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  1. So a few thoughts, Yes we're 800 days into the outbreak. But remember, mankind hasn't died out. There are still functioning governments elsewhere in some form. Chernarus and especially SZ is a heavily militarized place, so up to and during the initial outbreak there would be large stockpiles of weapons. These would generally be heavily looted in SZ, but time goes on, fighting continues, different armed groups (internal and external) come and go. The stockpiles decrease, but the weapons stay in circulation. You would also seem some influx of arms from different countries brought in by various state and non-state actors from neighbouring Russia and Takistan, as @Major stated. Guns aren't biodegradable, only the dead are biodegradable.
  2. Hey, Yes I just recently got my new PC and have no problems on the fresh install, thanks. Please archive:)
  3. I've been having this issue for an hour now. I keep getting kicked with the same message. I've verified integrity of game cache, I've uninstalled any conflicting programs afaik. BattlEye files are ON my computer. What am I missing? And yes, BattlEye is enabled in the launch menu.
  4. I don't know any of the internal issues between staff, I just wish things could be better. I've never known you as anything other than an exceptional staff member, a core member of the community and an overwhelmingly cool person. They're definitely missing out.
  5. oh my god The Rock is such a good film

    Michael Bay where did it all go wrong sweetie who hurt you

    1. Flapjack


      Ikr! I loved that film.

      It kept Michael Bay's trademark cheesiness, but at the same time...wasn't the utter shite he craps out nowadays. Same with Bad Boys.

    2. -Boom-


      Also Hans Zimmer made an absolute banger of an OST. And ohhh fug I loved Bad Boys.

  6. I've played a very racist character before, former Rhodesian whose parents were killed by African guerillas. As a white Rhodesian it made sense to be pro-apartheid, and resent Africans for what many white Rhodesians saw as the sacking of a formerly civilized country. Combine that with very personal reasons, then you have your motivations. It didn't come up every day, race isn't your chief concern in a zombie apocalypse. Instead it comes up in passing conversation, loose lips, in the way they interact and address others. My character had a tendency to use the pet name "boy" when talking to black characters, and was generally was quite condescending to them. Back chat was taken as a personal affront, like how dare they? Think of approaching it less like a klansman and more like the one family member at gatherings who you knew if you get them talking about a certain topic, or those kinds of people, some very ugly opinions begin to emerge. Done right, it can add a lot of tension and animosity, while not being the driving focus of your character. Avoid the type that throws out racial slurs every two seconds and initiates on people based on skin colour, it just isn't like that in the everyday. Often times it's how you speak to people, how you treat them, which can reveal prejudice without being super blatant. My character was a real bastard, but racism never impeded group goals, it added character and made for different, more interesting interactions.
  7. But that translates in DayZRP to...having people hurt, steal, hunt and kill...which usually ends up in retalliation and...player versus player confrontation...otherwise known as... If you can create an air of fear without directly participating in violence as an individual or faction, I'll give you all my beanz. Maybe I'm not experienced enough to remember a group that's successfully done this. The confines of game mechanics and this being a video game despite also being a roleplay community means a lot of the factors that would create a subversive villain-like group are pretty hard to establish without shoot em ups.
  8. You literally can't make people fear you if you do nothing wrong to anybody. I'm not sure what you're insinuating by stating you can have a fearable faction without them participating in PvP?
  9. Why is everything so expensive, 25 waxing strips is not enough for my GARGANTUIN LEGS, thank you Boots for charging a tenner

  10. Aaaand that means I'm back to my male character that went missing four months ago even though I started playing a new character just last night. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
  11. 10/10 wicked tune and colour coordination
  12. @Taryn Pretty sure all the broadband in my grid got knocked out. That or my router is fucked ?

    1. Taryn



      Well, it was fantastic catching up.

      Missed you ❤️

    2. -Boom-


      Yeah, missed you too. Hopefully I'll be around more often.

      I played on the server for a couple of hours this evening gearing my character, so who knows maybe we'll even get to R o L e P l A y sometimes!

      enjoy ur food

  13. Yeah, this clears things up. I didn't know the devs removed traps...thanks!
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