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  1. After being sat on the bus for hours Greg and his brother find themselves stuck in a traffic jam, and have little idea of the chaos that is about to ensue Suddenly the bus shot forward as the driver slammed on the brakes. Everyone stood up to see what was going on. Me and my brother along with the woman were sat at the back of the bus so couldn’t see for the people in front of us. A HGV was stationary in front of the bus, blocking any view of the cause of the traffic jam up ahead. The bus driver was violently hitting the horn shouting in Russian. I opened the side window in order to stick my head out to see what was going on, it was at that point I saw what looked to be a UN soldier sprinting towards the bus. He began frantically talking to the driver when he turned around and began shooting at dozens of dark figures running towards him in the distance. Wearing glasses, my eye sight was not good enough to see what it was until one of them had leaped at the soldier before beginning to eat him alive. It was at that point I realised it was the ‘infected’ I just saw in the video. Everyone on the bus began screaming and climbing over each other to reach the exits. Being at the back of the bus, me and my brother quickly jumped out of the emergency exit. Scores of people from the vehicles in front began running away from the creatures up ahead. Before I knew it me and my brother were separated in the panic. As more of the infected were drawn by the gun fire that followed, I continued to be pushed down the road with the flow of terrified people when I climbed on top of a parked car to try and see if I could locate my brother. Shouting his name, he was nowhere to be seen. More and more infected began to swarm the area, I had no choice but to run the only way I could, away. After being separated with his brother after infected attacked the bus they were on, Greg is left with no choice but to run for his life and hope his brother made it out alive. As well as coming to terms with what is happening in the world, and all the questions that are running through his head, he cannot give up hope. He must find his brother, dead or alive, no matter what it takes.
  2. I'm a newcomer to Dayz RP, and your immersive backstory ideas have definitely given me the stepping stone I needed to coming up with my own innovative story. In terms of RP, do any of you think it is better to keep the story short and simple or come up with a really detailed account?