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  1. Saints


    What the actual fuck was this trailer 


    1. DrMax


      Lmao, real zombie killing hours 

    2. Oy


      What the actual fuck was season 4? This show went so far off the rails, it's ridiculous. 

    3. Saints


      Scott Gimble happened that's what . He butchered the Negan storyline on the original show and lost alot of fans , luckily the new showrunner is actually good with a more direction on the writing and dialogue between characters , unfortunately though the shows at the lowest point because of the people who left because of that idiot. 

      He has a more direction on action and killing of main characters for no reason at all  because he thinks the walking dead aims towards 12 year olds , that's why the show fell apart , shame aswell i loved season 1-3 and was really exited for season 4 , but tv shows want to go mainstream and want to appeal to the brain dead people who only care about action. 

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