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     June 20

    Where are you, you majestic beast of a man? 

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    It's been too long old friend.


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    S1: INVALID INTITATION / Angel Barns - 2019-02-03 0120

    Dusan Sousek POV: We were running around the area of GM to find people to interrogate about the camp there as we see a fire in angel compound, so we spread out and set up on it to watch it for a while. Eventually, we spot black armbands, who we know to be PAMYATI; our enemy. We give it a little more time and rush out from our positions to the compound, splitting up into 2 groups to cover both sides. Only California's group actually gets shooting, as me and PatZ found no-one. Once it's all clear apart from a few in the barn, I run up and re-initiate, but it wouldn't matter cause Mexi got the last kill there. We run up to the hostages and I once again re-initiate, getting them moving as fast as possible. We get maybe 200m out of the compound when we spot a horde of like 12 people crest the hill coming straight for us. Lo and behold, shots start flying, we start dying. The hostage hits the ground and I blow his brains out after taking shots from rescuers and most of my guys had died, and I start running off to the western treeline for cover. I set up on the hostages assuming they'd head up to talk to them or something, but don't see anything so I get moving. My game crashes as i'm running away and I guess I get killed.
  7. groovy tony

    To the people of South Zagoria, Unite!

    *Dusan grips his radio, holding down the PTT.* "Ano. I did it. Me and my Kamenici. I gut your filthy ruski dogpigs and throw them in one big hole. It's what they deserve -- all, they deserve. Sleep tight. Slava Chernarus." *He lets go of the PTT, setting the radio down.*
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  9. Dusan Sousek POV: We spot a bunch of guys near Vavilovo while we're dealing with a hostage, and I assume they're Pamyati cause they're the only people we've seen around Vavilovo recently, so we wrap up with the hostage and start moving to intercept them at the train station because we think they'd be heading to Novaya. They don't come through, but we keep eyes on them in the town, and when they start heading up towards Bash, so we ditch the train station and start tracking them through the woods. We get into north west and lose them briefly but someone calls them out at the tents, and we set up around them getting ready to attack. The server crashes, and that plan falls through. When the server comes back up, we decide on waiting to see if they head for Bash instead, and set up along the road and in the woods surrounding Bash. They get done looting, and start chasing California through the woods after spotting him, so me and PatZ move to cut them off or at least get into positions we could initiate from, but they catch up to California and talk to him for a minute, before moving on. We don't leave it, and track them down the hill to the break in the fence, where I set up as California and PatZ initiate. I misclick and hit Avery by accident, watching him shoot at PatZ after the initiation drops, I shoot him again and he goes down. After all that, we loot the bodies and head north, where about 20 minutes later Cali and @Finn run to the train station and get jumped by a bunch of what I now know to be saviors, and both die. This was an accident, and I don't know how to explain it except just saying sorry.
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    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    south zasgoria slava chernarus
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    dibble me

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    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    kuba is the spirit of chernarus
  13. Petr was born in Belozersk, and by the time the civil war had rolled around he was graduating school and enlisting in the elite Chernarussian COBR. When the BPR was formed, he felt pride for his home-town, and while he wasn't necessarily a communist he had roots embedded in it, and found himself defecting to the other side. He fought on the front lines against the CDF for a year before he was offered a new post with the SOBR unit, due to his experience. He ran several operations with the unit, mostly defusing nationalist terrorist attacks and running counter-intelligence.
  14. groovy tony

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Never got along here but he was an alright lad. RIP.
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