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  1. Saints

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

    Everyone will die and the only survivor will be Ed Sheeran .
  2. Saints

    Communities Thoughts On Server Mods?

    I honestly don't know why third party gameplay mods can't get added , if it was an item then sure because of crashes and stuff once they get removed . But game play , surely if it's fucking up our mod we can just remove it no problem.
  3. Saints

    Walking Dead Glitch

    Doesn’t that completely go against the dayz lore and our lore ?
  4. Born and raised in Chernarus during his very younger years from the age of birth to 3 , he was raised with a very poor family whom which he knew nothing about when he was older , all he knew is that is father was a waste of space and his mother was barely living , and did what ever it took to make sure her soon was well taken care for in the future and present. He also knew that his original parents were very young when they gave birth to Martin , at around the age of 18 which in it's self difficult to do especially in a foreign country. He got taken away at 3 years old to a adopted family in Liverpool England , he hated that family throughout his whole life he wanted to see his real parents and live back in his old country . Not many belived he was actually Chernarusian as he has a scouse accent , from which he got from friends and "family" . He got into alot of fights when he was younger but not for the wrong reasons , he always stuck up for him self and other friends, he would never hurt anyone for the wrong reasons. He also grew up with another foster kid named "Winston" , but he never liked him as he was spoilt over the two and got the most attention from the parents. As soon as Martin could move out he did , he got an apartment and lived by himself and provided for himself from a young age . Around the age of 19 Martin decided to visit his old country in order to find his actual parents and learn about his country. Unfortunately he visited at a wrong time , spewing himself into chaos where he would learn how to survive and more. After barely collecting supplies and over a year into the outbreak , he started to notice more and more skinny dying people on the streets , seeing how they were suffering whilst there was big groups and people hording supplies from people , making them suffer when they live in glory. Martin decided to take it upon himself to take out these scav's supplies and give it out to the people that need it .... and that's where the story begins.
  5. Saints

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I have been running around up north , south and west the times I have been playing and I barely bump into anyone . I have to migrate to popular settlements ( when they were a thing ) like Kab or Novy and I don’t want to sound like a dickhead but most of the time in these settlements are ether boring asf even with a lot of people or just outright troll with their mates . Just puts me off rping to a whole , I legit ran around up north for about 2 hours found no one and logged off depressed thinking it was a waste of time . But was a suggestion to stop this hiding thing is hostile groups having wars with one another , other than restricting civs with weapon law #200 . Let’s the civs have fun and the hostile rpers , win win imo . ( Don’t know what’s actually going in game atm , so if the last part is actually happening ignore plz)
  6. Saints

    Ban Rape RP

    So let me get this straight, Irish terrorist groups are not allowed .... but rape is ? Big no from me , I would not like to have a nice evening stroll through Cherno to see a rape and make my whole day ruined .
  7. Saints

    New DayZ Cinematic Trailer Discussion

    Spent more time and effort on the trailer than the game . Was expecting a Ubisoft intro to pop up at the start .
  8. Saints


    Does anyone else use voicemeter , does it fuck with the dayz voip , cause my mic goes weird after about 2 hours , before it's fine and everyone elses is good , so it isnt lag.

    1. Crim


      I use it, ive no issues

  9. Saints


    Decided to go back to my PS4 the past couple of weeks to play through the ac games and other great games . 

    Realised that ps plus players get modern warfare remastered , decided to play it and holy fuck . It was like I was an old man playing on video game for the first time in his life , it took me 5 minutes to aim at a guy .

    1. Voodoo


      ikr, ive got so used to mouse and keyboard im also struggling when it comes to a controller


    2. Saints


      I used to actually be pretty decent on bf4 and other cod games when I was younger ,  every time I use the controller now , I’m just wondering how the fuck I did it . 

  10. Saints

    Chernarus Remake mod

    If we were to do a time jump this would be cool .
  11. Saints

    I am very sorry

    That is why i like the infected now , what a brutal scene.
  12. Saints


    Jesus christ , if you thought far cry 5's ending was bad , new dawn is on an whole other level of trash. Payed 40 for 3 hours of story mode . Dont buy , get it on discount . 

    1. Mademoiselle


      TBH i feel like the franchised failed after FC3. Michael Mando raised a bar for the next psychos in future games and they weren't as good. As much as I love troy baker, Pagan Min was disappointing.

    2. Saints


      Far cry 5 was amazing they went in full detail with that game , they made cheesy cultist music and the the father was an excellent character. But far cry 3 was my all time favorite for nostalgic purposes. Bought Primal ( is awful) and Far cry 4 but i haven't played it much.

      I was hyped asf for new dawn though , as i always thought an apocalypse far cry would be awesome , shame it had shitty villains and a very quick story mode that just goes over the refund mark . Scummy move. 

    3. Para


      FC5 had its issues but i enjoyed some of it. Would've been nice to have 1-2 character leads all your quests rather than random bellends you don't care about giving you the missions, or sometimes walking away before they can. 

  13. Saints


    Got refunded both PayPal and epic games where quick and helpful.

  14. Saints


    Epic games acount got hacked , they spent 2000 on vbuks fuck meeee!

    1. Crim


      Fuck.. really?
      I use 2 step whenever I can

    2. Saints


      I am now , i mean ill get it back. I am on good terms with my bank atm and its around the corner rom mine.


  15. Saints


    So is every item in the item shop ready to be spawned in? Or are some only available for the next update . 

    1. Falk


      some in the next update 

    2. Saints


      Alright cheers . I’ll just have to guess which one is in then.

    3. Osku


      If it doesn't have an image it's not in.

    4. Saints


      There are custom items that are ingame now that dont have pictures , does that mean i can't spawn them also?

    5. Osku


      Which ones? If thats the case I might have been mistaken.

    6. Saints


      The "Ireland t shirt" saw people running around with it in game 

  16. Saints

    Nerf Zombies Please

    Ok so what needs nerfing exactly ? I have played for a couple of hours whilst playing on the new patch . And I for one love the zombies , they got killed one shot with a macarov in the brain whilst I was downloading a game . The chases where intense and actually made me think for a bit in dayz , like how much ammo I want to conserve if I get in a pvp fight and what the best approach to take them out . The running is fine of the infected ,as I enjoy watching the movie 28 days later , which I think what they are aiming for . The realism side of it is just a meme at this point . Zombies are not real , they are fictional and will never happen , therefore there has to be a side of unrealistic intent to them in order for them to be a threat . Because if we were rping realism , then there would be very few infected and people would not be telepathicly talking to one another during firefights . Please don’t nerf them . (sorry for bad grammar and spelling just woke up)
  17. Saints

    Zombie Buff

    You see I wouldn’t mind the changes if 1 the melee combat wasn’t the shittiest clunky mess I have ever seen programmed in a game . And 2 the zombies had better AI , I love the wolf AI but the zombie AI is just a roll at the dice at some point .
  18. Saints

    Zombie Buff

    I think it should be better balanced. The Macarov is fine as the rounds are weak as they are on players . But rifles like the M4 or Ak should be 1 shot to the brain and maybe like 2-3 shots the the body. The damage that is done to the infected should be corresponding to the damage that is inflicted upon players that don’t wear armour or clothing. I think the damages it self need not a massive tweak like last patch , but somewhere in the middle between last patch and now .
  19. Saints

    A prayer for the community

    Glad to hear Sophie , hope you have a nice recovery
  20. Saints

    Fix the beards

    I don't think moders can do this . Pretty sure one of our devs said they can't fix the hair , so i doubt they can do the beards. I would rather see an item in game that is modeled off the santa beard but different colors like blond , black ext
  21. Saints

    Where u live? [State]

    Wirral/ Liverpool
  22. Saints

    A prayer for the community

    Sorry to hear about that Sophie
  23. Saints


    Does anyone else find the new ads really annoying with some sights , like you have to scroll every time you want to look down your scope , would rather look down the scope first tbh

    1. Eagle


      Nope not really gotten used to it at this point.

  24. Saints


    Image result for feels birthday man

  25. Saints

    Skin Mask Questions

    I like the item but I’m going to be honest it looks weird and not in a good way . It’s way to wide and just looks like a really overgrown baby head my suggestion is to thin it down a bit so it blends in better with the game models . Also so far the rp is ok with it as the only people I have seen wearing it are nutters , so it fits in
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