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    • Traveled from Komarovo to Kamenka (~1.7km, west).
      • gunshots heard in Kamenka
      • multiple shooters?
      • shots seemed to be NW of Kamenka; ignoring gunshots
    • Traveled from Kamenka to SW Border Barricade (~1km, W-SW)
      • single gunshot heard halfway to SW Border Barricade
      • mounted a car and killed 17 "zeeks"
      • multiple gunshots heard just N-NE of the military barricade
      • met Randall (Brother Dege)
        • lost; really needs duct tape to mend footwear 
          • gave duct tape
        • wears what seems to be Winter Flektarn, Soviet medical helmet, orange "Hannibal" mask
        •  informed me about groups/factions and armbands 
        • gave me a canteen
        • seems to be affiliated with the military based on gear and location
        • got separated in the winter night
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