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  1. Honestly, I blame Larry for dragging me into this world of waifus and anime. help me please
  2. Time to dedicate my profile to my waifu now. 10/10 would approve again.
  3. *Extends his hand out to Lyca asking for the radio then putting it to his mouth and speaking in a harsh tone* "Honestly I can't say this was quite a surprise even though I doubted it, but hey Life goes on with or without our beloved brother." "We'll find you Wushii, and your easily recognizable voice and when we do you'll suffer for what you've done." "And if you think Blackwood will open their arms up to you, Which they might. All they'll know you for is being a traitor and that you used to be one of us." "So I guess you're not as innocent as these so called innocent people you want to be with." *He releases the PTT button tossing the radio aside* *"FUCK!" he'd yell as he walked away from the radio*
  4. Heartless_Artles

    S1: RDM of Compliant Hostage, BadRP in Kab - 5/9/2016 9:05 Approx.

    My pov: I heard and saw my friend Dalton Low being initiated on so seeing only three people I thought I could save him with my shotgun. I fire and kill three of them I think If not I killed two but as soon as I run around the corner to reload I'm shot and killed. Shortly afterwards Dalton tells us he was killed even though he complied because I fired at our attackers.
  5. Heartless_Artles

    [Game] Catch someone looking at their own profile!

    you tricked me you little shit ;~;
  6. Unfortunately My recording device hasn't been working, though I cannot speak for the others.
  7. Yeah mb I realized server time doesn't change unless I refresh the page so it appeared as If you did combat log, Mb on that. However I believe Timer may also reset If I encounter you correct me if I'm wrong? Continuing Danny did not change clothing the only thing changed was the M65 he took off my clothes and so I recognized his clothing though we have no video proof of this. When I awoke I was not healthy meaning I was given no saline once I was knocked out, In fact you were still at the barn when he led me to the field. And still the roleplay you gave to me was simply asking me if I was a clown five times then leaving me unconscious in an open field which I believed to be inadequate compared to what you could have made it. And Secondly it isn't meta game unless I use the names in game which I did not.
  8. Server and location: Server 4 Barn Between NW Airfield and Grishino and NW Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 29-07-2016, Approximately 03:00 - 03:28 Your in game name: Johann Fischer Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Chad Bohannon and Danny Bohannon Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was running through the airfields to see if I could find a Black High Capacity Vest as it's usually what I wear for inventory space and looks. AS I'm running two men approach me from behind and ask for a bandage so I give them a bandage. Immediately they tell me to follow me with their weapons raised so I do. They ask if I'm in a group and my name. I tell them my name and tell them I am not affiliated with anyone. Once we enter the barn between the NW and Grishino they tell me to strip down all my clothes. I make a sassy comment about that and they tell me that If I don't strip down they will kill me in 10 seconds. I strip down to my underwear and Chad leads me into a shack next to the barn. and He asks me at least 5 times "Are you a clown?" to which I say no every time until he finally leaves after emoting a punch to my face. He returns with a clown mask and tells me to wear it but either he or I bugged it and it got stuck on the floor unable to be picked up or worn. Chad makes me walk back grabbing my clothes though my ammo and various items like my compass are missing. As he leads me out to a field I see his friend Danny watching with his gun out. Chad puts his gun away and says that he will knock me out. With two punches I'm unconscious in a field. In total the time spent on that robbery seemed like only 6 minutes of the same question being asked at the barn. When I wake up I run back into the Airfield and change outfits and find a weapons with no mag and some ammo. Hoping to at least find one of them for vengeance I run to the opposite side of the airfield from the tents and find a large group of people. There I see only one of them and begin to wait for the right time to get my revenge. I tell them I'm with the Gorka Times and Danny the man I recognized along with a lot of other people swarm around me and I assumed pulse checked me. They ask who I am and I tell them that I am Johann Fischer Intern to Keyan James. To which they act a lot more friendlier with me inviting me to their teamspeak. However I hear someone exclaim that they are going to get off the server and I see Danny disconnect in a bush taking away my chance for revenge.
  9. Heartless_Artles

    Pinky's Amazeballs Graphics ~ Taking Requests

    Surprise me pinky.
  10. (Expect Part 2 in 1-2 days, Anything else you all think I could improve on just tell me and I can focus on that, Thanks.)
  11. I have tried to get interviews from other groups and such but most times I'm alone and get turned away or robbed in the worst cases so my last resort is hanging around with the clowns. I noticed that one person (Maybe more now) right now has asked for an interview so I can always check that out, and I'll keep in mind that you guys want more serious topics rather than the "For lease." thing I added to see what stories you guys might wanna do since It can be purchased and goofed off like right now, Thanks for the criticisms I'll keep everything said so far in mind and more.
  12. (Big Thanks to Rogério SkyLab for getting the template for me, Bless your holy soul.)
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