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  1. Saints


    Jesus christ , if you thought far cry 5's ending was bad , new dawn is on an whole other level of trash. Payed 40 for 3 hours of story mode . Dont buy , get it on discount . 

    1. Mademoiselle


      TBH i feel like the franchised failed after FC3. Michael Mando raised a bar for the next psychos in future games and they weren't as good. As much as I love troy baker, Pagan Min was disappointing.

    2. Saints


      Far cry 5 was amazing they went in full detail with that game , they made cheesy cultist music and the the father was an excellent character. But far cry 3 was my all time favorite for nostalgic purposes. Bought Primal ( is awful) and Far cry 4 but i haven't played it much.

      I was hyped asf for new dawn though , as i always thought an apocalypse far cry would be awesome , shame it had shitty villains and a very quick story mode that just goes over the refund mark . Scummy move. 

    3. APositivePara


      FC5 had its issues but i enjoyed some of it. Would've been nice to have 1-2 character leads all your quests rather than random bellends you don't care about giving you the missions, or sometimes walking away before they can. 

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