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  2. Tomas was born in Kirovograd as the third child of a military father serving in the CDF, his mother a nurse. By the time he was nine, the battle of Kirovograd ensued - the Pit, as it's more commonly known. His father was surrounded along with the rest of his unit and completely obliterated by Russian and Chedaki troops. Life in the city was hell during and after the battle, Tomas growing up in some of the worst conditions imagineable with no father figure and a less than present now alcoholic mother. Not much held him together except for his friends, and as they grew up they all took an intere
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I had quite literally zero idea the CLF would fuck me up for fighting the RAC for shooting my friend to near-death. Past that, I had quite literally zero idea the group that came into the building were said CLF and out to get me - I recognised them from the crowd at the protest and beforehand but none of them identified themselves as members of the CLF nor had I seen them together explicitly. As for my 'arguments', there were no arguments - there was no report, no forum for me to defend myself in. I have n
  4. Sorry if it came across that way my friend, just here to play a game and enjoy some roleplay, no point bothering with this snark nonsense. I hope you do actually bother with the feedback next time, there's no point in not.
  5. Wait, that was CLF? Wow dude I thought it was just one guy in that group who initiated on me, I didn't even know they were all together. If I had known I would've complied but I honestly had no idea. Didn't expect the CLF to fuck me up for cracking on the RAC for shooting my friend, the world we live in is a strange place.
  6. Vaclav Maruska POV: Rolling down the coastal highway with a full car. We spot three dudes on the road ahead east of Kamyshovo, we stop the car and me and @Groovy jack approach and start talking to them. We try and figure out what's up and they ask us if we have anything to trade, so we respond by saying we don't trade. On and on we go, they say they don't want any trouble and insist on us taking a few boxes of ammo for their lives, so we talk to our group leader and he says that it's not sufficient. We make a new deal, ask group lead, group lead says no and tells us to take them and figure out
  7. Vaclav was the last born in a long line of brothers and sisters, children of two working class Chernarussians in a particularly impoverished area of Miroslavl. His parents were already old by the time he was born, and most of their love and affection had already been spent on the 'luckier' kids, so much so that Vaclav always felt unwanted as a child, leading to sporadic bouts of depression and self-hatred. As he got older, and the feelings got more intense, he did everything - everything he could get his hands on to cope, becoming addicted to heroin at the age of 15. By 17, it became pretty cl
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  9. We, uh... administered the vaccine, Starshina - I don't think there is anything else we can do. Alright... you're a good lad, Amirov. Lets get him more comfortable, at least. Oraz Amirov and Anton Vasin discuss a possible infection, 2020
  10. He just ordered a village to be mortared, Starshina. О Боже... Nikita Antonov and Anton Vasin, 2020.
  11. You're safe now, boys. - Anton Vasin, 2020. Leg's fucked Starshina, it was a bullet ricochet. Alright, light duties for you today then. Nikita Antonov and Anton Vasin, 2020.
  12. He was like this when I found him, Starshina... - Nikolai Noskov, 2020. @groovy toez
  13. Страна или Люди? Early Life and the Civil War Anton Vasin was born on the 28th of March, 1998 in Belozersk, Chernarus SSR. He lived a relatively simple life, growing up on the outskirts of the city with his family of two brothers and three sisters, him and his brothers starting work early on alongside school to support their parents. At the age of nineteen, Anton enlisted in the CDF for the benefits, working his way up to the rank of Desátník (Corporal) in his unit before the onset of the civil war in 2009. Anton saw combat in the South Zagorian theatre, taking part in several battle
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