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  1. Saints


    Considering my operation is only 2 and a half weeks way , i think it is a good time to announce that I will not be on as frequently anymore , as when I get my operation it will be a huge confidence boost , so that is when I have to focus on my life as I have no real excuse . 

    As I mean by frequent , as for the past few days I won't be on 247 , but you will still see me on the ts here and there .

    As for pictures . I won't be sharing the updates on the forums as I want to keep my face private from me and my friends as it may not be smart to publicly display it as I want to join the police and will be a specialist late next year.

    If you are that intrested just message me and I'll send you my snap chat.

    This will be my last update on it ... And thank you everyone .

    1. Brayces


      Heya Saints, 

      Good luck my dude, I know surgeries can be pretty scary but it seems like you're pretty amped up for this one! I hope it all goes uber smoothly and your recovery time is barely anything at all! Don't push yourself too hard once you're out, and let your body work it's healin' magic. 

      I know all your buds will understand that you won't be able to get in as often, so don't fret! Making sure you're happy and healthy is priority. 

      Let us all know when you get outta post-op and are okay! Just, make sure not to be too hyped up on pain killers. :P I've said some silly things before while high as a kite on meds, lol. But then again ... I was pretty funny, so maybe you'll be too. >:) 

      Either way, best of luck! You got this! 

    2. Jman14102


      Good luck, man. 

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