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  1. Marko Pavelić was born in Vukovar, Croatia in the year 1991. The city of Vukovar was under siege by the Yugoslav People's Army while he was being born in the city hospital, which was being under heavy artillery as we speak. His father, Ivan was on the very front lines trying to fight off the JNA attack. His father was unfortunately killed in the siege and the JNA managed to take over the town. When they got to the hospital they captured everyone inside and killed a few hundred captured civilians and soldiers. Marko and his mother Marija were amongst them, and unfortunately his mother was killed and he was let off. Marko was later adopted by his grandfather and grandmother. You can say he lived a normal life, even though he lost his parents while he was just an infant. It did not really bother Marko that much since he never actually met them, but he sometimes does think of them and what they were like. He finished school with good grades and wanted to follow his fathers footsteps to become a soldier and make him proud. He was 20 when he decided to join the military, for 2 years he was working in military camps around Croatia until his friend asked him to come and join him in participating in the UN peacekeeping forces. Without hesitation he applied and got the job. The pay was really good, which worked out for him since he did not have much money at the time. He spent 2 years around Africa and earned quite a penny. He went back to Croatia and was on a vacation from everything for 1 year, he bought himself a nice house and a car. He was starting to build a life for himself. But after that 1 year the same friend that got him into the UN asked him if he wants to join him to a very last peacekeeping mission in Chernarus. Marko thought about it for a while and ended up accepting the job. This would be the last of him in the military he said, but little did he know that his life and the world is gonna change forever.
  2. UnkaSunka

    Desolation Redux Release

    Ah, had no idea it was Tanoa.. well RIP hype.
  3. UnkaSunka

    Is this normal?

    Yea pretty much, I found an M4 in the same type of car at the debug close to tisy.
  4. UnkaSunka

    Petition for the Meme thread

    Did somebody say Memes? -UnkaSunka
  5. Well all of your suggestions are pretty interesting and I will try to use them for the rp, especially avoiding the so called "bandit triangle". Thank you for your time guys
  6. I dont like military bases, I was never to the "bandit triangle" as you guys like to call it. But i was just running up north and looting up towns until i got to tisy and some people robbed me at the forrest pretty close to the base, and I lost my only gun that i got on my way there. And now im up north with no gun to protect myself...
  7. What about tisy military base and around?
  8. Ok, so I have met like 5 or 6 players (groups) on my way to north west, and all of them were hostile and wanted to rob me. I didnt play in a while now because i know that if i go and loot towns or something like that im just gonna get robbed by the next people I find. I dont know where can I meet frienly people, is there like a friendly place to go or something. I just want to rp with people and not get robbed, thats it. Thank you.
  9. UnkaSunka

    Whitelist status

    Nice little way to earn a bit of cash
  10. UnkaSunka

    Whitelist status

    I read all the rules and the newcomber guide like ten times , just waiting for the whitelist to open again. Cant wait to join he community, wish me luck
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