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  1. MoodyOG

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Its been a good run boys!
  2. MoodyOG

    S1 - KOS - Novaya Petrovka - 12/12/2018

    With your AoGM, your friends nvfl. Like you keep saying I have no regard for the rules, but I know every staff member knows my current situation and why I wouldn't just blatantly rulebreak. You keep trying to play this victim and rule armor card because I don't have a vid which is dumb. You keep inciting I am a liar, I am not. Please calm down with the low key shade this is unprofessional, like I get you are upset but dude, YOU shot into our base, I WITNESSED you shooting into our base where we had YOUR friend. And regardless you think we don't understand RP? Just because you say something in RP doesn't mean it's true, just because your buddy said he wasn't part of a group or had friends doesn't mean its true. I saw you before we killed your friend, even before we killed your friend we already saw you aiming into our base. We can talk this out still on discord just so we can stop this back and forth
  3. MoodyOG

    S1 - KOS - Novaya Petrovka - 12/12/2018

    First off since you are continue to say we did this or we didn't do this, We didn't contact you before you threw up a report because we knew we acted accordingly with the rules and thought there would be no report, hence why we didn't try to contact you until staff said someone was trying to report a situation that involved us. Also you keep saying you didn't fire into the base, which you did. This all seems like you are upset because you couldn't get revenge on your friends nvfl, and it shows that you had the intent to kill by shooting into our base trying to kill people and also sticking around when you had multiple chances to either surrender or leave.
  4. MoodyOG

    S1 - KOS - Novaya Petrovka - 12/12/2018

    We initiated through txt, and I also waited till I had eyes on you shooting in the compound at my dudes. We dropped that txt intiation in attempts to see if you would comply so we could rp with you, the game is pretty buggy when it comes to voip and chat atm. Regardless as stated previously you had multiple attempts to stop your blood thirst quest to kill one of us and surrender. But you didn't, you are trying to use rule armor because we don't have video evidence of you shooting into the compound. Which you did, granted none of the shots landed on anyone but you shot with the intent to kill. I will not be responding to this report unless requested by staff. Also the other members of my group that were there will be writing their report asap, most of them are asleep right now but I have messaged them and they will respond
  5. MoodyOG

    S1 - KOS - Novaya Petrovka - 12/12/2018

    Moody POV: So I log on around Severograd, Get told we got some dude that we wanna take hostage. By the time they drop the intiation on him I am near the northern part of Noveya Potravka. The dude inside doesn't comply and gets gassed. Soon after shots start coming in from the south of the factory and I also see a man on top of a building @MrCopyright shooting into the compound. A few shots go off, a few hitting around my men. I sneak around the outside and plan to get a shot on him, one that wouldnt kill him. I shoot him and it hits him in the arm. I relocate near school and I see him once again shoot, no one is hit and thats when I go for the kill shot (the one shown in the vid that didn't hit him) I missed due too being zeroed at 400 instead of 300. Regardless after I miss and knowing they have 2 people running around, I relocate once again. This time sitting ina shed trying to let things die down. During this time Ryanpr says that he has the shot on him and we tell him to take it. That is when @MrCopyrightdies. Now we could never find the 3rd dude that was to the south of the factory in the treeline. Now what I don't understand is: 1.) you had multiple chances to put your hands up and walk out of this with some actual roleplay, but as seen in the video you continued to try and get a shot on us and kill us 2.) Who was the 3rd man? Your discord overlay confirms you had other people, and its clear you didnt record the voip, only in game sounds. 3.) I know that one of my boys def dropped a txt intiation on you as seen in the logs. Looks like it got bugged but it was there and it was in range. 4.) Why did your friend NVFL a 4v1? 5.) What was your reasoning for staying on that roof after another txt intiation was dropped on you and being shot at. If you are innocent you would put your hands up and tried to value your life, but you didn't so again I ask why? 6.) What is with the blatant AOGM at the beginning of the video? That's all the questions I have for now! Hopefully the POV is sufficient and I do not have any evidence besides the audio from the discord conversation. If anything comes up that requires my attention just @ me and ill respond as soon as possible. Have a good night!
  6. MoodyOG

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    I like ruined clothing honestly, i think its a trophy. Walk around and people look at ya like damn that dude just got into the shit and survived. Gonna be a no from me, I really like it honestly. Then again I could care less what I wear.
  7. MoodyOG

    75.5 [Hz]

    *John hits the PTT* "I need a friend, will you be my friend again Mr. Doc?" "I miss our travels together." *John releases the PTT*
  8. MoodyOG

    It starts now. [126.23]

    *John picks up the radio and hits the PTT* "Hell yea, I love some police people. They always so kind to everyone!" "Hopefully we can meet so we can discuss how we are going to rid the region of these heathens." *John releases the PTT*
  9. MoodyOG

    Savior's Media Thread

    And so it begins
  10. MoodyOG

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Roster updated and inactive players removed! Will be adding onto lore when I get off work.
  11. MoodyOG


    didn't the saviors start off with 3 brothers? Anyways looks good! Goodluck to everyone involved!
  12. MoodyOG

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    Never had to kill @ScarletRose for the sake of hostile rp. Even tho I could of executed her and been fine, I didn't cuz it serves no purpose. Why execute someone when you can torture or use them as leverage. But what I see and most of my group members experience is "hey bitch ima kill you real good" then bang. *credits roll* nothing else, said person that is executed can't use the situation to further their own rp because of nlr. I mean ffs we have perma deathed 5 ppl now. 2 of which from those exact scenario's just so we can further our own rp. Honestly it seems like people just don't care about the actual rp aspect of things.
  13. MoodyOG

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    This man knows.
  14. MoodyOG

    Character Kill Applications

    If i get meaningful rp and not get told I'm a pedo when i did none of that stuff, then maybe but when it comes to yall i would prefer maybe you finding out who i'd be willing to trading my life for. Just some thoughts when the time comes. Kind of wanting to end john moodys life with a redeeming ending
  15. MoodyOG

    Character Kill Applications

    huge +1, no one has yet to approach me about permadeathing even tho i'm open to it.