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  1. You see I wouldn’t mind the changes if 1 the melee combat wasn’t the shittiest clunky mess I have ever seen programmed in a game . And 2 the zombies had better AI , I love the wolf AI but the zombie AI is just a roll at the dice at some point .
  2. I think it should be better balanced. The Macarov is fine as the rounds are weak as they are on players . But rifles like the M4 or Ak should be 1 shot to the brain and maybe like 2-3 shots the the body. The damage that is done to the infected should be corresponding to the damage that is inflicted upon players that don’t wear armour or clothing. I think the damages it self need not a massive tweak like last patch , but somewhere in the middle between last patch and now .
  3. Glad to hear Sophie , hope you have a nice recovery
  4. I don't think moders can do this . Pretty sure one of our devs said they can't fix the hair , so i doubt they can do the beards. I would rather see an item in game that is modeled off the santa beard but different colors like blond , black ext
  5. Sorry to hear about that Sophie
  6. Does anyone else find the new ads really annoying with some sights , like you have to scroll every time you want to look down your scope , would rather look down the scope first tbh

    1. Eagle


      Nope not really gotten used to it at this point.

  7. I like the item but I’m going to be honest it looks weird and not in a good way . It’s way to wide and just looks like a really overgrown baby head my suggestion is to thin it down a bit so it blends in better with the game models . Also so far the rp is ok with it as the only people I have seen wearing it are nutters , so it fits in
  8. Good news , he's ok now . Got a fractured scull but he's talking . The whole incident was that bad it was on our local news.

    Also merry Christmas.

  9. Oh great . Just found out my best friend that I grew up with is now in hospital after a hit and ru, he’s now under fatal condition and life support. That could have been me if I would have stayed but I went home early . 

    Merry fucking Christmas. Fuck my life

    1. RP


      I am sorry to hear about that mate I hope everything works out ❤️ 

    2. Mademoiselle


      Oh for fucks sake... I'm so sorry. Prayers and thoughts to his family, I hope he recovers fast.

  10. The one item I was hyped to get into the item shop isn’t in it yet . Ffs 

    1. Spartan


      Which one is it?

    2. Saints


      Deniem Jacket 

    3. Spartan


      Rolle is still adding them. Soontm

  11. Have to find a new Uni course and I have to find one by Thursday , in order to study it for next year . Yikes.

  12. Just got Far cry 5 , borderlands 2 w/ prequel and all dlc and Witcher 3 GOTY . All for under £50 , got to love Black Friday 

    1. ShanePVP


      greenmangaming great site

    2. Saints


      I normally get mine from g2a , but steam had some good deals on

  13. Well I guess I have to look for a job now as I’m not doing uni till next tear?

    1. Saints



  14. Honestly a time jump would be better , lore wipe is too boring imo. A time jump stops all of that military storyline crap and actually allows for interesting groups and makes the “2016 rp” make sense . It will also stop the whining of characters being lost and actually allows the players to drastically change the characters development as they would have lived in the outbreak for a long time . Also seeing characters that are born in the outbreak would be cool ; stops the “ I was in the military , I kill people” characters, and allows for an interesting group of fresh characters. Im sorry but with a lore wipe it means a fuck ton of military characters and groups . It’s boring asf .
  15. Hasn’t even been one simester and uni is feeling depressing asf.

    1. KyleRP



  16. By the look of it as well it isn’t dayz , it’s battle eye . It has nothing to do with the dayz devs don’t I have heard accuracies where it happened on PUBG and other games that use it.
  17. I have heard people not being able to turn on their pcs after it happened . This could be bs , but if it did then yea I guess they could sue them. I do a bit of law at uni , but not a lot so don’t take my word.
  18. The DayZ devs have some really confusing bugs , imagine fixing a campfire and then somehow creating a bug that fully fucks your pc .

    1. Cid


      I'm in the same fucking boat right now.  My computer has been messing up all day since attempting to play DayZ.  Was working fine at first, but then one BSOD later and everything is on fire.  Fuck me.

    2. Lucky1911


      this is why im waiting for a bit to play...they have fucked so many things and killing peoples PC with BsoD. Thank god for Fallout 76

    3. Crim


      uninstalling dayz and the mod and reinstalling apparently fixes it

    4. Saints


      Would rather wait . Busy with Uni atm . Just find it funny how they come up with these bugs after fixing the most simple things XD Really confusing how they fix something then break something that is totally unrealated ??

  19. Your hair can't clip through if you have no hair But yea , this has always been an issue. I surely think there will be a mod soon to fix it , as im pretty sure the hair is on a different layer on the character model. Just ignore it atm , kind of immersion breaking and ocd annoying , but nothing much you can do.
  20. Btw Sunset Overdrive is out on steam now fyi. Apparently it's a good game , so that will keep me occupied until battleeye fixes their shit.

  21. Seems like its the update the devs tweeted this.
  22. From what I can tell is that it isn’t the new driver that I installed it’s the entire update . As I am not the only one experiencing this , it’s battle eye that is causing this btw. So it’s definitely dayz. I’m just gonna leave it , I really cba . I’ll wait for the next update to come out and I’ll give it a try . Thanks for the suggestions.
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