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Status Updates posted by Capitan_Miller

  1. Capitan_Miller

    • Capitan_Miller
    • Sleepyhead

    Loved the song...which song is it? have a good night

    1. Sleepyhead


      The song on my profile is After the Storm by Mumford & Sons ♥

  2. Lopatino's Church massacre episode...with subtitles in english...activate them in youtube and enjoy :)@Aristocrat @Brayces and many many more

    1. Brayces


      AWW that was so good! <3 Long Live the Spanish Stallion!

    2. Capitan_Miller


      haha thanks Braycess

  3. Artstation DayZ art


    1. ScarlettLR


      that's really good love the colours

  4. Capitan_Miller

    • Capitan_Miller
    • JoffreyRP

    Love the music on your channel...epic...

  5. Capitan_Miller

    • Capitan_Miller
    • Sarilla

    Do you fancy see yourself roleplaying? :) Unfortunatelly the narration is in spanish but...I'll pop some eng subs soon.

    1. Sarilla


      Thx for the Nice Rp :)

  6. I've recently uploaded my last adventure meeting Mr Shark, Liuna, Joni, Samantha and two kids who tryed to robb me...RIP

    Unfortunatelly the narration of the vid is in spanish, but I think is still representative of the soul I'm trying to transmit...Problably soon I'll writhe some English Subs.

    It seems than Johnny Cash is trendy atm, and every episode people give me a good reason to name it as one of his songs...


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