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  1. rawr Aye i watched Psisyndicate back in the day so i got whitelisted back in like 2016, didn't really play cause i was busy back then. Then i learned about this lorewipe and since my relationship with a girl ended like a couple of days before the lorewipe i needed something to help me take my mind off of it, and ever since i've been addicted to this shit.
  2. Updated my beloved character Marc Dean a little bit, far from perfect but its something, and in my defense i havent slept in the last 24 hours so for any spelling mistakes my apologies. 

    But hey i tried

    oliver ekman-larsson pat on the back GIF by Arizona Coyotes

    1. ImScouse



  3. Always a pleasure running into you and @Dookie. Shame that our reunion had to have us fight on opposite sides.
  4. MarcLR

    In The Trenches

    The Fishermen, The RAC and The Tsepovs fighting side by side. Watching their brothers, sisters and friends being gunned down right infront of their eyes while they attempt to remove the pest that is the CLF from this land.
  5. MarcLR


    You didn't have to fight ;(
  6. Getting shot by @FredLR while he is attempting to shoot @Inferno while we were taking hostages.
  7. Am official LR now. I am definitly not going to miss being a recruit aka the groups punching bag.

    @Inferno @Maybelele @ZedLR @Duke @FredLR @Chewy (sry if i forgot someone) i'd like to tell you that you're all the NICEST-ish people i've met on this place 😉, but its always a pleasure playing with you lads, and thanks for welcoming my whitename ass into LR with such open arms.

    victorious damon wayans GIF by Lethal Weapon


    1. ChewyLR


      Careful you might get points for flame bro

      love you bb

    2. FredLR


      You're welcome buddy, just watch out for the tripwire-mined tortoises.

    3. ZedLR


      Wardog in training

      Bruce Willis Welcome To The Team GIF

  8. Aye it was a pleasure running into you fellas again. Sad that our reunion had to happen like that
  9. MarcLR

    RAC Inspection

    "We don't mind the weed, but this saw is not allowed"
  10. Ever heard about the Chechen wars? Or any of of the Russian wars in the Caucasus? .
  11. Just make a poll, see what the community actually wants to happen. Fucked loot economy but you can actually play, or a good loot economy where you sadly can't join the server without waiting for 40 minutes. I know which i'd prefer.
  12. Well ladies and gentlemen, i've been whitelisted on this for a couple of years but never actually got a proper character going, but recently i've found my self with alot of spare time on my hands so i thought why not. I've always been very interested in rp and always loved the idea of it in DayZ, just sadly never got that into it here, but with the wipe i thought it was the perfect chance to get my self stuck into it. My greatest RP achivement must've been when i for "fun" threw a grenade in Stary Sober which then lead to me being arrested by a cop and then i ended up having a trial and being claimed i was a mad man, and a threat to everyone else's safety, it all ended with me getting a bullet in the head before they could ever come to a decision. I was horrible at RP back then but my god did i have fun with it. I've also had quite a few run in's being taken hostage, seen a guy get his brains blown out infront of my eyes, got some robbers to put a dress on my friend, just the usual stuff you know Since then i've had a bit more experience in games such as GTA, so i hope that my skills have improved and will lead to some fun scenarious. Also if you didn't figure it out then my names Marc and i'm from Denmark! See you all soon i hope!
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