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  1. Trix

    Ryan ... [Private Freq]

    *She hears the Reply from Ryan and has tears in her eyes , She gets the radio and holds the PTT* Yes your right you do have alot to explain ... but that can wait *She stops for a second and snffles* Just please dont get yourself killed. *She lets go of the PTT almost crying from what she has heard*
  2. Trix

    Ryan ... [Private Freq]

    *Beth Hears the strange man and wonders who the fuck he is and responds* Hang myself? like the last one? Ryan who the fuck is this guy and what is he on about *She releases the PTT confused to who the guy is and intrigued to what he had to say*
  3. Trix

    Ryan ... [Private Freq]

    *She hears the reply and notices his hesitation, She picks up the radio and presses the PTT* Ryan what aren't you telling me, If there's a time to be honest with me its now. *She lets go of the PTT, she has a tear in her eye*
  4. Trix

    Ryan ... [Private Freq]

    *She holds down the PTT after hearing Ryan's response* A friend in Russia huh and you couldn't tell me instead of making me worry about you. *she sits against the wall with one hand on her head and the other still holding the radio* Just promise me your coming back *She lets go of the PTT and awaits Ryans response*
  5. Trix

    Ryan ... [Private Freq]

    *Beth wakes up and looks to the left side of the Bed were Ryan slept last night and sighs, She picks up her radio and holds down the PTT* Ryan … i thought we had something going so there better be a damn good explanation to where you are. *She stands up and walks to the window and looks out* Just please contact me *She lets go of the PTT and slumps down against the wall*
  6. Trix

    To Miller Thompson [Private freq]

    *Brad clicks his PTT* Ok Miller when the fuck did you become so retarded ... Izaak had a dream and the dream was not this shit. listen to me if not a friend as a middle man. You need to back down, Stop siding with the weak ones choose your friends Miller. I don't want to shoot mine *Brad releases the PTT* @Squillium
  7. Trix

    Black Skull Media Thread

  8. Trix

    Izaak's Fall

    Rip Izaak... gonna miss that guy.
  9. Trix

    Ive Been thinking

    il be around
  10. Trix

    Ive Been thinking

    <3 ill be in touch
  11. Trix

    A Time For Change [Open Frequency]

    *Brad hears Millers voice and presses down the PTT sounding in a bad way* Miller is that you *He coughs* it sucks about izaak man cant believe it *He coughs again* . I didnt think he would Die before me ya know me being me and all *HE pauses and sperts into a coughing fit* Do new moon justice Miller and dont worry about me im going to see a doctor then get the fuck outta this place for a while ... see you around and do Izaak proud *He stops and you hear him vomit and then the radio cuts off*
  12. Trix

    I'm Gone

    o7 lad see you on the other side
  13. Trix

    I'm Gone

    i guess youll be joining me
  14. Trix

    Ive Been thinking

    ill be around sometimes dont worry back memes wont die that easily
  15. Trix

    Ive Been thinking

    you still are ill be in ts acasonally
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