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  1. The only thing that pisses me off about text rp is I don’t know who the fuck is talking most of the time when they are in groups and the fact how people abuse it for initiations so you don’t know where they are , giving them and advantage  . 

    I have met some great text rps on this server but even if you are amazing at it , it’s still misplaced on a game where your constantly running and moving around , I really don’t want to keep stopping every time someone says a word . 

    But on topic i don’t really think it’s necessary, everyone should know text rp is allowed and if they don’t then there must be a whitelisting problem .

  2. 11 minutes ago, Zanaan said:

    Not sure where people keep getting this information, but pretty sure there is nothing in the twitch tos about the streamer being accountable for the verbose of those they are actively playing with, but only of their own personal content. I've checked a few times and have never seen anything of the sort.

    Really depends on how much it has been said and who the streamer is , the bigger the streamer the more chance they would get banned for it ( if they didn't mute ) because of advertisers and stuff. But im not being mean to the streamers of dayzrp but i doubt their would be someone streaming this server with over 10k viewers so i think streamers should be ok , if it bothers you alot then leave.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Roland said:

    I wanted to code something like that, when killed as a human, you go unconscious for 30-60s and then wake up and play with a zombie model and you have kill rights on all humans. But there's lots of issues with it, from controlling the zombie model and the transition between two player states, to switching the model, stance, animations, etc. If I had unlimited free time, maybe 😉 

    Doesn’t that completely go against the dayz lore and our lore ? 

  4. I have been running around up north , south and west the times I have been playing and I barely bump into anyone .

    I have to migrate to popular settlements ( when they were a thing ) like Kab or Novy and I don’t want to sound like a dickhead but most of the time in these settlements are ether boring asf even with a lot of people or just outright troll with their mates . Just puts me off rping to a whole , I legit ran around up north for about 2 hours found no one and logged off depressed thinking it was a waste of time .

    But was a suggestion to stop this hiding thing is hostile groups having wars with one another , other than restricting civs with weapon law #200 . Let’s the civs have fun and the hostile rpers , win win imo . ( Don’t know what’s actually going in game atm , so if the last part is actually happening ignore plz)


  5. So let me get this straight, Irish terrorist groups are not allowed .... but rape is ? 

    Big no from me , I would not like to have a nice evening stroll through Cherno to see a rape and make my whole day ruined .

  6. Ok so what needs nerfing exactly ? I have played for a couple of hours whilst playing on the new patch . And I for one love the zombies , they got killed one shot with a macarov in the brain whilst I was downloading a game . The chases where intense and actually made me think for a bit in dayz , like how much ammo I want to conserve if I get in a pvp fight and what the best approach to take them out . 

    The running is fine of the infected ,as I enjoy watching the movie 28 days later , which I think what they are aiming for . The realism side of it is just a meme at this point . Zombies are not real , they are fictional and will never happen , therefore there has to be a side of unrealistic intent to them in order for them to be a threat . Because if we were rping realism , then there would be very few infected and people would not be telepathicly talking to one another during firefights . 

    Please don’t nerf them .

    (sorry for bad grammar and spelling just woke up)


  7. You see I wouldn’t mind the changes if 1 the melee combat wasn’t the shittiest clunky mess I have ever seen programmed in a game . And 2 the zombies had better AI , I love the wolf AI but the zombie AI is just a roll at the dice at some point . 

  8. I think it should be better balanced. The Macarov is fine as the rounds are weak as they are on players . But rifles like the M4 or Ak should be 1 shot to the brain and maybe like 2-3 shots the the body. The damage that is done to the infected should be corresponding to the damage that is inflicted upon players that don’t wear armour or clothing. I think the damages it self need not a massive tweak like last patch , but somewhere in the middle between last patch and now .

  9. I don't think moders can do this . Pretty sure one of our devs said they can't fix the hair , so i doubt they can do the beards.

    I would rather see an item in game that is modeled off the santa beard but different colors like blond , black ext 

  10. I like the item but I’m going to be honest it looks weird and not in a good way . It’s way to wide and just looks like a really overgrown baby head my suggestion is to thin it down a bit so it blends in better with the game models .

    Also so far the rp is ok with it as the only people I have seen wearing it are nutters , so it fits in 

  11. Honestly a time jump would be better , lore wipe is too boring imo. A time jump stops all of that military storyline crap and actually allows for interesting groups and makes the “2016 rp” make sense .

    It will also stop the whining of characters being lost and actually allows the players to drastically change the characters development as they would have lived in the outbreak for a long time .

    Also seeing characters that are born in the outbreak would be cool ; stops the “ I was in the military , I kill people” characters, and allows for an interesting group of fresh characters.

    Im sorry but with a lore wipe it means a fuck ton of military characters and groups . It’s boring asf . 

  12. 2 minutes ago, Banshee said:

    BSOD won't damage your computer "Although a BSoD won't damage your hardware, it can ruin your day.", so filling a lawsuit against them won't do anything.


    I have heard people not being able to turn on their pcs after it happened . This could be bs , but if it did then yea I guess they could sue them.

    I do a bit of law at uni , but not a lot so don’t take my word.

  13. Your hair can't clip through if you have no hair 
    Image result for think meme

    But yea , this has always been an issue. I surely think there will be a mod soon to fix it , as im pretty sure the hair is on a different layer on the character model. 
    Just ignore it atm , kind of immersion breaking and ocd annoying , but nothing much you can do. 

  14. From what I can tell is that it isn’t the new driver that I installed it’s the entire update . As I am not the only one experiencing this , it’s battle eye that is causing this btw. So it’s definitely dayz. 

    I’m just gonna leave it , I really cba . I’ll wait for the next update to come out and I’ll give it a try . Thanks for the suggestions.

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