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Flea Market
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    • met Greg at Balota Airbase
      • came from Kemenka
      • exchanged food
      • wears White camo top, RU helmet, black backpack
      • agrees to travel to Churno together 
      • was an [vertical] engineer before all this
        • made it to Churno police station
        • spent the night in the Churno hospital 
        • decided to travel to Green Mountain (GM) together
      • both learned to fish along the way
      • arrived at GM
        • clearly someone's home (the charity group)
        • exchanged steak for sewing kit
        • decide to go to Zelenegorsk
      • arrived at Zelenegorsk
        • took shelter in police station from Zombies/wolves 
      • Zelenegorsk police station is a hot spot
        • met David
          • cowboy hat amd flektarn clothing/vest 
        • 6 guys show up (CDF group)
          • start dropping handcuffs
            • fml.jpeg
          • Toni: all black clothing
            • is black 
          • Erik: Ghilli rifle
          • Demi Spears: CDF vest, white camo top
          • Oli: White camo top
          • 2 unknowns that lurked behind corners
            • 1 in all white w/ large backpack and poncho
        • CDF dudes definitely not entirely friendly
          • Greg gets away unnoticed 
          • I manage to haggle a car I saw to distract them from kidnapping me
          • enroute to said car and I manage to loose them halfway 
      • take shelter in a barn for the night
        • woken up by 4 geared "snowmen" rushing in
          • they search the barn and leave
      • Loop around back to Zelenegorsk to scavenge for duct tape and sewing kit
        • take shelter in Zelenegorsk Military Base barracks bathroom



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      Dope man! I wish I could find this good of rp!

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