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  1. Irrelevant

    Suitable name change. 

    1. Lad


      lolwho r u?

  2. Goodbye for now

    Going to be leaving, will return once i get rid of my depression and sort out my rl. Hope you guys have fun
  3. Irrelevant

    Question: If you make a leaving thread do you have to do your whitelist again ... like the application. 

    1. Lad


      No, you just wait the month then you just make a thread and you're all good. Although my whitelist was never removered recently, just posting rights. Case by case?

    2. Mexi


      No. You get blacklisted and have to request it to be back.

      Easier to put a leaving thing on your profile and just come back whenever.

    3. Oliv


      No. Your whitelist stays, but you will be blacklisted and unable to join the server. You will not have to reapply

  4. Irrelevant

    Last day tomorrow after a week and a half of labor work. Tired asf , but should be on all week next week and the week after.

  5. Rhys Mackelroy

  6. Irrelevant



  7. Irrelevant

    Screenshots from last night.


  8. Irrelevant

    "Ah thought i would play Marlon for a bit so i don't have to be so serious as the VDC character , won't be on late Sunday because of work"

    I now found out i'm off monday and i can't switch my character....

    Le sigh 

  9. Sean Gold

    _Wip_ Born with ADHD Sean has always wanted to have fun , and has always acted like a child in order to have fun and fit in with the rest of society. Even though he has ADHD he does often be quite responsable in intense and / or serious situations that need him to be serious in order to act sane. With his ADHD and ...
  10. Irrelevant

    Breaks rule to kill someone cause they don't like them ooc .... 

    Don't get it ?

    1. Elmo


      10/10 demonstration of relaying completely obvious information


  11. Irrelevant

    Bored edit. 


  12. Irrelevant

    Back for the weekend , managed to cut open the bottom of my face whilst knocking down a wall and a nail unluckily hit my in the face. 

    Working one more week after this for 9 hours a day , but it's worth 40 a day.

  13. Irrelevant

    Gonna be taking a break for 2 weeks as i am working . See you guys in 2 weeks.

  14. Dr Jones' "Research"

    You did better than me lmao. Lucky i didn't record my interview .
  15. Dr Jones' "Research"

    Added an interview for Marcus Letter ( @Malet ) Interviewer ( @mark3390 )