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  1. Thanks to all but I have to say it is good work of all the members as the level of quality of the RP on this server is the highest I've ever seen. I love it and when I explain my friends where I play I tell them that is like practising theatre without script. 

    When the Massacre happened I was coming from a long period of playing in other RP servers (which are basically NO-KOS with some good RP players but mostly Banditry with NO-KOS) and also from playing in Public servers trying to RP the most I could {you can that see in the video attached.}
    Because of the former reasons my trigger was more happy than the average of the RP players , reason why I was verbally warned.

    I know that the creators of DayzRP do not like specially the publicity as they said in one of the streams they did years ago. But they do not have to worry with me as my channel is pretty small and i barely reach the 500 views per video so I do not think this is going to attract masses of trigger happy people.

    Anyway thanks to all and I insist, you all do an amazing job by RPing like aunthentic actors.


  2. 13 hours ago, Phoenix said:

    This should be in questions

    No, if this was a DDOS attack, servers would be down. It's probably a problem on your end.
    You could've just gone into the helpdesk and asked there to be honest instead of making a thread.

    Sorry, I'm still getting familiar with the forum structure. 


  3. 51 minutes ago, Undead said:

    Remember the rules are in place not only to be realistic but to provide more rp. Can't rp when one guy decides to spray into 6. Whether or not in reality your special forces character could headshot everyone before they killed you, in dayz you wont. The rule is in place to protect rp. (At least as far as I know)

    Ok, they were 4, the simple fact of mentioning 6 and headshots is pure exageration to ridiculize my argument.
    2 of them were  100% incapacitated, another one was Bandiging one of the incapacitated and the other had to pick up the gun he left in the floor and shoot me, reason why I have time to kill 3 men in diferent locations before one of them shoots me. If this circunstances are not enaugh to consider my action as Not punishable, that I dont even have 1% of reason in my arguments...seriously, I will think the motivation of your speches is not friendly with me or my question, bat based entirely on blinded loyalty.

    Second. The rules are subject to human interpretation, and that's actually the matter of the whole point that insted of receiving discussion based on the CIRCUNSTANCES that is the most subjective, complex and difficult matter and reason why I think this jugdments and other similar are wrong.

    And the next answer, of course, will keep ridiculazing all described by adding more targets to the ecuation and more rambo stuff. 

    Please close this dialogue cause I fell 0 understood for anyone and I don't think there was any friendly aproach to the matter.


    Thanks guys, enjoy the new lore.

    Don't worry about my doings, I've refused to use guns, and I think It will take me too long to use any. The machete is my new best friend.

  4. 15 minutes ago, FiftyFootAnt said:

    It's not. Shit like that's actually happened IG (was more like 10 guys, IIRC) with the accused trying to claim his character was "mentally unstable/crazy". Reductio ad absurdum only applies if the example is improbable hyperbole.

    That said, I've fought back against incompetent hostage takers and won before, so it's obviously possible. The question is, as always, whether there was a reasonable chance of success, and since AFAIK it's really hard for someone who wasn't there and doesn't know the exact PvP capabilities of the involved parties to accurately judge that, staff relies on the best metric of "did the accused survive the encounter and prevail".

    It is a reductio ad absurdun not because someone somewhere is doing it but because it elongates my reasoning to an absurd point which is far of the circunstances described.


    Anyway, I dont think I behave urespectfully and I,ve found a wall of blind loyalty to admins veredict. A veredict i think was done influenced in thr whole situation not in my single action. And all this in a matter that is, worse case scenario doubatable, not water clear punishable. Ive explaind how fear for death drives persons to freeze, run or fight.


    Anyway thaks for the coments :( have a good night/morning/whatever


  5. 1 minute ago, Saradomin said:

    As for the first two questions, no matter what type of character you play, how it thinks and what type of background it has, you still have to follow the rules. No matter if you play as a crazy suicidal person, or a little kid, you still have to follow the rules. Lets say you would play as a crazy suicidal person, even though the background may suggest he would try to take on 20+ people due to his nature, the rule does not allow it, and so he could not do it. Same goes for human psychology. Even if you in some situations think that this is what I would do or any one would do, the rules still restricts what you can and can not do. 


    From this, I can partially agree. Yes, there have been times where people fought against their captors and one, but oh so many more where they lost. To this, all I can answer is that it has to be looked on from a case by case basis.

    Thanks for the asnwer, I disagree but at least is an answer more close to the matter.

    If you want to know why I disagree is because the comparison with a suicide who takes 20  lifes is a "Reductio ad absurdun" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reductio_ad_absurdum

    Anyway. Thanks guys! 

  6. 1 minute ago, Saradomin said:

    My answer was more pointed to  Which is the limit of people you can fight to not be punished/warned and....do the situations matter?  this question.


    As for this situation, I agree with the verdict of the report. In the end, you did die, and therefor it shows that you could have valued your life more imo.

    Well, I still thinking is a quite narrow answer, as with this reasoning any hostile action should be forbidden for fear-for-dead.

    I did reasons based on:

    - Character,s background.

    - Human psicology.

    - The specific state of the hostage takers in the moment of action.

    Still no asnwer for any to clarify which part of my reasoning is wrong.

    The 4 hostage takers in sight did died as well.


  7. 10 minutes ago, Saradomin said:

    As oliv said, I agree that there is no certain number of people you can go against. It all comes down to the situation. 

    You might have five hostage takers, however if they leave you with an AK when all they have is their fists, there is one situation, whilest if you have no weapon and they do, its another.

    As the rule states, you can not act in any way that indicates that you do not value your life, and since all situations are different, from numbers to weapons to area and so on, I think you have to just judge it on a case by case basis.

    If is evaluated according to the circunstances, I think the circuntances I described are quite consistent and realistic. And your answer does not respond any of the 6 reasons I've explained. And there was 4 hostage takers...the 5th guy was a sniper out of the action.

    But is ok, I dont see any wills to aswer and guide me for future actions so you can close the Question to not generate any more lose of time. 

    I just wat to say that I didnt want to create a discussion based on defending admins decisions or not, but based on concepts so I dont feel fear-for-punishment as I've been feeling in the last actions in which I pressed F2 and become a dolly.

    Thanks anyway and seriously, no ofence, I know you work hard, and your results are the best RP community.

  8. Question is as follows:

    In the Lopatino Church massacre I've been verbally warned for No fear for dead because I fought against 4 hostage takers.

    But...the situation is not that simple:

    I carefully selected the moment for action really wanted to free us and live, so I chose the moment according with the following:
    - Hostage "side" outnumber considerably Hostage "takers" side.
    - 2 Hostage takers are bandiging, 1 is double carrying and manuviring with the main weapon on the floor, the 3rd one is dazed and recovering from unconciousness.

    - My character is a Veteran ex-special forces guy, not rambo, but definatelly the kind of person that take action when have a chance in Terrorist attacks and robberies. If you don't believe it check youtube, there is thousands of examples.
    - The hostage takers are quite angry and desperate as from the very begining they took a huge group of armed hostages with a guillie guy with a revolver (the guy itself ask for help to their mates severall times).  This makes the character to think the situation is quite fucked. I know according the rules they can't execute, BUT, in my opinion this should not be used as a reason to punished the ones that fear for life. Actually, because of rp reasons noone should not fear at all in a hostile action, as you never know the intentions, but I've seen many many people reacting with security as pressing F2 is a 100% that the're going to live. I understand the reasons in which the rules ban the executions but not the RP reasons. This, paradogically would be no-fear-for-dead.

    - In psycology, there are 3 natural reactions to hostile situations: 
    1) Freeze and hide (if you have a place to hide)

    2) Run Away (if you have scape)
    3) Fight (if you don't have a place to hide, a way to scape and you fear for your life)

    If you read the situation you can see clearly I have no place to hide, no way to run and a very angry injured enemy...

    At the end an considering I reacted with no fear for dead, I end up killing 3/4 hostage takers and the 4th is killed by another hostage. 

    What do you think guys? Which is the limit of people you can fight to not be punished/warned and....do the situations matter? Cause I've observed many people think that say "hands up" is a secure against reactions and...It shoudnt...it should be a very delicated operation, planned and executed realistically (not 1 guy with a revolver against 12 people)


  9. I think to avoid the hostage carrying the backpack is going too far with restrictions...it is a limitation extensive to reality not a glichy bug or anithig. Moreover, it is safer than throwing things to the ground regarding gear conservation and, the hostage still having more reaction time than with risen hands.

    Buttt, it is admin decision so...respect.

  10. Just now, RogueSolace said:

    Its part of the lyrics to 'Hurt', the song we were singing :)

    Someone give some Beanz to this voice from heaven...The title, the first sentance and the last are all from the song...very appropiate I have to say...and more appropiate is that in my previous episode we sang two words of "ring of fire" by Johnny Cash: min 11 onwards. All this did happend before your performance, last beautiful voice many inocents listened before their last breath.

    PS- Answering to that guy who asked me about the software: Photoshop, is the first time I do comic style but pretty sure you can better do it with ilustrator and/or a web site to apply filters to your pics...


  11. Question: Do someone know why the last sentence of the comic is what it is? "I am still rigth here..."

    4 minutes ago, RogueSolace said:

    I played Elizabeth, the girl who was singing. Then went to bed before this happened ?

    I would need a medic to keep with my series, if you dont mind we can do a small scene in which you explain me wtf did happend and basically how you saved my life...I wont remember much out of the 7,62 trauma on my brain but...

  12. Thanks  to all, specially to Lord Commander Aristocrat for his warm and chilled party...dramatically interrupted by tons of blood... if this is not the definition of "CONTRAST", then I don't know what is...

     What a beautifull time when the rule of the world was fought by the British standars and the Spanish passion...in the middle of the ocean instead of inside a parrish...not like today in which a NeoNorthKoreanChernorussianGuillie gang insults both  standars and passion itself...(no offence haha, I still thinking the rp of the bandits was brilliant...and still don't know who General Chow is...)

    It will be very nice if you say which of the characters played in the comic are you guys!

  13. 20 hours ago, Brayces said:

    Someone around me, while during the chaos, pulls their weapon I assume because I legit am looking forward and not to my side and not focusing (but you can see it in the vid, he sure does pull his weapon out and starts shooting) and I'm used as a meat shield. People by the door, PAU or someone behind me must have crap aim because they shot me instead of who they were aiming at. I'm the first hostage to die (besides Laggy bro earlier) while compliant and with my hands up.

    My apologyes lady for the inconvenience, but in the Hit log we can see I not only never hit you, I never hit a non-hostile. when I said that I planned the moved a proceed fast but accuratelly is true and it will be shown in my story-video. And I want to clarify that in no moment I use you as a human shield. I have to say that the desync was a bit high due to th fact the things I've seen in videos are slightly different that on my screen. On my screen the marksman that killed you "Adrian Turov" shows bandaging, and that's why I now whipe him straigh away because I priorized the guy on my back, but surprisally he manage to cancell the operation, pull out a gun a shot you 10 times, that with the spread we can say He left the magazine empty.

    I have to accept that I feel a bit bad of the incident...I think I shouldnt take action, but 50% of the killing was done after my death, which really surprised me cause on my action 3 Hostiles died and only 1 hostage. What I mean by that is that Despite the fact the result almost liberate us all I feel bad because the conditions in which my action was possible were achieved by anti-rol procedures...in my opinion...But by the time I dind't know, plus I had a graphic bug in which if you aim to the west I would see a grey texture line crossing my screen...so when the first indoors shooting happend I though the killing was either done by someone else and moreover by friendly fire, as in the video you an see one of the bandits spreading bullets and lots of dying people in exacly the same direction.

    We are talking a lot about ricochet, but lets be honest, on the hitlog + vids there's no ricochet casualities, only people aiming with care (ironically the only one that killed someone that was not supose to kill was Adrian Turov, apart from the "lagging agent of chaos". And unfortunatelly you were the victim.

    I've thought a lot about the action and felt a bit bad out of the reactions, and I came to the conclusion that there was only one incident which was clearly unfair: The lagging guy. But the rest behave acording to their rol, with all the good and all the bad. For example: The bandits did a nice RP entrance of the church (I'm sying that because I was not on that truck or outside the church...I think those people got whiped quite easily). But in the Hostage situation a lot of mistakes where done to ensure the situation: 

    1) Instead of driving people to the wall, they drive us to the centre, forming a circle of death.
    2) Instead of restraining and desarming inmediatelly everyone, they started the lore RP with twice as many peple as they were (only a guillie guy with a revolver took 12 prisoners...I was about to fight and protect the door, but after seeing everyone putting their hands up i decided to do so.
    3) DayZ dev team also contribute to the mistakes due to extreme desync software problems.

    Despite all mention, there is always a risk when taking violence...and being honest I think the situation flowed quite realistically and the prove is that it lasted like 40 min...on "simple non-kos server" the situation problably would had been solved in 2 minutes.

    I'm sorry for contributing to a bad experience for you, but the event was anyway epic and It will be reminded and people will make songs about it.


    00:43:23 | "Fran Miller SHOT Pyotr Dukov by M4A1 into LeftLeg."
    00:43:23 | "Fran Miller SHOT Pyotr Dukov by M4A1 into LeftLeg."
    00:43:23 | "Fran Miller SHOT Pyotr Dukov by M4A1 into LeftLeg."
    00:43:23 | "Fran Miller SHOT Pyotr Dukov by M4A1 into LeftLeg."
    00:43:23 | "Fran Miller SHOT Pyotr Dukov by M4A1 into LeftLeg."
    00:43:23 | "Fran Miller SHOT Pyotr Dukov by M4A1 into head."

    00:43:24 | "Fran Miller SHOT John Krasinski by M4A1 into LeftArm."
    00:43:24 | "Fran Miller SHOT John Krasinski by M4A1 into LeftArm."
    00:43:24 | "Fran Miller SHOT John Krasinski by M4A1 into Chest."

    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into pelvis."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into pelvis."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into pelvis."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into pelvis."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into pelvis."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into rightarm."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into rightarm."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into rightarm."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into rightarm."
    00:43:26 | "Adrian Turov SHOT Dolores Haze by M4A1 into rightarm."

    00:43:27 | "Fran Miller SHOT Adrian Turov by M4A1 into RightLeg."
    00:43:27 | "Fran Miller SHOT Adrian Turov by M4A1 into RightLeg."
    00:43:27 | "Fran Miller SHOT Adrian Turov by M4A1 into RightLeg."
    00:43:27 | "Fran Miller SHOT Adrian Turov by M4A1 into RightLeg."
    00:43:27 | "Fran Miller SHOT Adrian Turov by M4A1 into Chest."
    00:43:27 | "Fran Miller SHOT Adrian Turov by M4A1 into Chest."
    00:43:27 | "Fran Miller SHOT Adrian Turov by M4A1 into Chest."

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