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  1. Saints


    The one item I was hyped to get into the item shop isn’t in it yet . Ffs 

    1. Spartan


      Which one is it?

    2. Saints


      Deniem Jacket 

    3. Spartan


      Rolle is still adding them. Soontm

  2. Saints


    Have to find a new Uni course and I have to find one by Thursday , in order to study it for next year . Yikes.

  3. Saints


    Just got Far cry 5 , borderlands 2 w/ prequel and all dlc and Witcher 3 GOTY . All for under £50 , got to love Black Friday 

    1. ShaneKOS


      greenmangaming great site

    2. Saints


      I normally get mine from g2a , but steam had some good deals on

  4. Saints


    Well I guess I have to look for a job now as I’m not doing uni till next tear👌

    1. Saints



  5. Saints

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    Honestly a time jump would be better , lore wipe is too boring imo. A time jump stops all of that military storyline crap and actually allows for interesting groups and makes the “2016 rp” make sense . It will also stop the whining of characters being lost and actually allows the players to drastically change the characters development as they would have lived in the outbreak for a long time . Also seeing characters that are born in the outbreak would be cool ; stops the “ I was in the military , I kill people” characters, and allows for an interesting group of fresh characters. Im sorry but with a lore wipe it means a fuck ton of military characters and groups . It’s boring asf .
  6. Saints


    Hasn’t even been one simester and uni is feeling depressing asf.

    1. KyleRP



  7. Saints

    DayZ BSOD and Lawsuit

    By the look of it as well it isn’t dayz , it’s battle eye . It has nothing to do with the dayz devs don’t I have heard accuracies where it happened on PUBG and other games that use it.
  8. Saints

    DayZ BSOD and Lawsuit

    I have heard people not being able to turn on their pcs after it happened . This could be bs , but if it did then yea I guess they could sue them. I do a bit of law at uni , but not a lot so don’t take my word.
  9. Saints

    Hair clipping through headgear

    Your hair can't clip through if you have no hair But yea , this has always been an issue. I surely think there will be a mod soon to fix it , as im pretty sure the hair is on a different layer on the character model. Just ignore it atm , kind of immersion breaking and ocd annoying , but nothing much you can do.
  10. Saints

    DayZ = BSOD?

    Like this
  11. Saints

    Running Dayz after Geforce Driver update crash

    Seems like its the update the devs tweeted this.
  12. Saints

    Running Dayz after Geforce Driver update crash

    From what I can tell is that it isn’t the new driver that I installed it’s the entire update . As I am not the only one experiencing this , it’s battle eye that is causing this btw. So it’s definitely dayz. I’m just gonna leave it , I really cba . I’ll wait for the next update to come out and I’ll give it a try . Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. Saints

    Running Dayz after Geforce Driver update crash

    Unfortunately this didn’t help . But here is what keeps coming up . Seems like it’s different every time .
  14. Saints

    Running Dayz after Geforce Driver update crash

    So I recently updated my gpu drivers as I had heard rumours that it fixes the FPS issue in dayz ( did this though GeForce) . Now every time I open dayz and dayz only I get greeted with a sad face in the top left and a blue screen . The issue is something along the lines of “ trying to write read only” ? I don’t know what to do in all honesty , if anyone can help me that would be great .
  15. Saints

    Text chat locks character up

    open the emote wheel for a sec it should unfreeze you