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  1. Saints

    Running Dayz after Geforce Driver update crash

    From what I can tell is that it isn’t the new driver that I installed it’s the entire update . As I am not the only one experiencing this , it’s battle eye that is causing this btw. So it’s definitely dayz. I’m just gonna leave it , I really cba . I’ll wait for the next update to come out and I’ll give it a try . Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Saints

    Running Dayz after Geforce Driver update crash

    Unfortunately this didn’t help . But here is what keeps coming up . Seems like it’s different every time .
  3. Saints

    Running Dayz after Geforce Driver update crash

    So I recently updated my gpu drivers as I had heard rumours that it fixes the FPS issue in dayz ( did this though GeForce) . Now every time I open dayz and dayz only I get greeted with a sad face in the top left and a blue screen . The issue is something along the lines of “ trying to write read only” ? I don’t know what to do in all honesty , if anyone can help me that would be great .
  4. Saints

    Text chat locks character up

    open the emote wheel for a sec it should unfreeze you
  5. Saints

    Rest in peace you glorious bastard <3

    They have filmed the new avengers and Spider-Man . So he should be making a cameo on at least one of them or both .
  6. Saints

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

  7. Saints


    “Alright mate this is a robbery . Give me your Diamonds right now!” 9B59D478-D6AB-43CD-8CF1-4E645881A91B.jpeg.6f364d245937d5d41026645464062e89.jpeg

  8. Saints

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Object name : Beards (item) Image: On phone , but use 62 Santa beards as a frame Why: Beards look like shit in 63 right now and from what I know they can’t get that big . Well the Santa beards were satisfactory for size and how they looked but , they were white . How about we add them back in with different colours like black , blond , ginger , red ext . Allow more customisation you know .
  9. Saints




    1. Crim


      Lol that's good 

  10. Saints

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Object's name: Sign Letters Reference picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Allows for camps / Settlements to have some sort of sign to show what the place is called or have a message.
  11. Saints

    Dealing with Depression

    Hanging out with irl friends , playing video games . Just ignoring it works , keep busy and have a proper schedule for the day . Doing nothing makes it worse.
  12. Saints


    Is it me or is the server laggy asf. (30 ping on server browser)

    1. FalkRP


      servers are having issues. 

  13. Saints


    I can’t be the only one that prefers 62 over 63 .

    1. Osku


      Highly unlikely that you would be the only one but probably a rather small minority. Especially now that we added all that new shit yesterday.

    2. Saints


      Just think the melee, gunfights , got reg and the whole engine is kind of dog shit . Would rather have the old 62 engine with all the new shit . 

    3. BorisVC


      62 is shit

    4. Cid


      For future purposes, you wouldn't have all the new shit coming to the game if you still had the old engine.  There is a specific reason why they had to switch.  The old engine didn't support what they wanted out of DayZ.

    5. Max


      I mean, 60+fps in Cherno is pretty gucci though

    6. Osku


      60+ rounds to kill someone in Cherno is not so gucci though...am I right @Eagle? ? 

  14. Saints


    I would rate red dead a 8/10 tbh . It’s starts to kick in after chapter 2 is done . Just some of the mechanics are anoying , like the bounty system , you bump into someone and the whole town starts shooting . Quite annoying tbh , the story and missions are 10/10 though , they aren’t boring and each are different and unique. 

    1. ShanePVP
    2. Saints


      Are you trying to say it deserves higher or lower? 

      Personally the only thing that pisses me of is that at the end of every mission you have to pay of a bounty cause the mask does nothing. 

    3. DrMax


      I got a bounty for walking into someone while I was running! That five dollar bounty has hit me hard..

    4. Saints


      I antagonised someone and I got a bounty for desturbing the piece , and I just got lit up right away lmao

    5. Osku


      You dont get killed for a bounty/crime like that. The sheriff will just tell you to fuck off and if you walk away for a few minutes nothing happens.

      But yeah, great fucking game. Well worth the price and digging out the ol' PS4 again.

    6. ShanePVP


      the game is a masterpiece and its what I expect from every triple A developer, I expect the same amount or even more detail from the elder scrolls 6 and if its not as detailed ill be very disappointed.

      RDR2 10/10

    7. N-Tox


      I have a 300 dollar bounty in valentine.

      I try to go hunting to make money, get RDMed on the way back.

      save me

    8. Max


      ordered that RDR2 ps4 pro bundle which should arrive today. ya boi excited

    9. Osku


      @N-ToxRP you dont get that kind of bounty from just knocking the teeth down the throat of some loudmouth or even robbing stores and killing a few deputys....should have thought twice about killing the town dog and that poor one armed veteran who just wanted a friend. You will just have to pay the bounty I guess.

    10. N-Tox



      i may... or may not have shot up the entire town twice over

  15. Saints


    LMAO . Weekly “sale” , jeans are free . Woah guys pick them up whilst you still can.

  16. Saints


    2 hours 30 mins until red dead , haven't been this exited for a game in a long time.

    Related image

  17. Saints


    So the we are basically playing on a glorified year one days patch this year .

    Lucky red dead comes out on Friday . Hopefully a kidder creates a fuck ton of weapons soon

    1. Saints



    2. Cid


      This game will live and die by the modding community, as are most Bohemia games it seems.

    3. PalmtreeWhale


      bless, time to form some posses and tie up nuns to the railroad tracks

  18. Saints


    You don't understand how much it hurts to spend £60 of your student loan on red dead 2

    1. Mexi


      It's a student loan mate, aslong as you've got money for food go mad, lmao.

  19. Saints


    Think there needs to be sone altering on the item shop . 10 euros for squared glasses is a bit accesive considering jackets cost cheaper . 

    1. Saints



      Excessive * 

    2. Brady


      rolle like monies

  20. Saints


    Just came in to tell you guys this . Your welcome. 



    1. Samaritan


      Thanks but someone beat you to it.


  21. Saints


    Gonna be going away for a while , won't be back until around Christmas time . 

    Got to focus on my uni experience and can't have video games holding me back anymore .

    Have a good one guys. 

  22. Saints



  23. Saints


    Wasn’t this year meant to be “ the year of dayz” 

    Hasn’t been a single stable update and half of the year is over.

    1. APositivePara


      Nah there have been, remember like the two 5mb patches they did?

  24. Saints


    My swelling is getting worse and worse , hopefully it doesn’t fuck up my university which is in a month .

    1. Psycho


      Sorry to hear... hopefully the swelling goes down like you said ?

  25. Saints


    Had my nose operation an hour ago ....looks the exact fucking same . Fml .

    1. Samaritan


      You need to take swelling and healing time into account like with any operation.

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