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  1. Desolation Redux Release

    Ah, had no idea it was Tanoa.. well RIP hype.
  2. Is this normal?

    Yea pretty much, I found an M4 in the same type of car at the debug close to tisy.
  3. Group Idea; Looking for thoughts

    Cool idea, hope it works out for you.
  4. Petition for the Meme thread

    Did somebody say Memes? -UnkaSunka
  5. Hostile people

    Well all of your suggestions are pretty interesting and I will try to use them for the rp, especially avoiding the so called "bandit triangle". Thank you for your time guys
  6. Hostile people

    I dont like military bases, I was never to the "bandit triangle" as you guys like to call it. But i was just running up north and looting up towns until i got to tisy and some people robbed me at the forrest pretty close to the base, and I lost my only gun that i got on my way there. And now im up north with no gun to protect myself...
  7. Hostile people

    What about tisy military base and around?
  8. Hostile people

    Ok, so I have met like 5 or 6 players (groups) on my way to north west, and all of them were hostile and wanted to rob me. I didnt play in a while now because i know that if i go and loot towns or something like that im just gonna get robbed by the next people I find. I dont know where can I meet frienly people, is there like a friendly place to go or something. I just want to rp with people and not get robbed, thats it. Thank you.