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  1. Saints


    To let everyone know the operation went successfully, non of the risks that I was told happened .

    The recovery is shit . Can't eat or drink that well and I struggle to breath at night . I have also lost too much weight , to the point where it is in healthy . 

    But then again , it is the issues that I will have to face . Thank you to everyone again and I shal return in about a month.

    1. Brayces


      Just focus on getting better, Saints! You'll make it through okay, it's gonna be tough now but you're gonna get better as times moves forward! We're all thinkin' about cha, and wishing you the best. 

    2. FalkRP


      Take it easy mate, i had mine yesterday know what your feel, take it easy play down drink water or even soup helps. if you smoke or vape do i anyway wont effect anything be alright, but hope you alright mate

    3. Jman14102


      Much love to you, man.

      Try popsicles, the ice is soothing to any potential pain.

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