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  1. Saints


    So i need help with my pc. 

    I upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1 , but now legit nothing will install on my pc now. I will leave my pc for like 3 hours and the items are still on "preparing for install". Tried resting and stuff , still nothing works. Any advice?

    1. Strawberry


      Seems like a windows Installer service issue.

      Open Run, type in Services.msc.

      Navigate to Windows Installer service and check its status.

      If it is running try stopping it. If it successfully stops, change it to manual by going in the properties of the service.

    2. Saints


      Its on Manual and it's stopped. 

    3. Strawberry


      Still not working?

      If not try going into Task Manager --> End Windows Installer

    4. Saints


      Its fixed now , to an extent . I can't uninstall or install nvidia for some reason.

    5. Mexi


      dl geforce experience for that, unless you're talkin about that lmao

    6. Saints


      Both, i can't install the driver or the g force. Like it's bugged or something , won't even let me uninstall the old geforce . 

    7. Mexi


      post something in troubleshooting section, smart fuckers on this forum.

    8. Major


      There has been a widespread issue with Windows updates. Microsoft fired their whole update team, might be something to do with that. Calling @Agent Banks

    9. BanksRP


      Could talk about it over TS @Saints but briefly:

      Currently have done this 6-10 times over in the past few days, so I'm quite sure this will work.

      Also if you've made a restore point, you should go back to it.

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