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  1. Medical History: Age 6: Broke her pinky playing with Miroslav would accidently kicked it. It's slightly still crooked, but really noticeable unless you look at it closely. Age 25: She has a long Scar along the right side of her body, from the bottom of her armpit to her hip. She received this scar but falling out of tree. Age 26: Three bullet wounds; right shoulder, left upper arm and left lower hip(Graze) Education: She went to Hochschule für Musik und Theater München in Germany Skills: She can speak German, English and Chernarussian She can sing, play the piano and Guitar She knows bush craft from last group she was with How she ended up back into Chernarus before outbreak: She had graduated from Hochschule für Musik und Theater München and moved back home with her mother and father until she found a job within her study field. Last of who she saw before outbreak: Mother and Father was alive and getting ready for a vacation Brother Ex was still alive, she was depressed but seemed to disappeared. Group assembled after outbreak: Erika was recruited into a survival group, the men mostly defending the women and children from the infected. The leader of the group had a small relation with Erika before he sacrificed himself in the end by rescuing the group from a horde. Once the leader had fallen the group had broken apart in a argument in would be the next leader; this lead to Erika leaving with two of her trusted friends. In the end they died as the last one abandon her in Svetograd.
  2. We shall RP once more no worries Thanks to all for the love Woot Whitelist is over, now the wait for approval
  3. So much love <3 Jabba, that RP in the past was tense I can say. YOu all made me cry back then. Thanks again for the welcome backs and feeding me my beanz, was a long walk back here needed the grub
  4. THank you, Chief. In you we TRUST
  5. Marshal, I missed you all too
  6. Thank you Thank you again for sending the Beanz, you going to make me cry Q~Q
  7. Wong!!!! We still sharing the rice? We can share rice anytime Geo YAY
  9. LIF, I mean Life lol. HI thank you
  10. The bean monster stole them away, but I shall redeem them all once more in my epic quests in Dayz. Thank you, I love your RP as well O_O We will meet again soon tm lmao
  11. Wong!!!! We still sharing the rice?
  12. Thanks *Takes a dramatic bow*
  13. I'm good, been playing that LIF
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