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  1. There was crates outside you could have tried to move items into like the one shown in the screenshot you guys took items out of that crate and left them on the floor and the crate empty There was 5 cars there in total your two plus our 3 and doing some math of using the smallest capacity of cars which is 300 slots that is 1500 slots of capacity not including the storage of your guys inventory, plus tents can be held in hands while in cars leaving the cars completely open for storage. We had 4 tents one civ and 3 military which comes out to 1400 slots of storage meaning you guys should have been able to take all the items plus there is at least one box outside of the house which has 30 slots
  2. I logged on and ran up to base to see if any of the guys where around to do some rp and i found this on the floor https://imgur.com/a/duA0i1z
  3. I feel like the issue is not with group size but people trying to avoid role play and just being hostile. For instance we role about 10 deep normally and people go out of their way to avoid us due to fears of getting robbed etc while we don’t just rob the common folk and only groups we have issues with. So we also sometimes role with other groups and we try to provide fun rp and not just be hostile like a lot of the bigger groups. Like we took a group of 3 guys hostage and let them go with almost all of their stuff minus a few things because we have beef with them and as soon as we left they opened up and tried to kill us while we had no intent to kill or rob them of all their stuff. The issue is with players wanting to not loose gear and they avoid rp due to that fact. Now the issue with some of the bigger groups in hot spots is that they just are hostile to anyone they don’t know. We locate in different areas for a reason. We don’t want to be down south near all of that so we have a hotspot I guess you could say of 3 groups none official. We provide fun none hostile role play most of the time
  4. Guns being stored in tents would be better. As I know there can only be so many tents and barrels in the server so there would be less spots to horde guns and the guns would be spread out a lot more
  5. its not an issue of spawn rate groups horde the guns until they reach spawn cap is the issue
  6. 9/10 nice header and profile pic also good music
  7. I agree only open server 2 after server 1 gets full I have never seen server 2 anywhere close to being full.
  8. Kinda of what the title says say your base is being raided are you allowed to call/text your friends and other people who arent in game over discord or their phones to get them to log in and help defend the base.
  9. I would just make a civ version and rename them to something else and maybe mess with how many slots they have and call that that
  10. Character Name: Huntie Wolf Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Sniper Which Lore Faction?: Terrors Lore Faction staff?: no ty Group Name: n/a Primary Phase: 3 Reserve Phase: 2
  11. It would make a lot of sense to have them in game also would be some nice variety if more than one was added +1
  12. Would promote nice friendly competition to do some good old pve
  13. +1 after looking at stats with my donor rank which gives a 1.75 boost playing 4 hours get me .3 or so euro so it will take 84 hours or so to even be able to get an item so. It is a good system to encourage playtime while still offering the option to buy the clothes if you want to get the full set good idea and will encourage playing
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