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  1. Marc1234fem

    RAC Inspection

    "We don't mind the weed, but this saw is not allowed"
  2. Ever heard about the Chechen wars? Or any of of the Russian wars in the Caucasus? .
  3. Just make a poll, see what the community actually wants to happen. Fucked loot economy but you can actually play, or a good loot economy where you sadly can't join the server without waiting for 40 minutes. I know which i'd prefer.
  4. Well ladies and gentlemen, i've been whitelisted on this for a couple of years but never actually got a proper character going, but recently i've found my self with alot of spare time on my hands so i thought why not. I've always been very interested in rp and always loved the idea of it in DayZ, just sadly never got that into it here, but with the wipe i thought it was the perfect chance to get my self stuck into it. My greatest RP achivement must've been when i for "fun" threw a grenade in Stary Sober which then lead to me being arrested by a cop and then i ended up having a trial and being claimed i was a mad man, and a threat to everyone else's safety, it all ended with me getting a bullet in the head before they could ever come to a decision. I was horrible at RP back then but my god did i have fun with it. I've also had quite a few run in's being taken hostage, seen a guy get his brains blown out infront of my eyes, got some robbers to put a dress on my friend, just the usual stuff you know Since then i've had a bit more experience in games such as GTA, so i hope that my skills have improved and will lead to some fun scenarious. Also if you didn't figure it out then my names Marc and i'm from Denmark! See you all soon i hope!
  5. Marc had a rather uneventful childhood, being born in a working class family in Northern Jutland. He had always had a fascination with the armed forces and after completing his high school, he signed up for the Danish Royal Guard. Marc had just finished his basic training in the Royal Guard and had a week off so him and some of his squad mates had gone on a trip to Chernarus in order to celebrate. And then the 3rd wave hit. Unable to leave the country Marc now resides there and tries to find a way out of the country. The Current situation as of the 8th June 2020: I’ve joined up with a group of civilians, we’ve created a place which we call The Civilian Encampment Zone. I've managed to convince a beautiful girl named Sandie to come with me there. She is what gives me the little joy i have these days, she makes me laugh like no else. As she said “the best things happen, when you don’t expect them to” and i certainly didn’t expect meeting a girl like her, in a time like this. As the days go on, and the more people come through our camp, the more people who we try and help, the more people who try to harm us also come. And each time this happens, i see the group falling apart. I fear this camp might only be a temporary thing, and if the current state of affairs don’t get better in this country that i might have to find other people. But hopefully we’ll manage to survive, and fix the issues that our group currently have. If not i fear that the dead walking the earth, isnt the worst thing that is going to happen to us.
  6. Title says it all, it keeps me from even joining the discord it self? My discord id is: Mårc#6969 very original i know ;).
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