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  1. Maxims mother was a Russian, his father a Chernarussian. His father had served as an officer in the Soviet Army. When the Soviet Union collaps he turned to drinking, the nation that he had served and loved for so many years gone, he taught Maxim the values of socialism and kept going on about how the Nationalist scum had ruined the nation and sold out the nations soul. When Maxim turned 18 he started a carrer in the CDF but when the civil war broke out he deserted and joined forces with the Chedaki. His unit conducted alot of warcrimes against nationalist POW's, slaughtering many showing no ca
  2. It's a great honour to serve in the Danish Royal Guard, even when its  snowing in april, but the sun always shines on a Royal Guard.


    1. Knight



  3. Was a good bit of fun playing for a couple of hours, have to admit i've missed running around on Chernarus. Was a pleasure meeting all the new people i met and while my bois here might be monkeys they certainly make every second spent here worth it.

    But as always, i must return to the army, until next time!

    american pie homies GIF




    1. Cub


      i missed you so much GIF

    2. ThatGuyJacob


      I didn't even see you now im sad 

    3. ZedLR


      sad vanessa hudgens GIF by NETFLIX



    Seeing all the boys ingame again. Slava Fishermen 



  5. See ya in 8 months homies when i'm done with the army!

    x-men goodbye GIF


    1. ChewyLR


      You'll make a good fragger boy.

    2. DingoLR


      Friendship Reaction GIF
      Miss you already 😪

    3. Taffinator


      Good luck mate, see you on the flipside when I see you KO'd in game and steal ya Fumaas again...

    4. FaeLR


      Captain America Ok GIF

      Goodbye simpLR, enjoy! ❤️


    5. ScarlettLR


      Good luck, you will do well, see you when you get back

    6. Lettuce


      Stay safe! 😄 🌟

      han solo salute GIF

    7. Idle




  6. Hello my bois and girls. Hofer have given me permission to post my POV together with video evidence. My POV (This is as i remember it, i was exhausted when it happend so sorry for any mistakes) It all started after the event in Zelenogorsk, we heard that some people had been taken hostage up at GM. We get the boys together (Ocelari AJ-line and a couple of randoms) before we enter the compound, around 200 meters or so, the Ocelari had found a guy in the woods who they believed to be associated with Cerb, they had initiated on him and i then initiated on him. Me and @Bailey took
  7. Well... We all know whats coming...
  8. o7 Was a great show boys and girls.
  9. I'm sorry Who are you? jk jk Welcome my fellow Dane!
  10. MarcLR


    This group can be summed up pretty easily. Nationalist RP Done Right. You guys are great to RP with and honestly i enjoy every bit i'm around you boys. Keep it up!
  11. WELL OFCOURSE THEY'RE GOING TO ADD MY FAVORITE MAP WHEN I START MY NATIONAL SERVICE. Would love to see it though even though it's impossible for me to play for more than a couple of days a month. Personally i think it would be better if everyone had new characters, then it wouldn't just be the good old "HEY JIMMY, OH HEY BILLY." When you run past some guy. I'm sure the Loremasters would be able to make the Lore feel like something that isnt just Chernarous but on a different map.
  12. One of my friends, she drew this for me.


    1. Frozh


      Not gonna lie, this looking cool Mark

    2. ScarlettLR


      This looks fab, she did a great job. Wish I had this talent.

    3. MaybeleleLR


      This looks sick af. really good job

    4. G_Date


      Looks nuts bro. They done a great job

    5. JimRP
    6. JimRP


      (pretty good tho)

    7. ZedLR


      Looking good 

    8. Brayces


      Aww, this is wonderful though! Any art done for you by a friend has a special place in ya heart ❤️

  14. MarcLR


    Good to have a Nationalist group back. Can't wait to see you boys ingame!
  15. WELL, honestly today did not go down how i expected it to, but great RP from all the beautiful people! Thanks to: @Watchman You're hillarious to run around with and a great tattoo artist. @Duke Literally my roleplay mentor. @Maybelele You pushed me to do this roleplay, and absolutely worth it. @UniiLR Dude IC you've been such a frustration for my character, but it makes for great roleplay. @DingoLove you bro, always hillarious to be around . @nrmoser1992 An absolutely fundamental part to everything that happend, and you give excellent roleplay.
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