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  1. Had some of the best times in roleplay with the members in this group right here, best of luck in future endeavours.
  2. Wayne was always a bit screwed up in the head, he dropped out of school when he was sixteen to pursue plumbing. By the age of 20 he already had about three kids with one more on the way, all for which he refused to pay child support for until his girlfriend did a DNA test. There were only two things Wayne loved in life, partying and a few good fucking VB longnecks. The man was always a bit of a loudmouth, never afraid to speak his mind. The reason why he was in Chernarus when the infection hit was because he was scammed by an overseas real estate agent who conned him through some emails that he would be able to make money through Chernorussian real estate, believing this to be true. Wayne flew in to meet the agent, but as the plane touched down, the country was just in the beginning of crisis.
  3. Ling Wong POV: Was in Severograd, was told to take the hostages to the location where they dropped their things so they could get them back and leave town, as soon as I exited the front doors and went on to the street with the hostages I was killed. I assume the random 'hero' that started shooting me didn't know they were going to be let go anyway hence why I died.
  4. Before the outbreak, Artyom was a man that could best be described as the life of the party, he was always willing to have a laugh, with the occasional drink to boot. When it came to his work life, he was employed and already pursuing a career in dentistry. The man was a workaholic, ensuring his dental surgeries and operations were carried out with the utmost care. Though fronting a happy and cheerful exterior to his friends, his life in the household was not so much like that. Home was stressful, he’d married young and had regretted it. Arguments with his wife weren’t uncommon, mainly relating to how busy he always was with work and friends. She was frustrated at his refusal to acknowledge the problem, she hated how he always tried to smile through it all the time, pretending as if everything was okay. He was in denial that she was going to leave him, in denial that his children hated his guts. After a very bad argument, Artyom came to work that morning, stale in the face. He was working on a client, cleaning his teeth in the chair. Out of nowhere, he grabbed the pliers from his belt and began to forcefully yank out a tooth from his client’s mouth, realising that he liked hearing him scream. It was the same sound he wanted to hear from his wife when she found out he’d be the first one to file for divorce instead of her. The random act of violence landed the man jail time. However, before he was to be transferred, the outbreak hit. Artyom escaped custody, traversing into the woods, it was there where he officially broke. The loneliness is beginning to get to him, he longed to get back to work. He decided that if he couldn’t be a dentist anymore, he would just have to make do with what he had. And so, he made it his life’s work to operate on and collect teeth, from both the living and the dead. Believing that something in the saliva and tooth canals held the key to what this virus was.
  5. Taken from us too soon. Too soon...
  6. Something needs to be created to balance this base stuff out, because as it stands with the newest trap edition it's just made it even more impossible to do anything remotely useful to combat a massive fortress that people will just camp instead of moving around the map to rp.
  7. It was fine the way it was before, my experiences with it are that it sounds all fine and dandy in theory, but in practise it's an annoying nightmare. No.
  8. Leave it as an optional thing like it already is, it's a rule that brings more OOC problems than it intends to fix and is unenforceable on people. -1
  9. LifeLight


    *An excited sounding thick asian voice comes through the radio, holding down the PTT and speaking in broken english.* “Thamos Whirson. My nae is Ling, I very happy to hear new construction peepo alive. I habe been looking to set ahp self running food business. If you can hep me buirld small food stall, I can gie you comprimentary fresh chicken and other rewards, yes? Prease let me know if intrest.” *He would release the PTT.*
  10. *Laughter and banter from the boys could be heard at the campfire outside. Meanwhile, Ling is hard at work in the back room. Blood smeared on his apron, he is busy skinning and quartering a dog he had recently captured and killed with his butchers knife. He picks up the radio from the table, pressing down the PTT as he spoke into it, a very heavy Chinese accent could be heard.* “Mudufuk-” *static as he fumbles around with the device* “Herro? Dis ting woking? I want to reach out to de rady I talk to a few day ago. De peepo setting up Nightcrub. Luca was wahmen I sigh contrak wit. Prease contak me asap to arrange meeting time to discuss de setup of Chickun Shop nek to your business. I berieve dis can be good ting for both of us in rong run.” *He would release the PTT*
  11. As soon as night time hit today I logged off, still annoying and I can't see jack shit. Used to work fine.
  12. Ling Wong was considered a rather quirky, odd, yet bright man by his family. His pride and joy was the Chinese restaurant he personally owned and funded in New York. Formally naming it 'Wing Ling'; after himself. He considered himself to be in a lucky position in this country at the age of 47. It was considered to be some of the best Chinese food in the area. Ling prided himself in making the best BBQ chicken wings and cuisines that would appeal to the American tongue. He knew how to run his business well, rather too well for some. Staff in his restaurant often complained to each other about long working hours and poor corporate culture/treatment that they received by Mr. Wong. Having to satisfy many hungry customers in rush hour often left Mr Wong rather stressed in the kitchen, often resorting to foul language and screaming at his staff in Chinese to hurry up and get the orders out in time. Food brought in what he cared about the most… money, which was what he needed to support himself and his wife. Unfortunately for Mr Wong, the department of health closed down his restaurant in 2016. It was revealed that he practised irregular and unsanitary methods of food production. The meats upon testing were found to be rotten, and even worse… dog meat was found to be among the meats he was using to cook and serve his customers. Records showed that Mr Wong went to the pound every week and adopted dogs in need of a home. He would then butcher these dogs in his backyard and use them for meat in his restaurant, and tasted better in his opinion. It was cheaper than buying meat from the supermarket. After this scandal was brought to the attention on the news, his restaurant was closed down and his name was officially tarnished among the community. With no income, trying to survive in the USA with such a naturally high living cost proved difficult, it was then that Mr. Wong began to consider moving somewhere much cheaper… somewhere where he could restart his brand and business name again. And so, with the last bit of money he could scrape up, he invested in a foreign country… hoping to make a fresh start. Upon arrival, Mr Wong had barely set up his business when the outbreak begun.
  13. Crazy Australians pulling out Axes, what can I say?
  14. POV: Me, Shepherd, Mickey and Peter from the District went to the Factory with The Saviors to discuss the property dispute we were having with Cipher. Cipher showed up to also discuss it and was then initiated on and taken hostage by the Saviors. After Cipher's people rushed the factory I was killed, do not recall shooting anyone in the head.
  15. Archie slides his back down the wall into a sitting position, having escaped and taken up refuge in a small apartment away from the now ceased gunfire. The injured man recognises a few of the voices over the radio, raising his still shaking hand, he tosses away the blood soaked Boonie hat and slowly lifts the radio to his mouth. "All over... a damn sidewalk, huh?" A faint and pained chuckling can be heard as he releases the PTT.
  16. As a returning player it's really cool to see such a well organised group. Thanks for having me tag along with you guys today. Had a blast!
  17. Hey! Really enjoyed the rp today, you guys had me VERY fooled for a while there XD As a returning player from 2016, it was good to get back into the swing of things and get some nice conflict going.
  18. Whatever group I ran into at Lopatino, had a great time with the half hostile half friendly rp ; ) PS: Don't know what happened to make me sound like a Demon but I heard it wig out too and was trying so hard not to laugh my ass off.
  19. Sporting a career as a Real Estate Agent, Archie was good... perhaps too good, at telling people what they wanted to hear. Anything to make a sale, he supposed. If he wasn't going to pursue a career in something he perceived to be more realistic, his parents always told him he would've made a great actor instead. Archie's personality was always described as vibrant and humorous, always managing to make those around his crack a smile. However, as much as he loved his job, financial gain in regards to selling real estate just simply was't enough for him. The cost of living in Australia was going up, and wages seemed to be going down. This is where the man began to look towards property development, which involved buying houses cheap and fixing them up, and then selling them for double or triples times the original price. After analysing the global market, Archie made his move towards investing in South Zagorian plots of land, realising that this investment could yield potential long term successful financial gain. However, he knew well enough not to make the purchase before seeing the land with his own eyes. And with that, he decided to fly over, not realising that he was on one of the last planes to fly into the country. Archie Deckard can be described as a confronting and aggressive individual with a soft heart inside and an innocent aura about him. At times he can be very indecisive, often shifting between facades of friendship and aggression towards people he meets when it suits him, he will remain extremely loyal for those he trusts and those that can benefit his survival, he can also be extremely deceptive and convincing in lying to ever get himself out of tense situations, he will say anything to please anyone if he sees he is at a disadvantage. He can best be identified with his very thick Australian accent which can make him sound very condescending at times. After showing compassion and trust to the wrong person, it backfired hard on the young man. Which left his face mildly disfigured and two of his fingers removed. With a renewed sense of purpose, Archie now aims to avoid making those same mistakes.
  20. Thats fine, hopefully this gets sorted out, its just frustrating to know that I'm being honest and have also never duped or even know how to yet I still somehow get a report like this, its just very confronting and out of nowhere to me. I didn't know having bullets arranged a certain way in the backpack could draw suspicion of duping, If thats how people somehow do it this is all but new to me. I'd also like to point out that all I had was a magnum at the time of the robbery and not anything that needed 9mm. I'm pretty sure that if someone wants to dupe ammo they would do it when they have a gun that would go with the ammo straight away so they could use the duped ammo immediately This was not the case here. Its just an honest misunderstanding because of a glitched gun that would not accept ammo unless I splitted it, which resulted in it getting thrown out and the splited ammo being left as it was in my bag.
  21. Raviel Anders POV - The bag that you found the split ammunition in was mine, the reasoning behind the three stacks of one 9mm were because before we headed up to Novy I was having problems loading a seemingly glitched Red 9 that just wouldn't take the ammo unless I kept splitting it, eventually I figured it was not worth the effort and disposed of the Red 9, I simply left the ammo as it was in my bag and forgot to repack/group it together, thats why it looked like that when you opened it. (PS: I thought the OOC in text chat talk about frequencies was because you recognised me from briefly running with you before when you were in the Free peoples but now I realise it was probably about the duping, If I realised it was about that I would of hopped on TS at the time to clear the misunderstanding up.)
  22. The air was muggy as the crisp crackling of the fireplace echoed through the room. Rav raised the radio to his mouth after getting the 'Ok' from David to do so. It was finally time to announce themselves, what felt like eons of watching these groups and working from the sidelines finally coming to an end, It was finally time to speak. *Rav presses down the PTT and begins to speak* "Hello to all who might be listening, we're the Nomads... now some of you may recognise that name from previous run ins with us..others may not. The point is that we've finally decided to break our silence on the issues regarding this godforsaken place we all know as Chernarus. Moving around for all this time we watched and stayed out of sight, observing the parallels of trust between all of you people, we've heard some twist their words, others beg for hope that never came. Some of you put your faith in God, others in guns, some of you turned into psychotics, others to cannibals." There is a brief pause before he speaks again "We've seen all this.. so we go from town to town.. and we clear them from the infected, now the service we offer is completely free... though there is a toll for those people in the towns we clear.. just a little bit of food or some.. information, y'know.. to help us keep doing what we're doing.. the point is we're open to working with others who may need places cleared for them. We're also open to working with those who's interests allign with ours, so those who have met us.. or those who haven't and need the services..contact us here if you have anything useful for us" *He releases the PTT*
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