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  1. Thank you Roland! We will work on it even though I am pretty sure a lot of it falls on me. But we will work hard to improve our behavior in game
  2. With permission from staff, I was given perms to post additional evidence proving we actually had defense rights prior to situation. we didn't know if it was still possible to have the rights but we checked times for everything and I shared defense rights with puncture from earlier when he got robbed by 24th. They kept resetting due to line of site being maintained, and shooting at vatos which puncture can confirm and we have video evidence for us. The reason I had defense rights with puncture was because I hired him through ic means prior to him being held up at the airfield (recently roleplayed with, was in ts, and in game together). He was on his way to meet the rest of us since most of us (excluding me) were at the camp waiting to get a spot ready to jfk scar from meaning I recently roleplayed with him this giving me defense rights, and by technicality we didnt even have to initiate there due to defense rights. This evidence of us resetting those defense rights, and them opening fire on us after doing so. Although we still re-initiated regardless of it being a valid re-initiation or not, we had defense rights on the 24th the entire time. This vid only shows the first attempt with the jfk shot, the second one (where puncture actually hit scar) is still being looked into to show we have vid evidence for that shot. TO RE-ITERATE THIS, WE HAD DEFENSE RIGHTS
  3. SO ill quote Osku about this one when he came into our ts to say gg's "Scar said it was one of moody's cancerous scream initiations" so um what now? If i am mistaken on if you said that osku then plz correct me but thats what i remember
  4. You all bolted, you didn't try to comply. You made this a firefight regardless whether or not the initiation is deemed valid. And @Kai if you were truly complying and got shot (as in you actually got hit) then you could have reported for killing complying hostage but you didn't, you assumed the worst and returned fire, and by the looks of it you were just using this fake compliance as a way to get a quick yeet, stop trying to act innocent and like your intention wasn't to shoot back, because you clearly did one way or the other.
  5. So let me get this straight Norway, you know damn well we are at war with each other. You wanted roleplay in that scenario? Should of complied. I made sure before doing stuff like this to ask staff. Completely fine, you guys literally do the same stuff, hell when we had you in a 5v1 a couple weeks ago you nvfled. RP is a two way street, we can't give you RP in a hostile situation if you all bolt immediately and return fire. @staff you know for a fact these guys are known not to comply, you know what everyone else knows. It is also a well known fact we are at war. Also, don't act like you didn't know who I was. You all know my voice, you all know it quite well. Stop acting like you didn't.
  6. This is weird cuz I instantly got shot after that initiation, its almost as if you knew where I was already? Just seems suspicious to me.
  7. I told you the truth, its not hard to move my pinkie a key to the left to hit my save button. So yes that is all I got. I will not be replying any more to the report unless asked by staff
  8. @TeutonicOG @shipwreck117 @BiggsbeOG @JoeyOG @ZombyOG
  9. Rolle has mentioned not on RP hubs, So I made it clear who I was initiating on. You can hear it in the vid.
  10. POV: Will write soon, but yall literally insta sprinted and opened up on us from the north before we shot i believe. We def gave a good amount of comply. We dropped yeet and yall sprinted. If you would like to speak about it then feel free to join our TS. I have a 30second vid, thought I had a 5minute one but I do not. I messed up and forgot to change it back to default 5min, but I have been playing Rust and recording snipits and didn't remember to do that. And before you ask I have a macro on my keyboard that insta saves shadowplay clips. Anyways these dudes instantly ran upon initiation. Video will be up soon. PoV: Saw a group of people that we recognized as the 24th dudes walking down the road. At the time we only saw 3, we wait behind hay bails, letting them come to us. When they get close enough to be able to hear the initiation, we drop the fat yeet and the firefight ensues. Thats about all I got. You are gonna have to squint but they fuckin booked it upon initiation. That is textbook non compliance in my eyes. Don't know what this report is about
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