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Characters Comments posted by Saints

  1. Just now, Western said:

    this looks really good mate, like the idea :)

    Thanks , just fiddled with the photoshop and like the the theme as it reminded me of red dead. I also felt a bit WESTERN ( ;) )and i made a character out of it.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Galaxy said:

    Hey William_Billy just some feedback on your page,

    The story is interesting with the twist of him liking Russia so much he stayed and that he got loads of tattoos and stuff, there is a few grammatical mistakes but nothing a quick run down can't fix, basic things like capital letters where they are meant to be at the start of country names and what not. Maybe a more in depth features on what some of the tattoos mean would be pretty cool along with how some of his equipment was acquired. Other than that i'm looking forward to the graphics and also I like the background image/music, very patriotic ;) 

    Other than that looking forward to meeting you IC!



    Cheers , yea. It is very rushed atm. Planning on revealing some more of the tattoos in the near future


  3. Just now, Boston Basher said:

    Dont be one of those people who put a walking dead picture and a first name from the show, it makes your character cringy ;)

    His character backstory has nothing to do with the character on the show. Don't think it is necessary to say it is cringy of a picture and a name. my 2 cents :)  


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