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  1. WeeMeme

    • WeeMeme
    • Oliv

    New meme thred lets go boys!

    1. Cid


      Or not.

    2. Infamous


      sick thred mate.

    3. Stiflex



    4. Oliv


      Wanna see my memes? 





  2. WeeMeme

    • WeeMeme
    • Oliv


    1. Kirov Mironovich

      Kirov Mironovich

      BRING THE MEMEZ BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. WeeMeme

    Meme thread

  4. WeeMeme

    Meme thread

  5. WeeMeme

    Kirov's Radio Tower 69.9Hz (open Frequency)

    He holds ptt laughing Good shit i meant what i said He releases ptt
  6. WeeMeme

    • WeeMeme
    • SweetJoe

    Good to see you back big man :)

  7. WeeMeme

    S1 - Kabanino - AOGM - 21:00

    My Pov: We inciate on the leader f the misfits and take him to double green (Me, Evan and Kyle) We hear that puncture is in trouble so we finish up rp with the hostage and let him go and then we ran towards the pub at kab and saw some guys so me and even and kyle then run to piano and clear it saving puncture but then him and kyle get sniped so me and evan run out the back and escape then we logged.
  8. WeeMeme

    To the severogradians {Open Frequency}

    -User has been warned for this post-
  9. WeeMeme

    To Sophi Mueller *OPEN FREQ*

    Nox holds ptt Dont worry about your mother i will marry her then become daddy just wait soon i will be big bad step father. laughs Releases ptt
  10. WeeMeme

    To Sophi Mueller *OPEN FREQ*

    Nox holds ptt And you are?.... Releases ptt
  11. WeeMeme

    To Sophi Mueller *OPEN FREQ*

    Nox laughs at donnys reply and holds ptt Im not jealous pal believe me getting touched by some guy that says he is the father is the last thing i want i prefer it with my pals going around and terrorizing you lot its much funner trust me but you wont ever know that is like because you follow a someone that cant look after them selves never mind a whole family. He releases ptt and wipes blood off him from the situation that happened earlier that day
  12. WeeMeme

    To Sophi Mueller *OPEN FREQ*

    Nox holds ptt Look another retard christ how many of yous are they seems like the family have been fucking breeding Laughs go have a bottle off milk of mother or something if yous have got one and stop trying to find your sister shes probably dead in a ditch somewhere. He releases ptt
  13. WeeMeme

    To Sophi Mueller *OPEN FREQ*

    Nox holds ptt Because i hate kids and people who groom children. Releases ptt and laughs
  14. WeeMeme

    To Sophi Mueller *OPEN FREQ*

    Nox recognizes his voice and remembers fucking up his family yesterday Oi wee man hows your family doing heard last night they took a hit again not a surprise to be honest most of you are probably inbred. He releases ptt and looks at the teddy he beat 2 of the family members to a pulp with.
  15. WeeMeme

    Best PVP moments!

    The guy in the bush was me i got one of you before i went down so it was still fun
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