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  1. Just found out you need windows 10 to play it ... fuuuuck . Hope they bring it out in steam soon.
  2. I still play the first one with a fuck ton of mods enabled. 2nd one looks sick. The only thing that bothered me in the first one is no killing people and a forced story (which breakdown later solved) But 2nd one looks promising with the addition to kill people and more interesting characters + abilities. But i heard the Co-op is shit.
  3. Image result for so captain america meme

    So ,

    Anarchy has un archived 

  4. Buddy , ooc hate is with every community , trust me . Big or small , there is always going to be a little drama that may or may not involve you. Best thing to do is take a break or just say " im here to rp ". Good luck in your future en devours. Goodbye ... again.
  5. Good luck this time around. Hope you can pull off something unique and interesting to the server.
  6. Our new cat has been missing for 5 days Oof. 

    1. CorbSlayer


      he aint coming back


      jk i hope he does and is safe

  7. Sucks to hear that has happened Lad. Good luck with your irl issues , enjoyed the chats and banter we had in ts .Take care.
  8. Gonna be taking a break from the community for a while . Getting quite pissed off with everything at the moment so i think i will do the grown up thing and cool down. Along with that my sleeping pattern is fucked and it makes me feel like shit , in addition i have literally 0 EU friends to chill with .

    Maximum time until i come back will be atleast in 2 weeks . 

  9. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6102/

    Finished the characters art work and completed the page. Can't wait to play this character next week. 

    1. Taryn


      The meat man.

  10. You would not let us talk to the girl and where kicking us out of the camp with no explanation. I then replied with "Why are you kicking us out?" , then your friend said "leave otherwise this will get messy" (The guy was the HEAD of security who said that by the way). I stood my ground to ask why we were getting kicked out . Still no answer , just the same get out . Then the head of security held a magnum at @Kain s face , and said if we ever come back we are dead. Also one of your reasonings for kicking us out was that we didn't need medical attention? Seems a bit over exaggerated for that imo . This was infront of everyone by the way. And you said "this is going to get messy" as soon as we asked why we were banned.
  11. "I don't like your roleplay"
    Image result for you dont like art

  12. Yes i want them to change... about 80% of the community does.... but it won't . I think the whole rule should get removed to be honest. It makes dayzrp more boring from the public eye and will not attract people to come and play. Put it this way , if this rule was added when Mr moon and Syndicate played, their videos / movies , would have not even existed. There has already been a thread similar to this , but i don't think @Rolle wants them to be changed back.
  13. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6102/

    New hostile character that i can actually play 

    1. Malet


      Interesting character - Maybe increase the font size a little. Had slight problems to read it. ?

  14. Just a reminder that it is called "Whose roleplay did you ENJOY today" .

    Please don't say negative stuff about others roleplay , take it to pms . Don't ruin something positive. 

  15. Only person i could understand in the dev team . Rip. Noticed that he was quiet during the 63 information.
  16. I have been having the same issue since i switched from 63 to 62. Seems to be fixed when i reset my entire pc.
  17. When you want to go outside for once but all your friends are doing uni work.

    Image result for crying man gif

  18. Stayed up until 4 am to rp. 

    Went to bed , woke up to find out alot of shit happened whilst i went to sleep. 


    1. Jman14102


      You and @CorbSlayer went to bed right before it all went down. It was something else, man.

    2. Saints


      4 am .... i hate the uk sometimes tbh

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