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Flea Market
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  1. Ah, had no idea it was Tanoa.. well RIP hype.
  2. UnkaSunka

    Is this normal?

    Yea pretty much, I found an M4 in the same type of car at the debug close to tisy.
  3. Did somebody say Memes? -UnkaSunka
  4. Well all of your suggestions are pretty interesting and I will try to use them for the rp, especially avoiding the so called "bandit triangle". Thank you for your time guys
  5. I dont like military bases, I was never to the "bandit triangle" as you guys like to call it. But i was just running up north and looting up towns until i got to tisy and some people robbed me at the forrest pretty close to the base, and I lost my only gun that i got on my way there. And now im up north with no gun to protect myself...
  6. What about tisy military base and around?
  7. Ok, so I have met like 5 or 6 players (groups) on my way to north west, and all of them were hostile and wanted to rob me. I didnt play in a while now because i know that if i go and loot towns or something like that im just gonna get robbed by the next people I find. I dont know where can I meet frienly people, is there like a friendly place to go or something. I just want to rp with people and not get robbed, thats it. Thank you.
  8. Nice little way to earn a bit of cash
  9. I read all the rules and the newcomber guide like ten times , just waiting for the whitelist to open again. Cant wait to join he community, wish me luck
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