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  1. This was a while back. Just south of Guglovo I spot two cars and about 5 men come over the hill moving as fast as they could towards me and it became a race of whether I would reach the trees before their cars got to me. They caught me literally 10m away from the tree line ready to blow my brains out, it was incredibly exhilarating being chased down though.
  2. Not entirely sure if they were an official group but Kofi Kalu(?) and his gang gave some quite nice bandit RP, did it all very professionally and properly. Had some funny moments and was generally pretty good RP all round. Robbery experience / 10 Would be robbed by them again.
  3. Thanks, I spent way too much time making it for how simple it is.
  4. Hey so I'm also back, like many other people seem to be. Glad I passed the whitelist straight away and remembered most the rules just from memory. Hopefully I can get back into playing and try to provide some half decent RP and meet all the new interesting characters people have.
  5. Good job on keeping this whole thing ticking on, including the staff who have and are continuing to do a fantastic job. I hope Dayzrp keeps on growing and getting better through the years.
  6. Sorry if this comes off as rude but understand this, subscribers and viewers are at your channel to b entertained, informed etc. They are not their to be generous or kind, I know it is tough getting started but try and not sound like a charity, tell us what you can offer to reel us in and then prove it in the videos. What I mean when I say "what can you can offer" is more than using the stereotypical I'm not a minecraft kiddie because it still doesn't tell me what you do or entice me anyway to go watch. Tell us about what you do in your videos, why are you unique what makes you better than the rest? Anyway that being said I will check out your videos and leave some feedback, hopefully you'll surprise me. Also sorry if my little "feedback" came off as harsh just trying to give constructive criticism.
  7. Well then I suggest that someone takes up the torch and continues it if possible. Either ask to take over this thread or make a new one with all name on it same as now. We just need a server and someone to say when.
  8. BECAUSE role play wise there isn't 2 CTC there is an entire base full of them and you with six men would be taken down in an instant with shots from towers and the walls. It is you who is not thinking realistically I would imagine there are at least two at the gate, doubles in the tower and plenty in the military compound who could rush out an kill you and your men.
  9. If anyone else is able to get a hold of a server and is prepared to organise the event then Dave should pass the torch as it seems he is too busy irl. Up to Dave and if anyone is willing to get a server and stuff.
  10. Nooooo you can't let us down now! You've got us all here, if it's possible to get someone else to get it sorted from here sure, don't throw this away though please.
  11. I don't want it to change from this "tight-knit community" to a big multi gaming one but that is my own selfish opinion. I do however see the massive benefits of you going large to expand and evolve and so if you believe it will work, go ahead it's your community and I respect that you want to grow beyond what we have. Good luck with the changes, just don't forget your roots
  12. My left hand I can bend my four fingers all the way back and touch the back of my hand and my right hand fingers can bend a bit further than on that picture shown. Really nice trick, especially because people always forget so if someone sees me doing it and I'm clicking my fingers they freak out thinking I broke my fingers.
  13. Read above, he said he is busy so let's give him time.
  14. Life in general, I have no direction, I have lots of exams, I never do my homework until last minute and my friends can be a pain but they've my mates so I can't hate them for long. Mainly it's just not knowing where to go with my life oh and socialising with people... pretty sure it's not real stress but more of a feeling lost with no purpose which annoys me.
  15. Glad to see you guys are back and there sure are a lot of older members returning, gives me nostalgia. You guys have a lot of pressure from all this hype I think you'll do fine even if you aren't quite at the standards before it will definitely still be good.
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