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  1. *She hears the Reply from Ryan and has tears in her eyes , She gets the radio and holds the PTT* Yes your right you do have alot to explain ... but that can wait *She stops for a second and snffles* Just please dont get yourself killed. *She lets go of the PTT almost crying from what she has heard*
  2. *Beth Hears the strange man and wonders who the fuck he is and responds* Hang myself? like the last one? Ryan who the fuck is this guy and what is he on about *She releases the PTT confused to who the guy is and intrigued to what he had to say*
  3. *She hears the reply and notices his hesitation, She picks up the radio and presses the PTT* Ryan what aren't you telling me, If there's a time to be honest with me its now. *She lets go of the PTT, she has a tear in her eye*
  4. *She holds down the PTT after hearing Ryan's response* A friend in Russia huh and you couldn't tell me instead of making me worry about you. *she sits against the wall with one hand on her head and the other still holding the radio* Just promise me your coming back *She lets go of the PTT and awaits Ryans response*
  5. *Beth wakes up and looks to the left side of the Bed were Ryan slept last night and sighs, She picks up her radio and holds down the PTT* Ryan … i thought we had something going so there better be a damn good explanation to where you are. *She stands up and walks to the window and looks out* Just please contact me *She lets go of the PTT and slumps down against the wall*
  6. *Brad clicks his PTT* Ok Miller when the fuck did you become so retarded ... Izaak had a dream and the dream was not this shit. listen to me if not a friend as a middle man. You need to back down, Stop siding with the weak ones choose your friends Miller. I don't want to shoot mine *Brad releases the PTT* @Squillium
  7. Black Skull Media Thread

  8. Izaak's Fall

    Rip Izaak... gonna miss that guy.
  9. *Brad hears Millers voice and presses down the PTT sounding in a bad way* Miller is that you *He coughs* it sucks about izaak man cant believe it *He coughs again* . I didnt think he would Die before me ya know me being me and all *HE pauses and sperts into a coughing fit* Do new moon justice Miller and dont worry about me im going to see a doctor then get the fuck outta this place for a while ... see you around and do Izaak proud *He stops and you hear him vomit and then the radio cuts off*
  10. o7 lad see you on the other side
  11. i guess youll be joining me
  12. ill be around sometimes dont worry back memes wont die that easily
  13. you still are ill be in ts acasonally