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  1. See ya in 8 months homies when i'm done with the army!

    x-men goodbye GIF


    1. ChewyLR


      You'll make a good fragger boy.

    2. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

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      Miss you already 😪

    3. Taffinator


      Good luck mate, see you on the flipside when I see you KO'd in game and steal ya Fumaas again...

    4. FaeLR


      Captain America Ok GIF

      Goodbye simpLR, enjoy! ❤️


    5. ScarlettLR


      Good luck, you will do well, see you when you get back

    6. Lettuce


      Stay safe! 😄 🌟

      han solo salute GIF

    7. CormacLR




  2. Hello my bois and girls. Hofer have given me permission to post my POV together with video evidence. My POV (This is as i remember it, i was exhausted when it happend so sorry for any mistakes) It all started after the event in Zelenogorsk, we heard that some people had been taken hostage up at GM. We get the boys together (Ocelari AJ-line and a couple of randoms) before we enter the compound, around 200 meters or so, the Ocelari had found a guy in the woods who they believed to be associated with Cerb, they had initiated on him and i then initiated on him. Me and @Bailey took him to a cabin as a hostage making sure he didn't try and go back to the fire fight, but after around 30mins or so (not entirely sure how long) we decide we handed him over to an Ocelari member after we learned that there were only 2 people left in the tower. (Worth noting he did infact come back later trying to JFK, he got 1 Ocelari and wounded another one before being killed by @AtrixLR) I then headed up to green mountain and entered the compound, joining in a bit on the shit talk that went backwards and forwards. After around 30 minutes after i arrived we heard that one of the people were surrendering (due to him being sick and was dying), we treated him and some roleplay which i did not partake in went down until the people in charge decided to use him and his life as a way to force Turk down. Turk completely ignored every part of this, he for somereason decided not to take part in the RP that we were trying to have with him, that just leads to show that even BEFORE we had executed his friend he was dead set on never surrendering, even though being heavily out numbered in a completely hopeless situation with no chance of surviving. As seen in the video we have somewhere around 15+ people around in the area. He decided to completely ignore it, and borderline go OOC in voice and say "Hello guys i'm back. What happend." This leaves a very poor taste in my mouth , he completely neglected the RP we were trying to have with him, just straight up ignoring it and then to go almost OOC in voice and say such a thing even though he was evidently there, as he stated in his POV that it took less than 2 minutes after we got him before we killed him. In reality it also took way longer than 2 minutes from his friend being taken captive, to being killed. As things went on i left the area and situation around 10-15 minutes before Turk was shot and killed, i then went back to GM after the situation had ended. Thanks for reading my POV. Sorry for any spelling mistakes i am exhausted right now.
  3. Well... We all know whats coming...
  4. o7 Was a great show boys and girls.
  5. I'm sorry Who are you? jk jk Welcome my fellow Dane!
  6. MarcLR


    This group can be summed up pretty easily. Nationalist RP Done Right. You guys are great to RP with and honestly i enjoy every bit i'm around you boys. Keep it up!
  7. MarcLR


    WELL OFCOURSE THEY'RE GOING TO ADD MY FAVORITE MAP WHEN I START MY NATIONAL SERVICE. Would love to see it though even though it's impossible for me to play for more than a couple of days a month. Personally i think it would be better if everyone had new characters, then it wouldn't just be the good old "HEY JIMMY, OH HEY BILLY." When you run past some guy. I'm sure the Loremasters would be able to make the Lore feel like something that isnt just Chernarous but on a different map.
  8. One of my friends, she drew this for me.


    1. Frozh


      Not gonna lie, this looking cool Mark

    2. ScarlettLR


      This looks fab, she did a great job. Wish I had this talent.

    3. MaybeleleLR


      This looks sick af. really good job

    4. G_DateLR


      Looks nuts bro. They done a great job

    5. JimRP


      @Brayces can do better

    6. JimRP


      (pretty good tho)

    7. ZedLR


      Looking good 

    8. Brayces


      Aww, this is wonderful though! Any art done for you by a friend has a special place in ya heart ❤️

  10. MarcLR


    Good to have a Nationalist group back. Can't wait to see you boys ingame!
  11. WELL, honestly today did not go down how i expected it to, but great RP from all the beautiful people! Thanks to: @Watchman You're hillarious to run around with and a great tattoo artist. @Duke Literally my roleplay mentor. @Maybelele You pushed me to do this roleplay, and absolutely worth it. @UniiLR Dude IC you've been such a frustration for my character, but it makes for great roleplay. @DingoLove you bro, always hillarious to be around . @nrmoser1992 An absolutely fundamental part to everything that happend, and you give excellent roleplay. Especially a big thanks to @Sammiii who ended being quite a big headache for my character ?. To Everyone else who was apart of this, you're all great and amazing fraggers/roleplayers
  12. image.png.ee952a39578bce9b51b4592d6e042fb8.png

    I've reached perfection. I'd like to thank my mum, and my dad for believing in me, and a big thanks to everyone else on the forums for the many beans. 

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      s reactions genius GIF

    2. MarcLR


      @Atrix you ruined it you fucker

    3. ScarlettLR


      aww getting a bit of a collection in beanz, here i will give you some more

    4. ScarlettLR



    5. MarcLR
  13. image.png.072cf54816d0a4552bb87f9b983085be.png
    Good to finally see that LR on your name, and to see that well deserved MVP.
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    1. EddieLR


      Thanks pal, a hell of a bunch of great friends! 

  14. Always a pleasure running into you mate. Shame that we probably wont see much of each other anytime soon, Hope im wrong though!.
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