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  1. playing through gta4 , i nearly beaten it only to play it today to find out my save has been wiped and windows live wont let me save anymore. rip.

  2. The only thing that pisses me off about text rp is I don’t know who the fuck is talking most of the time when they are in groups and the fact how people abuse it for initiations so you don’t know where they are , giving them and advantage . I have met some great text rps on this server but even if you are amazing at it , it’s still misplaced on a game where your constantly running and moving around , I really don’t want to keep stopping every time someone says a word . But on topic i don’t really think it’s necessary, everyone should know text rp is allowed and if they don’t then there must be a whitelisting problem .
  3. Is it a windows 10 thing that my cpu on my task manager is on 100% , because i barely have anything open . If so how do i fix it 

  4. -Spawns in with simple gear 
    -Game freezes for like a nano second , straight to pick black and two zombies are killing me 
    -Dies . Spawns in as a female 
    -Trys to kms but you dont have a knife , so i was running around looking for a hill 
    -Server goes down
    -Goes back up wait in 15 queue 
    -Kicked for ping , even though it said 60 on the browser

    Why the fuck do i play this shitty ass game . Please for the mother of god , spawn us with a knife or something . 

  5. When you want to finish your Chernarussian Characters story , but you havent played him for a couple of months so your accent's shit. 


  6. Kinda need help , my mouse feels sluggish sometimes as if im dragging it through mud and its really fucking annoying to play games .

    My mouse is a Razor Chrome Deathhadder 

    1. Brayces


      increase DPI using Razer Synapse. (Program from Razer website.)

    2. Saints


      done that ... nothing . Restarting my pc fixes it for a bit , but its a pain in the ass . Seems to be a window 10 issue


  7. Really depends on how much it has been said and who the streamer is , the bigger the streamer the more chance they would get banned for it ( if they didn't mute ) because of advertisers and stuff. But im not being mean to the streamers of dayzrp but i doubt their would be someone streaming this server with over 10k viewers so i think streamers should be ok , if it bothers you alot then leave.
  8. What the actual fuck was this trailer 


    1. DrMax


      Lmao, real zombie killing hours 

    2. Oy


      What the actual fuck was season 4? This show went so far off the rails, it's ridiculous. 

    3. Saints


      Scott Gimble happened that's what . He butchered the Negan storyline on the original show and lost alot of fans , luckily the new showrunner is actually good with a more direction on the writing and dialogue between characters , unfortunately though the shows at the lowest point because of the people who left because of that idiot. 

      He has a more direction on action and killing of main characters for no reason at all  because he thinks the walking dead aims towards 12 year olds , that's why the show fell apart , shame aswell i loved season 1-3 and was really exited for season 4 , but tv shows want to go mainstream and want to appeal to the brain dead people who only care about action. 

  9. 2 updates after full release and they still haven't fixed the character model not saving 

  10. People have said endgame was boring . I thought it was amazing all the way through .

     That being said I have 3000 hours on dayz so almost anything is exciting to me. 

  11. Everyone will die and the only survivor will be Ed Sheeran .
  12. I honestly don't know why third party gameplay mods can't get added , if it was an item then sure because of crashes and stuff once they get removed . But game play , surely if it's fucking up our mod we can just remove it no problem.
  13. Doesn’t that completely go against the dayz lore and our lore ?
  14. I have been running around up north , south and west the times I have been playing and I barely bump into anyone . I have to migrate to popular settlements ( when they were a thing ) like Kab or Novy and I don’t want to sound like a dickhead but most of the time in these settlements are ether boring asf even with a lot of people or just outright troll with their mates . Just puts me off rping to a whole , I legit ran around up north for about 2 hours found no one and logged off depressed thinking it was a waste of time . But was a suggestion to stop this hiding thing is hostile groups having wars with one another , other than restricting civs with weapon law #200 . Let’s the civs have fun and the hostile rpers , win win imo . ( Don’t know what’s actually going in game atm , so if the last part is actually happening ignore plz)
  15. So let me get this straight, Irish terrorist groups are not allowed .... but rape is ? Big no from me , I would not like to have a nice evening stroll through Cherno to see a rape and make my whole day ruined .
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