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  1. Famous Charaters ;000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


    1. Boston


      Let me at 'em.

  2. "You're nawt deh Messiah, your jus' some bloke!"

    Yeh wonda' who that could be.
  3. loks baed pls remive

  4. A Warning [Open Frequency]

    *Jonny presses down the PTT* "Ere' you fockin' twat, if you need help don't broadcast shit through some bum fuck taps and shit', use yer' fockin' voice!" *Jonny releases the PTT*
  5. Public Broadcast

    *Jonny presses down the PTT* "Ere' smart arse, don't fink' you realise that we people are smarter than' you take us to be, get the fuck outa' country you weaselly fucks" *Jonny releases the PTT*
  6. Safe Zone Trial

    I hope there is a reaaallllllyyyyy good reason for my character to not perform hostile acts. But yeah it's in a trail fair play mate.
  7. Safe Zone Trial

    So we have all this detailed lore, but for the safe-zone there is none? So like there's no actual reason our characters would know about the safe zone; or let alone even abide by the rules. What's to stop us IC. Rules? Seems like this idea was kinda shit out, definitely needs thinking out. Or ultimately removed.
  8. Polana Factory [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *Jonny presses down the PTT* "Well at least there's someone left that hasn't had their brains eaten. Good on ya' lads keep it up" *Jonny release the PTT*
  9. [Open Frequency] Emergency Broadcast

    *Jonny presses down his PTT* "Listen you fuckin' moron if you're stupid enough to get swarmed by those stiffs, then I fink' I wouldn't mind you dead," *Jonny releases the PTT*
  10. 2xKOS - S1 - Severograd - 23/09/17 - 2020

    My POV: Had a cuppa' with the boys Walked to the pub Got mowed down by some cheeky lad (Literally the entire story, can't really tell you anymore)
  11. Looking for merc work (open freq)

    *A short message can be heard from the far South. A man's voice with a thick somerset accent can be heard* "Areet mate! Herd' yer' lookin' fer somewer' safe. No problem! Ther' be a place which you know and I know, somewhere known as Boulder Town. It be marked on the spot by yer lass on the tree! I'll meet ye there at dusk, God speed Sir." *The message ends*
  12. 20 man ques, noiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Server 2 change

    Great, time for the 16 man ques. Sick boiiiiiiiiiiiii