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  1. Lopatino's Church Massacre Episode

    Remember to activate the english subtitles to be able to understand the narration. Enjoy
  2. Lopatino's Church massacre episode...with subtitles in english...activate them in youtube and enjoy :)@Aristocrat @Brayces and many many more

    1. Brayces


      AWW that was so good! <3 Long Live the Spanish Stallion!

    2. Capitan_Miller


      haha thanks Braycess

  3. Lopatino's Church Massacre Comic

    I've been finishing a video and this are my Pictures for youtube. @Aristocrat
  4. No-fear-for-dead debate

    Ok, they were 4, the simple fact of mentioning 6 and headshots is pure exageration to ridiculize my argument. 2 of them were 100% incapacitated, another one was Bandiging one of the incapacitated and the other had to pick up the gun he left in the floor and shoot me, reason why I have time to kill 3 men in diferent locations before one of them shoots me. If this circunstances are not enaugh to consider my action as Not punishable, that I dont even have 1% of reason in my arguments...seriously, I will think the motivation of your speches is not friendly with me or my question, bat based entirely on blinded loyalty. Second. The rules are subject to human interpretation, and that's actually the matter of the whole point that insted of receiving discussion based on the CIRCUNSTANCES that is the most subjective, complex and difficult matter and reason why I think this jugdments and other similar are wrong. And the next answer, of course, will keep ridiculazing all described by adding more targets to the ecuation and more rambo stuff. Please close this dialogue cause I fell 0 understood for anyone and I don't think there was any friendly aproach to the matter. Thanks guys, enjoy the new lore. Don't worry about my doings, I've refused to use guns, and I think It will take me too long to use any. The machete is my new best friend.
  5. Artstation DayZ art


    1. Idole


      that's really good love the colours

  6. No-fear-for-dead debate

    It is a reductio ad absurdun not because someone somewhere is doing it but because it elongates my reasoning to an absurd point which is far of the circunstances described. Anyway, I dont think I behave urespectfully and I,ve found a wall of blind loyalty to admins veredict. A veredict i think was done influenced in thr whole situation not in my single action. And all this in a matter that is, worse case scenario doubatable, not water clear punishable. Ive explaind how fear for death drives persons to freeze, run or fight. Anyway thaks for the coments have a good night/morning/whatever
  7. No-fear-for-dead debate

    Thanks for the asnwer, I disagree but at least is an answer more close to the matter. If you want to know why I disagree is because the comparison with a suicide who takes 20 lifes is a "Reductio ad absurdun" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reductio_ad_absurdum Anyway. Thanks guys!
  8. No-fear-for-dead debate

    Well, I still thinking is a quite narrow answer, as with this reasoning any hostile action should be forbidden for fear-for-dead. I did reasons based on: - Character,s background. - Human psicology. - The specific state of the hostage takers in the moment of action. Still no asnwer for any to clarify which part of my reasoning is wrong. The 4 hostage takers in sight did died as well.
  9. No-fear-for-dead debate

    If is evaluated according to the circunstances, I think the circuntances I described are quite consistent and realistic. And your answer does not respond any of the 6 reasons I've explained. And there was 4 hostage takers...the 5th guy was a sniper out of the action. But is ok, I dont see any wills to aswer and guide me for future actions so you can close the Question to not generate any more lose of time. I just wat to say that I didnt want to create a discussion based on defending admins decisions or not, but based on concepts so I dont feel fear-for-punishment as I've been feeling in the last actions in which I pressed F2 and become a dolly. Thanks anyway and seriously, no ofence, I know you work hard, and your results are the best RP community.
  10. No-fear-for-dead debate

    Sorry to make you lose your time Oliv.
  11. No-fear-for-dead debate

    Question is as follows: In the Lopatino Church massacre I've been verbally warned for No fear for dead because I fought against 4 hostage takers. But...the situation is not that simple: I carefully selected the moment for action really wanted to free us and live, so I chose the moment according with the following: - Hostage "side" outnumber considerably Hostage "takers" side. - 2 Hostage takers are bandiging, 1 is double carrying and manuviring with the main weapon on the floor, the 3rd one is dazed and recovering from unconciousness. - My character is a Veteran ex-special forces guy, not rambo, but definatelly the kind of person that take action when have a chance in Terrorist attacks and robberies. If you don't believe it check youtube, there is thousands of examples. - The hostage takers are quite angry and desperate as from the very begining they took a huge group of armed hostages with a guillie guy with a revolver (the guy itself ask for help to their mates severall times). This makes the character to think the situation is quite fucked. I know according the rules they can't execute, BUT, in my opinion this should not be used as a reason to punished the ones that fear for life. Actually, because of rp reasons noone should not fear at all in a hostile action, as you never know the intentions, but I've seen many many people reacting with security as pressing F2 is a 100% that the're going to live. I understand the reasons in which the rules ban the executions but not the RP reasons. This, paradogically would be no-fear-for-dead. - In psycology, there are 3 natural reactions to hostile situations: 1) Freeze and hide (if you have a place to hide) 2) Run Away (if you have scape) 3) Fight (if you don't have a place to hide, a way to scape and you fear for your life) If you read the situation you can see clearly I have no place to hide, no way to run and a very angry injured enemy... At the end an considering I reacted with no fear for dead, I end up killing 3/4 hostage takers and the 4th is killed by another hostage. What do you think guys? Which is the limit of people you can fight to not be punished/warned and....do the situations matter? Cause I've observed many people think that say "hands up" is a secure against reactions and...It shoudnt...it should be a very delicated operation, planned and executed realistically (not 1 guy with a revolver against 12 people)
  12. Reminder: Abuse of Game Mechanics

    I think to avoid the hostage carrying the backpack is going too far with restrictions...it is a limitation extensive to reality not a glichy bug or anithig. Moreover, it is safer than throwing things to the ground regarding gear conservation and, the hostage still having more reaction time than with risen hands. Buttt, it is admin decision so...respect.
  13. RPing tonight!