Uncle Tom was strangely nice too me, well maybe nice isn't the correct word, he treated me like I was a guest in his house and nothing more, he was not married nor had any children of his own. We rarely talked but the times we did were pleasant. I had to retake both the 6th and 8th grades because of my test scores being so slow,I knew that those tests weren't about my true talent's so I didn't worry about them at all The kids in school however were worse than my parents. Every single day I tormented me, called me names, pushed me down, no one was my friend I was alone.dealing with those worthless,ungrateful, and repulsive kids made my life hell again, I knew the only way to free myself was to make them feel the pain that they made me feel, Half way through my senior year I started to put together a plan, I bought 2 handguns from some crack head and assembled a small collection of firearms and ammo, I also started to watch videos and read articles about bomb making, by the time my plan was ready I had in my possession 2 Glock 17's, a Ar-15 and a pipe bomb that I was impressed with, the night before I was going to purge those scum from the world my uncle found the weapons. I thought for sure he would call the police and I would end up locked in some room just like my father, Too my surprise he didn't, the look on his face was that of if he walked in on me taking a life of a infant, he did however take all of my "tools" away, the next day he sat me down and told me that I was going to be living with my aunt in some country on the other side of the world. Upon my arrival the smell of dirt and farm animals overtook my senses, I was trusted into a world that was stuck in the 1970's.
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks to everyone above and Mr. Blue himself operation save Alex was a bust but hopefully day 2 will be more eventful.
  14. jangoskull

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Pretty much what I was gonna say so i'll just steal it, Thanks for the great RP fellas.
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Also thanks for @Coreena being there as well and doing some really well done RP.