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  1. Julius was named after the great leader Julius Ceasar, mainly because his birth date fell on the date of his death. His father had an in-depth knowledge of history and always was learning about the past mistakes of prior leaders. He named Julies after this great Roman leader in hopes that he would be great then the namesake. Julius's father and mother were libertarian, thus having little trust over their government and feared its eventual collapse. This fear led to his father planning and constructing a survivalist compound and bunker on the outskirts of the Lolo National Forest. The feat was done with the help of his family's ties to other survivalists and the wealth on his mother's side of the family. There Julius, the oldest of seven kids, and his brothers and sister learned the rules of survival and the importance of family. While in the compound and bunker, Julius learned basic survival skills, first-aid, camping and hunting knowledge, and a scholarly education to boot. Their father handled the survival skills while their mother, an ex-university professor, handled the other educational needs. But, Julius was always independently minded and wanted more then what was inside the bunker walls, he wanted to view the world-changing events himself. He grew up hearing about the events of Ruby Ridge and Waco, how this showed the flaws in the government and how it would eventually fall due to those flaws. But Julies wanted to know all sides of the story, not just what his family spewed at him. So, at eight-teen years old, he left the compound in the dead of night and never returned. He would go to a simple community college near Boise, and there take classes in journalism and correspondence. It was in those classes that he met Judith, a young woman that would later become his wife. She was smart, witty, and knew the right words to say at any given moment. She was confident and had an ego that held her pride high and pushed her to her limits. They hit it off and when they graduated, started their own freelance reporting and blog page. They would travel around the states and even some countries over the next several years, reporting on major cases and finding the truth. But when rumors were spreading about a government cover-up and possible viral outbreak in the once war-torn country of Chernarus, Julius and Judith got on one of the final planes to the country. They had a story to discover and truth to reveal. But what happened as they were about to land changed everything. The sound of alarms in the plane, the dropping altitude, his firm grip on his wife's hand, and then the sudden crash. Julius awoke to the sounds of panicked survivors and screams. He moved to his wife from the wreckage, but her still body told all. He grasped he blooded hand and wept. But he didn't have long, soon a hoard of enraged and sickly people swarmed the wreckage, attacking and eating those there. Julies's mind kicked in to survival and he ran from the wreckage, not looking back.
  2. Nic Sterba

    Green Mtn. Radio [One-way Broadcast Freq.]

    *Static fills the airway as Casey’s voice comes to life. He clears his throat and begins to speak* “Hello folks, yep you’re hearing my voice which means that I’m still kicking. Things have been crazy recently with our group and…” *A slight pause as another voice is barely audible. Casey speaks quickly out of the range of the mic* “... yeah, it just kind of lead to this broadcast being late for the listening audience. This means that this broadcast will be slightly shorter than the last, but it is still going to keep you dear survivors informed.” *paper shuffles* “So, today's medical topic is going to be going over cuts and lacerations. Now I’m not talking about simple cuts or scrapes, I’m talking about the kind of lacerations and cuts that can cause you to bleed out. Thus it is important to be able to identify and treat these kinds of wound due to the fact that a person could die in minutes if these wounds are not treated. So, let’s get on with the show.” *the soft sound of a small book or note pad can be heard* “First off, what is the proper term for a major cut or laceration? Well, lucky for you I went through medical school to learn these terms so you wouldn’t have to. A cut is referring to any major wound that separates connective tissue elements, aka skin tissue. Note that unlike an abrasion, no skin is actually missing, only separated. Now a laceration is a jagged or torn wound, it isn’t a clean wound like a cut. But other than that they are both the same in the terms of their condition and treatment. Which leads to diagnoses and treatments, as well as recovery.” *a page is flipped and the slight thud of a pen against paper is heard* “Now, I know it is never safe to make assumptions because it will make an ass out of you and me, but I believe that most of you out there will know what a cut or laceration will look like. But when you begin to examine either, it is important to see how deep the wound is. Is it only skin level or does it cut to the bone? Was there a major artery or vein that was also cut, or was only tissue damaged? These are important questions that you need to ask yourself as you begin to treat your wounds or the wounds of another.” “ Some cuts will only need direct pressure and time to heal, but others may need to be stitched up before they can properly heal. This means that you may need not only the basics of bandages and alcoholic tincture, but you’ll also need a suture kit or at the very least, a sewing kit. Now, it is important to note that the person with the wound may faint and you need to make sure that the fainting spell wasn't caused by shock. The symptoms of shock include rapid heartbeat, quick, shallow breathing, feeling weak, being tired, confusion or wooziness, low blood pressure, and cool, clammy skin. If shock has occurred you need to keep them warm and elevate their feet.” *Paper shuffles* “Now, after that, we get to the real nitty-gritty of treatment. If the wound must be closed via stitching, then you must take extra care in closing the wound. 1. Start by cleaning out the wound with a rag or piece of cloth that has been dampened with the tincture. Do not pour directly into the would or use in a large amount because this could lead to shock. Also, sterilize the needle and thread that will be used to prevent any infection. 2. When you start stitching, the space between each stitch should only be about a quarter-inch, and the stitching should gently pull the would close and stop further blood loss. 3. Now if the cut or laceration has severed an artery or vein, you must stitch up both ends of the vein or artery to prevent extream blood loss. These stitches should be close together to stop the bleeding and should prevent the patient from dying. After this, continue with the steps given before to close the wound. 4. Now, with that, you can move on to wrapping the wound with clean gauze or bandages. This should help prevent the stitching from getting dirty, but there is the possibility of the stitching popping open if there is too much movement. This means that bed rest is one-hundred percent needed to ensure that the wound will heal properly.” *Several faint gunshots are heard in the background* “Oh, shit… um, well I think that is a queue for me to head off for right now. I’m sorry again for coming late with this broadcast, but I’m glad to still have gotten this broadcast out today. I would also like to announce the beginning of a new Q and A segment with my broadcast, which means that you, my dear listeners, can ask me anything from medical advice to general questions about your smart-ass of a host. You can leave questions at the inbox Sam, the lovely Boss-lady has set-up and mark your questions to me, Casey Rogers. With that, I’m signing off for the evening.” “Stay safe, stay alive, live another day.” *A couple more shots are heard as Casey signs off, static now filling the airway.”
  3. Nic Sterba

    Green Mtn. Radio [One-way Broadcast Freq.]

    *slight static is heard as the radio comes to life, a man begins to speak into a microphone* “Ladies and gentlemen of the apocalypse, live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live. “ *light chuckle is heard* “Sorry folks, have to have a little humor now and then to keep my sanity. This is Doctor Casey Rogers, Head Medic with the Green Mountain Radio, and the every gracious Sam has given me the chance to broadcast a medical know-how segment on the broadcast. This means that for the next hour or so you get to hear my voice give you the needed advice to live another day longer. I put a lot of thought into what my first segment should be and I finally decided that my first medical hour should be about the biggest threat out there right now, which is the ‘infection’.” *a slight pause and the shuffling of papers* “There have been many misconceptions about the virus itself, which I would like to take the time and clarify. Also, though there was never a chance to name this virus, I would like to give it a proper name, that way I don’t have to refer to it as the “Infection” for the next forty or so minutes. Thus, I am naming the virus the Wendigo Virus. Now, let's get on with the myths and the facts about the Wendigo Virus." *Folds over some papers and clears throat* " Number 1: The Roamers, Biters, whatever the hell you want to call them are undead." "This is actually not true, so those of you out there calling these things zombies are pretty wrong in that assumption. Note that when you shoot or stab at an infected, they still bleed, which means they are still pumping blood. This also means that you don’t have to aim for the head to kill those that have turned. This isn’t a zombie flick, a couple of shots to the chest will put a Roamer down for the count." "Number 2: Chopping off a bitten limb will prevent the infection from spreading." "Note I don’t know if people have actually gone out and done this before, but understand that it is stupid as hell to try this. The infection is fast acting and will be in the system faster then you can say “oh shit.” Plus you would most likely die from infection, shock, or blood loss before the infection could kill you. So yeah, once again this is not a zombie movie, don’t act like it is." "Number 3: It’s best to kill an infected person before they turn, which means killing them directly after a bite." "This by far is the most asinine and fucking stupid thing a person could do. First, the person might be completely immune to the virus, and won’t even show symptoms of the virus. Second, they could be a carrier, which means they’ll get sick but won’t turn. A bite victim might have a chance, but that chance is completely lost when put a bullet into their skull. This last one leads me into the next part of my bit, which is the symptoms of the Wendigo Virus and what to do when you have a bite victim." *more shuffling and a cough is heard away from the mic.* “The Wendigo Virus has four stages, but only after stage two does the person begin to turn. So if a survivor goes past stage two, they are sadly infected and have to be put down. But if a survivor only hits stage two and doesn’t progress further, then congrats, they are a carrier and not dead. Antibiotics will have no effect on the virus and fever reducers and pain meds will only help with the symptoms, so the only way to survive the Wendigo Virus is to wait it out and hope that you have immunity. Now, with that out of the way, I’ll describe the symptoms and the proper procedures for if this event is to occur. “ "Stage 1: Occurs after hour after infection and last for around six hours. The victim will exhibit signs of a high fever, sweats, nausea, vomiting, and pale and clammy skin." "Stage 2: Hits around four to ten-hour mark. A victim will experience full body aches and shivers, as well as fainting spells and loss of balance. If a victim does not turn, then this stage will last for twenty-four hours after. Their body will have built up immunity and now they are a carrier. But if they go into stage three, this means that they are infected and have no immunity." "Stage 3: Occurs around the ten to twelve-hour mark. Symptoms now include black blood and veins, which coagulates and thickens. This substance will also secrete from the eyes, mouth, and genitals. When this stage begins, the black substance will be exhibited in the mouth first and occur with vomiting of blackish bile. The victim will also have labored or difficult breathing." "Stage 4: Happens around twelve to sixteen-hours after initial infection.The turning point for a victim. At this point, the only thing that will help them is to be put down. The final stage will exhibit rabid-like symptoms. Increased sensitivity to sound produces Increased aggression, intense jerky motions, inability to focus, unresponsive behaviors, and excessive salivation. The victim will also have poor sight, due to the infection affecting the mucous membranes around the eyes, mouth, and nose. They will also lose fine-motor skills and ability to think clearly." “It is also important to state that any extreme pain or near-death experience can quicken the process and cause instantaneous infection. So freshly bitten victims and carriers must be careful because they could turn due to any extreme stress. “ *Papers are heard, being moved aside.* “Well, I’m out of time. I hope that my broadcast was informative and helped those listing to better understand the Wendigo Virus. It can be horrifying dealing with a disease like this but understand that with proper knowledge and procedures it can be beaten. I hope to be on next week around the same time to give you, the survivors of Chernarus, better medical know-how, and the capability and competence to save lives out there. This is Doctor Casey Rogers signing off." "Stay safe, stay alive, live another day.” *The broadcast ends and cuts to the next segment*
  4. Nic Sterba

    "There is only one rule around the fire"

    Honestly looks like the title card to a video or something looks so good.
  5. *Casey, with slight difficulty, presses down the PTT button on his radio and begins to speak in a dry and raspy voice* Hey...everyone. *cough* I'm still alive, I think. I can't remember all that happened a couple days ago, but I do remember that I almost died. While meeting up with an old friend, I was struck but a car. *a slight laugh is heard* I know I can't believe that after all this time I almost died to a hit and run. But I managed to make it, mostly thanks to my friend Ron, how helped me by dragging my body to safety. My right leg is bum right now and I have a fractured wrist, as well as some bruised ribs and concussion, so I'm out for the count right now. I have ample supplies to keep me going while I recover, but I can't walk as of yet. *a long pause and a slight exhale is heard* I hope that I'll make it out of here. I hope that I can see the people that know and care about, so to those that know me, stay alive, stay strong. * Casey releases the PTT button and lays back down on the pile of blankets that he is using as a bed, and tries to get some sleep*
  6. Nic Sterba

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    * Doctor Rogers pushes down on the PPT button and speaks* Hello guys, I have some regretful information to give. I am leaving the Free Medics. After the recent events and some other issues that have come up, I can no longer be apart of the group due to my own safety being put at risk. To Ron, I'm sorry that I am leaving, but I am at risk of getting killed if I continue to stay with the group. I'm sorry to those friends that I have made, but this is for the better good. *He releases the PPT button*
  7. Nic Sterba

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    * Doctor Rogers pushes down on the PPT button, and speaks with obvious concern* What the fuck! no....no this can't be true, I was just up there, oh god the others...I need to get up there. Oh lord someone fucking tell me who the fuck is dead. *Rogers releases the PPT button, starting in a sprint to the homestead*
  8. Nic Sterba

    [FM] Free Medics

    Doctor Casey Rogers. onboard and ready to help those in need.
  9. *Casey holds down the PTT button and begins to speak* Hello out there, This Casey Rogers. I'm speaking on behalf of Doctor Dale, wishing to let the Kamenici that he would like to meet with and negotiate terms of a truce with your group. Doctor Dale believes that we have common interests and would like to see if our small groups could benefit from a short alliance to take on a common threat. If you are with Kamenici, you can reach Doctor Dale or me on the radio frequency 89.5. I hope that we can arrange for a peaceful meeting and hope to benefit from this truce. *Casey releases the PPT button, looking now out a broken window out into the trees*
  10. /closed thank you for the help I got it up and running now
  11. @OskuRP yes that is exactly what is happening
  12. In the main menu it shows that I have the character that I have been using, but when I go into the game it puts me as a random character. Really getting tired of kicked so any advice would greatly help me out.
  13. After a long journey, it's good to take the time to chat with those we can call friends.
  14. *a worried voice comes on* "Oh shit... Yeah, I'm getting the surgery room ready now as we speak. Fuck what the hell happened to Paisley?" *he lifts his finger from the button and wipes his brow, he then begins to clean up the surgery room*
  15. *the voice of a man who appears to be middle-aged comes up on the frequency* "My name is Doctor Casey Rogers, and I am one of the doctors in the clinic south of Vybor. I am calling out to anyone that knows the last known location of Doctor Fisher, and possibly where to find him now. After the massacre Kabanino, Doctor Fisher went out on his own to find a friend that could have possibly been hurt in the attack. I and several others are worried about the doctor's safety and wish to confirm he is still alive and well. If anyone has any information you can reach me on the same base frequency that has been used to broadcast our messages about the clinic on channel 89.5. *the voice cuts out and now only silence can be heard*
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