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    S1 - Metagaming Stary - 30/7/2106 21:07

    So what you are telling me is that you run up to everyone in the group and check their names , but in this case you only check the group i was with because we are dodgy and look like cannibals . If you did check everyone pulse it would be useful if you told me the name of the guy who was a Londoner wearing a balaclava as he was the guy who did meta game .
  2. Saints

    S1 - Metagaming Stary - 30/7/2106 21:07

    Also they said the word "initiate" don't know if that is breaking the rules or not. will not post unless needed sorry just remembered.
  3. Saints

    S1 - Metagaming Stary - 30/7/2106 21:07

    Ok , so about 20 minutes after i made this report we where in the church doing are rituals which we do every day , to find we heard people out side talking out killing us , so we where saying what are you doing after a couple of minutes of them telling us to leave the church and come out and us denying to , then they told us to come out or we will be shot , we kept on asking them why are you doing this and their reasoning is that we are cannibals which we have never gave them any information about other than my cannibal laugh witch that lead me to believe the reasoning behind the initiation. My friends also have footage of this which will be better than mine.
  4. Saints

    S1 - Metagaming Stary - 30/7/2106 21:07

    Server and location: Server 1 Stary Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 30/07/2016 Your in game name: Dylan Luby Names of allies involved: kaine wilson , Lewis parker Name of suspect/s: Don't know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Will post video later once available Detailed description of the events: So me and my friends where walking through stary and we heard voices so we decided to roleplay with them and tried to show them who we are as we are a cult we are religious and indeed are cannibals , about 2 minutes into the conversation my character started to do the ' Cannibal cry ' as that happens once you eat human meat and as we all know you cannot just point out that if a person does that they are a cannibal as it is a game feature and is deemed as meta gaming , and in role play it does not mean that they are a cannibal but just emotionally upset . But one of the group of people who i was in a group with decided to say " who's been eating human steak , someone is laughing" , and after is questioned him he decided to walk away , i tried to check his pulse but i don't think i could .
  5. Saints

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Dylan Luby - The bad guy ( Story in characters )[attachment=3261] Jon Phillips - Dead - Good guy ( character story in profile)[attachment=3261]
  6. Saints

    What is one of your DayZRP moments that made you think, "Well i guess that's karma."

    Karma never happens to me , becuase i am a good boy i don't do bad things no . It's not like i eat people or rob people or shoot people or kill people . Karma happens to the bad not the good , kappa.
  7. Saints

    I'm not sure if I should play, because of my voice.

    If you act mature people will treat you differently , i am 17 and i sound like a squeaker but i role play seriously and people honestly treat me a lot better. But if you are not taking it seriously they won't take you seriously. it's completely up to you weather to stay or not , but in my opinion i would stay as your voice won't change loads in a year , also i try to put on a deeper voice when rp'ing as my new character to make people intimidated and scared and it works... a bit too well Anyway enjoy role play and don't let your voice keep you down. Also if you are going to leave there are other communities that may criticize you for being a 'squeaker' , but here we wont this is the best community for those type of issues.
  8. Saints

    Background image

    Here is an nice background image that i took on the server ( edited on photoshop) ;
  9. Saints

    Bad Rp - 5 Days - White list revoked

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-NVFL-in-Novy-Sobor-07-23-16-04-40 Why the verdict is not fair: I do not think this verdict is fair as i did try to roleplay as a sucidal man in this perticular event that occured. I will try to cover all of the information that i have been banned for in a series of notes by placing them under neigh the quote of the ban. I will give you a quick TL;DR of the situation that happened on the moment when i got the ban . So i ran up the dayz application thinking to my self that i need a new character if i want to join this cult that i have been execpted for as my old character Jon was a hero character who hated cannibals so i chose my darker character Dylan , so i was thinking of a way to end my characters story , and then i came up with the idea of killing my self as the character has been through alot and all his group has been wiped out , so becuase i wanted to play my new character straight away i changed my name to Dylan rather than Jon , and hoped on the lowest server possible , one i logged on i was running down to stary so i could kill my self in the church , but then i saw 2 people one femail and one male , i then wistled to the 2 people and they stopped and looked at me i said " hi" , they siad " hi" back , so then i desided to srip of my gear and said have this. And when i walked away in to the forset i shortly realised that i do have anything to kill my slef wiht , so what i did was is run into the forest and swooped around to the police station when i saw them folwoing me and their was no pistol in the police station i was very quite as my chracter was in destress and suicidal he really did not want to have a conversation with someone , the guy then met me on the roof so i siad " do you have a knife " , he said no but i have a gun , so i said " can i borrow the gun , i will give you it back " , so he said yes i don't use guns and gave me the psitol i grabbed it pressed f11 and said " thank you , thank you " and then shot my self . , The person who filed the report i then spoke to and he said that i didn't tlak much i only said 10 words , This is becuase when a person is suicidal he wants to remove himslef from sociaty and tlak minimaly , as it says here , Social withdrawal or isolation: Another very common warning sign leading up to suicide is that of social withdrawal. Many people isolate themselves from friends, colleagues, and other family members. This increased social withdrawal can actually make the person more depressed and suicidal than they already are. Prior to committing suicide, a person may gradually withdraw from friendships, social commitments, and extracurricular or work related functions. If you notice someone – (especially someone who was previously very involved) – withdrawing from these functions, this could be another indication that the person is suicidal.> Overall the aspect of bad rp is incorrect as i did the research before i played dayzrp becuase for the mian purpose of not getting banned , i think i may have roleplayed a bit too much as a suicidal man and may have not met you criteria , i didn't know how to play it by your rules as it does not state it any where when i looked on the fourms it said " roleplay it out well" so that's what i did. I really don't knwo how this sitatuion could have a bad imapct on the 2 people who i met becuase i think that it has a good effect on their character as it lets them look at their can oppener for example and say " isn't tyhat of that crazy guy who killed him self " . Personally i did not want them to see me but i am glad they did i think they took it a bit to seriously and reported me which was killing the roelpay to a whole also it sates rolepay over ruleplay in your rules and i think that comes into account in this situation. This situation will never happen again i promise you as i am not going to commit suicide on the rest of my characters. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Here are all the links that i have used to gather this information: http://mentalhealthdaily.com/2014/07/29/16-suicide-warning-signs-behaviors-to-recognize/ http://www.jaapl.org/content/36/2/240.full Also if you want to talk verbally throgu hts so we can explain it better message me thanks. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of ban + Whitelisted back ( Dont care if i have to do whitelist again aslong as i am not banned) What could you have done better?: Talked to them more when commiting suicide now that i no quite suicide is not good for roleplay.
  10. Saints

    S2: NVFL in Novy Sobor - 07/23/16 04:40

    Don't know what you are trying to prove i perma deathed my character by commiting suicide you are allowed to do that Can we all just say that this thing was a Really big misunderstanding i really don't want to get banned for this reason especially when i am getting good at roleplay.
  11. Saints

    S2: NVFL in Novy Sobor - 07/23/16 04:40

    You just admitted that i wanted to perma death my character as you said i did it to change player model as my new character is white , the character who you saw kill him self is my old charcter Jon who was black , i changed the name because i was changing character once he dies and i want to play as the new character straight away , this whole report is stupid i really don't know why you reported me . It does not affect your character in any way shape or form it affects mine as it is my character it is my choice weather to end his story. I guess it was more of a misunderstanding.
  12. Saints

    S2: NVFL in Novy Sobor - 07/23/16 04:40

    WARNING SPOLIERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD: But this is what i tried to imitate notice the difference I have also joined a new group called the cult , which is a cannibal group and for a cannibal group you need a messed up character and a dark charcater , and Jon was not that in fact he was against cannibals so i don't know how that would make sense , and my old character's story needs an end and throufgh all the shit he's been through killing him self is the best option. Also i rolepay my character well as everyone feels scared by me which is something i really wanted for a long time. As i said you where not ment to see my death i would have been a good ending if i walked of into the woods and said " i won't be needing this for a while" , but you saw it which is also good becuase one it adds to your characters story , he just witnessed a guy kill himself he may tell everyone about that story , like i would do as it is a interesting experience to the apocalypse as it is a dark fucked up world. If youi say that i should have roleplayed more in the report i would be confused as i though i have done a good job roleplaying a suical man in shock as he would not say much as i have seen my Uncle act the same way otherwise if i "go if i am going kill my self look at me " it attention seeking asf. I also had a talk to the support and he said " It sounds fine , personally i would not report you ". Plus i am perma deathing a character also.
  13. Saints

    S2: NVFL in Novy Sobor - 07/23/16 04:40

    Also it is MY character i have the choice on what his ending should be , it's my story not yours , you don't know what my character has been through , i would 100% understand if i started shooting at 6 people on my own , but by committing suicide , i mean common .
  14. Saints

    S2: NVFL in Novy Sobor - 07/23/16 04:40

    Yes i killed my self , i wanted to make it a dark end to my characters story. He just witnested his friends dieing in a gun fight and he was really depressed to the point of suicidal , he was quite becuase he was in shock , i gave you all my gear becuase i wanted it to not be wasted . And i ran off into the tree line , i didn't want you guys to see me kill my self but you followed me ( I know thats not your fault) , and when i died i said " thank you , thank you " . I also have started a new charcter which is much better than my old one as he is much darker a chacretr which i want for a long time . I don't know what else to say other than my character had a good story and i want his to have a good depressing ending rather than him begin killed in a gunfight which will be dumb. I had all my character endings planned out from the start , and i wanted him to have a derpressing ending as he was a happy character , and it a bit stupid because what you are basically saying is that no body will kill them selfs becuase it's NVL , well no shit my guy was fed up with life , also it is the apocolypse suicidal is the best option if your sick of the world wich my charcter was . I would rather have someone withness me kill my self rather than me running of killing my self in the forrest , that dark moment will stay with your charatcer. If we would have RP'ed more and tlaked then you would just make my character not commit suicide. Also the way i acted is what someone whould be like if they where going to kill them selfs , i feel like thats the best roleplay to do rather than me going " Hi guys , my name is Jon Phillips ... I'm going to kill my self here is my shit". Plus i don't see in the rules where it says " you cannot kill yourself" , bit dumb tbh why i got reported
  15. Saints

    Aiming at People

    I don't mean aiming the gun in general , i mean aiming it at a player who is in a gunfight.
  16. Saints

    Aiming at People

    Its like the situation i was in before , i saw a guy after i ran away and then they sent reinforcements , that i have not seen so i didn't know who they where so i stood up looked at him whilst he was aiming and then he shot me . Like there is nothing to do in that situation. Thanks for the help any thanks for the nvl thats good to know.
  17. Saints

    Aiming at People

    So it is quite confusing whilst you are in action on dayzrp servers as we all know , it requires you to actually look at the guy to see if you have KOS rights on him and if he aims a gun at you you can't do anything as he is a long distance away meaning he can kill you because he recognized you but you can't kill him because you are un sure and don't want to get banned. This is very annoying as i have had many experiences of that happening to me and me ending up being killed as i am looking at the guy while he aims not knowing he is friendly or not . I think there should be a rules in which if you are in combat and someone aims at you then you can shoot them , because how do you know that he is friendly or in that guys group because you haven't seen him. Another server does this rule called the red zone in which its classed as initiation , i don't think it should be that extreme as i have accident clicked when zooming in . But i do think it should apply when in combat because it changes to a big clusterfuck. These are thing that people would not do in a real life situation , also when people are running around in a gun fight when they have no KOS rights should not be there because you will be shot and then you will report the guy for KOS , which i think is dumb the guy running around in a gun fight who does not have rights should be banned for not valuing their life as again in real life situations they would run away. These are just things that irritate me on this server and makes me consider whether to stay or not . Sorry for my rant but this has to be stopped.
  18. Saints

    S2: BadRP Vybor industrial 15/07/2016 20:40

    I was Jon the other guy who you must have thought was participating in the robbery , i was in ts with these two guys and they wanted to rob you , i would have robbed you but i want my character's karma to remain good as he is a hero character not a bandit so i ran to kabinino when they where robbing you , so i had no participation in the robbery just to make it clear. Thanks. ( i was the guy in blue , so there was 2 guys robbing you not three)
  19. Saints

    My thumbnail for my First dayzrp video :)

    Any better?
  20. Saints

    My thumbnail for my First dayzrp video :)

    Thanks for the Help will work on improvements
  21. Saints

    My thumbnail for my First dayzrp video :)

    Here is my thumbnail for my video , my video has been delayed was ment to come out today but audio was out of sync maybe tomorrow
  22. Saints

    S1 RDM Stary Sobor - 03/07/2016 19:15

    I don't have my POV , but i can explain what happened. yes i shot the guy but it was by accidental and confusion. He walked up to this guy after he was talking smack , i was walking not expecting him to shoot resting my finger on the click button as i do , and the shot went off i jumped out of my skin acciently clicking the button , and then my character couldn't stop shooting. If so i will take the punishments if need be . I also apologize to the guy who i shot , i need to go to work now so i can't speak again , Just do as you need be
  23. Saints


    Hello all , my name is Saintz aka Billy (IRL) and Jon (In game ) I am very exited to play with you all in the brilliant world of Dayz and share awesome roleplay experiences
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