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  1. It mostly sounds like you have just drawn the short straw here. I haven't played much SA yet but at the least in the mod I was rarely robbed and rarely did rob, I think perhaps you should be more cautious around people (if your character is still alive it would make RP sense), although it does seem that there is a lot more rule-breaking since SA was introduced, this is probably due to an influx of inexperienced members than to SA itself which will probably die down once new members get a better feel for RP or are banned for blatant rule-breaks.
  2. It suddenly works now, please close.
  3. I think he's asleep, I was only wondering if it was some other problem other than with the xml code itself. PID and IG name have to match exactly for the XML to work, did you change your name? I checked both and they match
  4. I think he's asleep, I was only wondering if it was some other problem other than with the xml code itself.
  5. I am attempting to use the Beati Paoli xml on a normal dayz server but it isn't working, the xml is hosted on armaxml.com. http://www.armaxml.com/squad/view/188/squad.xml
  6. I have been away for some time and only today noticed that the PID I have listed in the donation exchange does not match the PID in my ArmA II OA. I don't know how to get them to match. Nvm found the guid/pid thread. Mark as solved plz
  7. Maybe the conductor was in on the robbery :troll: Maybe Texas should stop being inactive :troll: :troll:
  8. How old are you? 17 Male or Female? Male Do you consider Ebola to be a serious threat? Not to me at the least Do you think the Ebola outbreak will spread to First world countries? It depends if one case counts as "spread" if so it already has. If not it probably will considering the lack of seriousness surrounding the issue. Do you know how Ebola infects and spreads(If yes, how)? Kind of, I believe that it is transmitted through bodily fluids like blood and sweat and maybe saliva. What, if any, measures are you taking against Ebola? None currently as there have been no reported cases in my country.
  9. Return to us you know you want to be a train robber. I'd rather a conductor, they do have such exquisite headwear.
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