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  1. Taken from us too soon. Too soon...
  2. LifeLight

    Reintroduce Ladders

    Something needs to be created to balance this base stuff out, because as it stands with the newest trap edition it's just made it even more impossible to do anything remotely useful to combat a massive fortress that people will just camp instead of moving around the map to rp.
  3. LifeLight

    Metagaming changes 3 week poll

    It was fine the way it was before, my experiences with it are that it sounds all fine and dandy in theory, but in practise it's an annoying nightmare. No.
  4. LifeLight

    Metagaming changes

    Leave it as an optional thing like it already is, it's a rule that brings more OOC problems than it intends to fix and is unenforceable on people. -1
  5. LifeLight

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Awww yesssss
  6. LifeLight

    Awimba's end

    RIP my friend.
  7. *An excited sounding thick asian voice comes through the radio, holding down the PTT and speaking in broken english.* “Thamos Whirson. My nae is Ling, I very happy to hear new construction peepo alive. I habe been looking to set ahp self running food business. If you can hep me buirld small food stall, I can gie you comprimentary fresh chicken and other rewards, yes? Prease let me know if intrest.” *He would release the PTT.*
  8. *Laughter and banter from the boys could be heard at the campfire outside. Meanwhile, Ling is hard at work in the back room. Blood smeared on his apron, he is busy skinning and quartering a dog he had recently captured and killed with his butchers knife. He picks up the radio from the table, pressing down the PTT as he spoke into it, a very heavy Chinese accent could be heard.* “Mudufuk-” *static as he fumbles around with the device* “Herro? Dis ting woking? I want to reach out to de rady I talk to a few day ago. De peepo setting up Nightcrub. Luca was wahmen I sigh contrak wit. Prease contak me asap to arrange meeting time to discuss de setup of Chickun Shop nek to your business. I berieve dis can be good ting for both of us in rong run.” *He would release the PTT*
  9. As soon as night time hit today I logged off, still annoying and I can't see jack shit. Used to work fine.
  10. Ling Wong was considered a rather quirky, odd, yet bright man by his family. His pride and joy was the Chinese restaurant he personally owned and funded in New York. Formally naming it 'Wing Ling'; after himself. He considered himself to be in a lucky position in this country at the age of 47. It was considered to be some of the best Chinese food in the area. Ling prided himself in making the best BBQ chicken wings and cuisines that would appeal to the American tongue. He knew how to run his business well, rather too well for some. Staff in his restaurant often complained to each other about long working hours and poor corporate culture/treatment that they received by Mr. Wong. Having to satisfy many hungry customers in rush hour often left Mr Wong rather stressed in the kitchen, often resorting to foul language and screaming at his staff in Chinese to hurry up and get the orders out in time. Food brought in what he cared about the most… money, which was what he needed to support himself and his wife. Unfortunately for Mr Wong, the department of health closed down his restaurant in 2016. It was revealed that he practised irregular and unsanitary methods of food production. The meats upon testing were found to be rotten, and even worse… dog meat was found to be among the meats he was using to cook and serve his customers. Records showed that Mr Wong went to the pound every week and adopted dogs in need of a home. He would then butcher these dogs in his backyard and use them for meat in his restaurant, and tasted better in his opinion. It was cheaper than buying meat from the supermarket. After this scandal was brought to the attention on the news, his restaurant was closed down and his name was officially tarnished among the community. With no income, trying to survive in the USA with such a naturally high living cost proved difficult, it was then that Mr. Wong began to consider moving somewhere much cheaper… somewhere where he could restart his brand and business name again. And so, with the last bit of money he could scrape up, he invested in a foreign country… hoping to make a fresh start. Upon arrival, Mr Wong had barely set up his business when the outbreak begun.
  11. Crazy Australians pulling out Axes, what can I say?
  12. POV: Me, Shepherd, Mickey and Peter from the District went to the Factory with The Saviors to discuss the property dispute we were having with Cipher. Cipher showed up to also discuss it and was then initiated on and taken hostage by the Saviors. After Cipher's people rushed the factory I was killed, do not recall shooting anyone in the head.
  13. LifeLight

    Sorry [87.8Hz]

    Archie slides his back down the wall into a sitting position, having escaped and taken up refuge in a small apartment away from the now ceased gunfire. The injured man recognises a few of the voices over the radio, raising his still shaking hand, he tosses away the blood soaked Boonie hat and slowly lifts the radio to his mouth. "All over... a damn sidewalk, huh?" A faint and pained chuckling can be heard as he releases the PTT.
  14. LifeLight

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    As a returning player it's really cool to see such a well organised group. Thanks for having me tag along with you guys today. Had a blast!
  15. Hey! Really enjoyed the rp today, you guys had me VERY fooled for a while there XD As a returning player from 2016, it was good to get back into the swing of things and get some nice conflict going.
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