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  1. groovy tonyRP

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      *sniff sniff*

  2. G19RP

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    You cant leave me, your contractually obligated to stay.

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      I fucking know okay, my "e" key is fucked, it makes leaning hard but whatever. You dont care anyways.

    3. groovy tonyRP

      groovy tonyRP

      i do care, please tell me more

  3. christ this match is filthy


  4. groovy tonyRP

    The New South Zagoria Act of July

    *Tomas sits at the desk, stubbing his cigarette in the ashtray as he grabs the microphone of the HAM radio.* "Mister. This is Comrade Tomas Libich of the People's Government addressing you personally. I will remind you to keep respectful and remember yourself, sir, as you are addressing the head of state Viktor Padella, Commissar of the People's Republic of Chernarus. Furthermore.. As was put out in the first transmission -- More precise laws are to follow soon, this is merely a precursor of what to come. Fear not, for we are not here to oppress you as the tyrannical dictators of the Sovětský svaz did all those years ago. We are implementing a new institution of collective thought, one that will benefit the region as a whole. I, on a more personal note, urge you and anyone listening to follow us on this frankly ambitious journey to liberation -- one that is set to stabilize the province and undoubtedly save and improve the lives of many. Slava, my brothers, and long live the People's Republic." *Tomas leans back in the chair, flipping open a book to pass the time on his assigned post.*
  5. groovy tonyRP

    o7 folks

    loremaster team ride on the admin team gonna miss u major
  6. groovy tonyRP

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    you didnt deserve this

    1. PCJames


      The community didn't deserve this. 

  7. groovy tonyRP

    My Watch Has Ended

    this is unconstitutional
  8. groovy tonyRP


    ts is better please dont do this
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    1. Viking


      This is the best use of this meme

  11. kill me


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    3. OskuRP


      *slides a 9mm across the table*  If you really want to die...do it yourself

    4. groovy tonyRP
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      *takes bullet for lover*

  12. groovy tonyRP

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    bunch of useless fucking cunts
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    I'm omw to take care of you bb

  14. who did it better?

    1. BorisRP