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  1. Loved the song...which song is it? have a good night

    1. Sleepyhead


      The song on my profile is After the Storm by Mumford & Sons ♥

  2. Thanks to all but I have to say it is good work of all the members as the level of quality of the RP on this server is the highest I've ever seen. I love it and when I explain my friends where I play I tell them that is like practising theatre without script. When the Massacre happened I was coming from a long period of playing in other RP servers (which are basically NO-KOS with some good RP players but mostly Banditry with NO-KOS) and also from playing in Public servers trying to RP the most I could {you can that see in the video attached.} Because of the former reasons my trigger was more happy than the average of the RP players , reason why I was verbally warned. I know that the creators of DayzRP do not like specially the publicity as they said in one of the streams they did years ago. But they do not have to worry with me as my channel is pretty small and i barely reach the 500 views per video so I do not think this is going to attract masses of trigger happy people. Anyway thanks to all and I insist, you all do an amazing job by RPing like aunthentic actors.
  3. Dude! Your comic strip of the Lopatino Massacre is in the newest status report!

    1. Capitan_Miller


      I know! Incredible isnt it?

  4. Sorry, I'm still getting familiar with the forum structure. Thanks
  5. Hi, are we suffering any hackers attack or something? The night of Sunday 31st of July has been a bit buggy and laggy and falling...I don't know if thats due to my connection or caused by someone. Thanks!
  6. The story of Ulises Miller Childhood: Ulises borned in a small town of the spanish pyrenees, a mountain natural limit between France and Spain. A place as beautiful as rought...cold, snowy and windy in the winter and very hot in the summer. The last of 3 brothers, his father was a british Doctor and his mother was a teacher. He had an older brother and a sister. Ulises grew up in the perfect environment for a kid: in open nature, with a lot of freedom and a whole Valley in his hand...reason why he was always showing scratches. Always in company of 2 big “Mastines” (enormous spanish dogs meant to be to protect the livestock from wolves and bears) always keeping the kids on sight, like the perfect nanny. Ulises father and mother were a bit hippie and had no TV at home, they thought the TV was toxic for people's mind. So in the long winter nights of the Valley, they use to read stories, play table games, play music and draw, sometimes they even performed small pieces of classic and victorian theatre, homero, shakespeare and other famous poets and writers, as Ulises mother studied english literature and was a culture lover. The Millers grew up with an intense physical and artistic stimulus but a lack of socialization with the outer world, as the village they lived on was only populated by few retired couples, a bit far from the town of “Benasque” the main town of the valley. Due to this relative familial and intellectual isolation the older brother was heavily bullied by the town boys. As a result Ulises was really aware of the dark side of human nature, developing a strong sense of justice and a bit of a heroic romantic mindset, making his first name an accomplished prophecy. Younghood : At the age of 16, Ulises was a confident, extrovert and full of energy young boy, he loved to socialize and practice sports so it became a popular boy in his generation. Regarding girls he was wanted by many but he had a teenage relationship with Julia, the daughter of a police officer. Ulises and his crew had a dual life of strong alcohol consumption and outdoors sports, this group could easily drink till very dangerous points or go to the mountains for days. Julia’s father never really liked Ulises as in spain hippies are very bad considered by the conservative mindset and between Julia’s and Ulises father it was a politically correct relationship but full of tension. Julias father sent Julia to Madrid, the capital of spain to study medicine. By then Ulises was working as a worker contractor. Julia decided to broke up after 2 years of teenage ideal relationship and that was a turning point for Ulises. Ulises started to experience a lot of toxic feelings, he was deeply angry and disappointed, and used to a childhood full of extreme stimulus the life in the Valley quickly became insufficient for him. He had a big fight with the Valley bad boys and he end up being arrested by Julia’s father. That night Ulises decided he will leave the Valley…. He wanted more, he wanted adventures, challenges and he decided to joined the spanish army paratroopers creating a big division in the family. Miller’s mother and father were deeply against that and little by little the small comfort zone became less and less comfortable. At the moment of departure, Ulises father didn't even show up to say goodbye to his son. Ulises left the Valley to start his instruction period with his best friend Miguel who also joined the paratroopers. 1,5 years later, Ulises and Miguel were called for duty. The whole Miller family showed up and disolve in a deep and beautiful common hug. Lots of beautiful words were said that day...Ulises felt untouchable but in that common family hug he started to become aware his own weakness...this could be the last time he sees his family. Takistan the fire baptism of a military talent: Ulises was part of the 2nd spanish paratroopers regiment. The mission consisted in securing a Valley and protect the dusty paths that linked few disperse takistany villages. Ulises quickly became indispensable due to his fluency in english, he was the link with the british force and other allies. Ulises was promoted a couple of times thanks to his precision communicating with the american and the british air force. Due to this and due to the philosophically deep sentences, Ulises platoon nick-named him shakespeare that later on became “shaky”. [...]More details soon in Miller War Stories. [...] Altis war - undercover opp: After the Takistan War, Ulises was condecorated and promoted. He was sent to the North West of the island of Altis to create a link with the native rebels and collect intel about the russian black market operations to support the war. Specially concern about possible biological weapons that could be deployed. Ulises made incredible friends among the natives and also lost many of them...He’s entire chain of values started to get damaged by the experience and the division hold between he’s incredible relationship with the rebels and dealing with the NATO commander that did not give a shit about them. Ulises started to feel betrayed and decided this will be it’s final operation for NATO. The war end with no deployment of biological weapons and few Russian trading operations blown up by the rebels. Ulises lost very good friends on this operation and after 2 years working undercover he started to feel confused about it’s identity. Chernarus Outbreak - The advisor After the Altis war Ulises asked for a better destination and he was sent to an advisor team that trains military and police forces around the world. In this case he was sent to chernarus and spent few months training the Chernarussian strike force in the Myskinno base. As his temper was affected by the previous war, Ulises was especially tough with the chernor russians as he knew the importance of doing things perfectly to avoid death. He was respected but many cherno russian soldiers did not like him. He was the kind of person that says what you don't want to hear but you need to and the kind of person you want beside you when trouble appears. The outbreak With the escalation of violence with Russia, the NATO consultants were sent to Chernogorsk and cancel the operations, officially. Ulises spend few weeks in Chernogorsk and when everything started he was by it’s own in the capitol and no plane will pick him up...he was left there. Ulises Miller gave the best of it’s youth to the cause. He had no wife and no kids and he kind of regret that...He is tired of killing, he has seen many good people dying for stupid reasons. Only the voice of a woman can give him a bit of peace, and this is, probably his weakest point.
  7. Remember to activate the english subtitles to be able to understand the narration. Enjoy
  8. Lopatino's Church massacre episode...with subtitles in english...activate them in youtube and enjoy :)@Aristocrat @Brayces and many many more

    1. Brayces


      AWW that was so good! <3 Long Live the Spanish Stallion!

    2. Capitan_Miller


      haha thanks Braycess

  9. I've been finishing a video and this are my Pictures for youtube. @Aristocrat
  10. Ok, they were 4, the simple fact of mentioning 6 and headshots is pure exageration to ridiculize my argument. 2 of them were 100% incapacitated, another one was Bandiging one of the incapacitated and the other had to pick up the gun he left in the floor and shoot me, reason why I have time to kill 3 men in diferent locations before one of them shoots me. If this circunstances are not enaugh to consider my action as Not punishable, that I dont even have 1% of reason in my arguments...seriously, I will think the motivation of your speches is not friendly with me or my question, bat based entirely on blinded loyalty. Second. The rules are subject to human interpretation, and that's actually the matter of the whole point that insted of receiving discussion based on the CIRCUNSTANCES that is the most subjective, complex and difficult matter and reason why I think this jugdments and other similar are wrong. And the next answer, of course, will keep ridiculazing all described by adding more targets to the ecuation and more rambo stuff. Please close this dialogue cause I fell 0 understood for anyone and I don't think there was any friendly aproach to the matter. Thanks guys, enjoy the new lore. Don't worry about my doings, I've refused to use guns, and I think It will take me too long to use any. The machete is my new best friend.
  11. Artstation DayZ art


    1. Scarlett


      that's really good love the colours

  12. It is a reductio ad absurdun not because someone somewhere is doing it but because it elongates my reasoning to an absurd point which is far of the circunstances described. Anyway, I dont think I behave urespectfully and I,ve found a wall of blind loyalty to admins veredict. A veredict i think was done influenced in thr whole situation not in my single action. And all this in a matter that is, worse case scenario doubatable, not water clear punishable. Ive explaind how fear for death drives persons to freeze, run or fight. Anyway thaks for the coments have a good night/morning/whatever
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