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  1. When you build something, I understand that it is not fun when people take some of your stuff. But we do it within the rules of the RP. We never ruin stuff of break stuff!! We use cars for our base and to look for a way out of Chernarus. We have not emptied the tents. And we only took down one wall to get the car out. We don't know you and have no ill intent towards you or other players. We checked if someone was there by yelling and looking for movement. There was nobody responding or moving. So we found out it was abandoned. People need food and supplies. If we have the choice to go into a base without infected or go to a city full of infected, that choice is easy peasy. We took some supplies and took one of your cars. We did not wreck anything. We did not empty anything. We did not take down more than one wall to get the car out. We definitely did not emptied your tents. I will wait for staff to make their decision with no more comments unless asked by them.
  2. When Michael Baker was young, he always went with his father on the road. His father was a bus driver and his mother was a nurse. He wanted to step in his father's footsteps and become a bus driver, which he did when he finished all his school. In his youth he went camping a lot with his parents. While camping he would go fishing with his father and then eat the catch later that day, which his mother usually cooked. He loves traveling and went to a lot of countries with his parents. He also has a passion for astronomy and watched the stars and planets with his telescopes all through his life. It was perfect to watch the stars when you're camping. Especially when you're away from big cities. Because of the absence of the city lights we could see more stars than usual. Hours and hours, sometimes whole nights, we would look at the stars and gaze in wonder and speculating if we are alone and what else may be out there. It were his cherished memories of his youth. He never got married or had children. Bus driving was his passion and traveling was something he could do with his job. He has been driving busses al over Europe, name a country in Europe and he has worked there. He met a lot of people he befriended and visited his friends when he was in their country. He was working in Chernarus when all hell broke loose. Luckily he had met a few people, fellow bus drivers. They all thought it was all going to pass and everything was going to be normal again. So they just kept on driving their route because sure everything was going to be OK. Mankind has survived for so long. But before he could even fathom what was happening, the western world was really falling apart.
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  4. I really love ASMR. The wonderful feelings are amazing and so relaxing. Life is so chill
  5. The video what Frisia posted above me. Is exactly the reason I am not going to buy it.
  6. Gif. Jif just sound silly
  7. Good luck mate with everything and stay positive
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