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"You ether live long enough to become a villain , or die a hero"

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  1. Do you ever get that moment when you want to break your shitty internet.... then you realize that you kinda need the shitty internet !

  2. Deleted all of my characters and kept 4 characters . (One being winston rip) The characters will just be basic survivors with different goals and personalities. They will change accordingly through organic roleplay :)

  3. Need to buy  a new cpu ffs

    1. Boston


      I need a new hard drive and cooling.

      CPU gets hotter than than the sun during Siege, and my hard drive causes stutters when loading textures.

    2. Saintz


      My pc used to be really good whilst playing games , but now it is shit for some reason.
      Insurgency used to run at 60fps high now it runs 20fps low . Only conclusion is my cpu is dieing 


  4. Finally booked and payed for a holiday for me and my mum. Going on Thursday. 

  5. Players online: 57/60

    What one event can do.

  6. Endeavour's Farm

    That is much better , well done!
  7. Endeavour's Farm

    All this ... a western gang cannot be in chernarusia! I mean it only takes one man to change everyone's style and agenda. I agree the lore is a bit ridiculous , but saying a western gang cannot be in an eastern country is bs. I would say leave it for a couple of months , change the lore totally . Then try again , the lore is too soon for loonies .
  8. Decided to make a chernarusian character , as i have not seen many of them in game once the cdf left.

  9. Bazil Bojan

    (Background is WIP) Bazil Bojan Bazil is an English teacher and translator that is working at the school that is located at Eletrogorsk , which is him home town. Bazil had a very normal and well structured life , he did not work full hours at the school , he only came in to teach children how to speak well structured English , so one day they can achieve there dreams in the big country America. Most of the children's dreams and ambitions cannot be achieved in this country due to the civil war that is taking place. Bazil did not have any kids due to a medical condition that he got several years ago , so all he had for a family was him and his wife. That was until the outbreak broke out , which made his wife become as they say "Infected" this event then ultimately lead to her death. Bazil spent most of the time during the Apocalypse in a house that is located at the western part of southern zagoria , eating minimal food that he had gotten from his shopping before this happened. Bazil quickly ran out of food , which forced him to leave his home. Bazil said his farewells to his wife's grave , and started to travel east. Bazil is equipped with a gas mask that the cdf supplied Bazil when this thing broken out , and a Markov (that he does not know how to shoot). To survive Bazil must say weary of people and to not make stupid decisions. He is on his own for the first time in his life .... Audio Logs (Added more over the time , records the series of events)
  10. Is long-term imprisonment viable?

    Tbh , i would love to be a long prisoner of any sort , amazing character development!
  11. Will only be on during Weekends due to irl sh*t. May pop on here and there but the weekend is where i will be spending most of my play session.


  12. OMG. That moment when you burn a chicken when you alt tab.

    1. HarveyJ


      ngl I've done that many times....

  13. Made set goals for Wolfgang on his character page. Might do it for all of my characters , so i don't have a day of ... "Lets run around the map and hope for the best". Think more people should do this , makes playing the character less boring and more fun whilst playing.

    1. CorbSlayer


      Good idea, might have to think of a few for Oliver :P

  14. Road north from cherno there is a wooden platform , 90% of the time i go there i find a sword .