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  1. Saints


    Got refunded both PayPal and epic games where quick and helpful.

  2. Saints


    Epic games acount got hacked , they spent 2000 on vbuks fuck meeee!

    1. Crim


      Fuck.. really?
      I use 2 step whenever I can

    2. Saints


      I am now , i mean ill get it back. I am on good terms with my bank atm and its around the corner rom mine.


  3. Saints


    So is every item in the item shop ready to be spawned in? Or are some only available for the next update . 

    1. Falk


      some in the next update 

    2. Saints


      Alright cheers . I’ll just have to guess which one is in then.

    3. Osku


      If it doesn't have an image it's not in.

    4. Saints


      There are custom items that are ingame now that dont have pictures , does that mean i can't spawn them also?

    5. Osku


      Which ones? If thats the case I might have been mistaken.

    6. Saints


      The "Ireland t shirt" saw people running around with it in game 

  4. Saints

    Nerf Zombies Please

    Ok so what needs nerfing exactly ? I have played for a couple of hours whilst playing on the new patch . And I for one love the zombies , they got killed one shot with a macarov in the brain whilst I was downloading a game . The chases where intense and actually made me think for a bit in dayz , like how much ammo I want to conserve if I get in a pvp fight and what the best approach to take them out . The running is fine of the infected ,as I enjoy watching the movie 28 days later , which I think what they are aiming for . The realism side of it is just a meme at this point . Zombies are not real , they are fictional and will never happen , therefore there has to be a side of unrealistic intent to them in order for them to be a threat . Because if we were rping realism , then there would be very few infected and people would not be telepathicly talking to one another during firefights . Please don’t nerf them . (sorry for bad grammar and spelling just woke up)
  5. Saints

    Zombie Buff

    You see I wouldn’t mind the changes if 1 the melee combat wasn’t the shittiest clunky mess I have ever seen programmed in a game . And 2 the zombies had better AI , I love the wolf AI but the zombie AI is just a roll at the dice at some point .
  6. Saints

    Zombie Buff

    I think it should be better balanced. The Macarov is fine as the rounds are weak as they are on players . But rifles like the M4 or Ak should be 1 shot to the brain and maybe like 2-3 shots the the body. The damage that is done to the infected should be corresponding to the damage that is inflicted upon players that don’t wear armour or clothing. I think the damages it self need not a massive tweak like last patch , but somewhere in the middle between last patch and now .
  7. Conner is an urban explorer that travels around the world to visit vast and dangerous places in order to document them through books or videos . He used to visit places that where around his area like abandoned schools /hospitals ext. He recently traveled to other places around the world , from Egypt to Japan . he loved exploring and often traveled with a camera crew or just a group of friends , the trill of the adventure will make epic tales for his kids and grandkids to tell. He doesn't want any money or popularity but just events that he will remember for ever. After hearing about the Civil war that went down , Conner thought it would be a good idea to visit Chernarus in order to document the events of the war and the effect it had on the country . Unfortunately more serous events happened , causing the camera crew to die . Conner was fortunately the only one to survive after the year they have been living here , he still to this day records the events that has happened and hopefully sees and end to this.
  8. Saints

    A prayer for the community

    Glad to hear Sophie , hope you have a nice recovery
  9. Saints

    Fix the beards

    I don't think moders can do this . Pretty sure one of our devs said they can't fix the hair , so i doubt they can do the beards. I would rather see an item in game that is modeled off the santa beard but different colors like blond , black ext
  10. Saints

    Where u live? [State]

    Wirral/ Liverpool
  11. Saints

    A prayer for the community

    Sorry to hear about that Sophie
  12. Saints


    Does anyone else find the new ads really annoying with some sights , like you have to scroll every time you want to look down your scope , would rather look down the scope first tbh

    1. Eagle


      Nope not really gotten used to it at this point.

  13. Saints


    Image result for feels birthday man

  14. Saints

    Skin Mask Questions

    I like the item but I’m going to be honest it looks weird and not in a good way . It’s way to wide and just looks like a really overgrown baby head my suggestion is to thin it down a bit so it blends in better with the game models . Also so far the rp is ok with it as the only people I have seen wearing it are nutters , so it fits in
  15. Saints


    Good news , he's ok now . Got a fractured scull but he's talking . The whole incident was that bad it was on our local news.

    Also merry Christmas.

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